Howdy. If you're here, you oughtta know what we need from you and we thank you for helping us out!

If you're joining us late, here's the recap.

We've decided that we, as a group, may be too close to the trees to see the forest. You, on the other hand, are free from such problems. Plus, we simply have way too many songs in the running (well over 30) to make the final cut. So we request your help in choosing the songs that are going to make the second record.

Our plan is simple:

We'd like for you to check out these songs and give us your opinions. All we ask is that you give us a 1-5 ranking on each song that you hear. A ‘1' will mean that you feel the song sucks and should never be heard again while a ‘5' will mean that you love it and it should definitely be on the album (in your opinion). Anywhere in between will mean (duh) that it's somewhere in between!

We'd appreciate any comments, critiques, advice, production ideas or anything else you'd be willing to share, too. You should know us well enough to know that WE WANT THE TRUTH. YOU WON'T HURT OUR FEELINGS. Tell us what you like or don't like, if you have ideas for improvements or if you think it's just a hopeless track. If you don't have time for all of that, a simple 1 – 5 ranking will be enough. And we'd be endlessly thankful. Your opinion WILL matter.

Remember, these are demos. Most of them were recorded in my living room with me playing all the instruments. Some are studio rough mixes or outtakes. Try to judge the song for the song instead of the production or mixes.

By the way, if you don't want to stay behind the computer, you can always "right click, save target as" and download these songs to your hard drive. Then, you can burn a CD and listen even more conveniently. This volume should fit snugly on a 80-minute disc. It's all up to you. I just want you to have the option! We can't wait to see what you think should stay or go! ready?

Well, let's go.


Well, we're done now.

Thanks so much for participating.


FINAL RESULTS - Posted December 2, 2006



  1. An Uncertain Flight 4.1533
  2. The Only Way 4.10666
  3. Waiting For The Siren 4.065
  4. Happy Here & Now 4.047
  5. Worms On The Pavement 4.01785
  6. Tonight Never Happened 3.989
  7. Give Up Town 3.984
  8. Wide Bicycle 3.969
  9. Scared Of Myself 3.964
  10. Sadder Day 3.91
  11. If You Try To Make Me Choose (You Lose) 3.905


Possibles / Alternates / “B-Sides”:


  1. Looking For Home 3.8733
  2. When Running Turns To Searching 3.86
  3. Goodbye Tuesday 3.83
  4. This Is The Night The World Changes 3.82
  5. Green & Gold 3.8
  6. You Don't Know Me 3.79
  7. (Save It For) Another Day 3.776
  8. I Won't Stand Still 3.77
  9. Someone's Trying To Tell Us Something 3.7


I guess nots:


  1. Skyward 3.6233
  2. Feel It 3.606
  3. If You Want To Go 3.55
  4. Things Got Weird 3.51
  5. Something Real 3.49
  6. It's Never The Same 3.47
  7. Impermanence (Must Be Right) 3.45
  8. Always (Will We Be?) 3.43


Banished to the land of wind and ghosts:


  1. I've Got To Move 3.396
  2. Paper Airplane 3.384
  3. If I Could (I Guess I Should) 3.37
  4. Everybody's Trying 3.33
  5. Nowhere 3.27
  6. Water Colors 3.236
  7. Everyday 3.19
  8. Why Should I Care? 3.17
  9. If I Never See You Again 3.07
  10. Say Yes 2.92


So that's that. And there's still one more volume to come!

Email your 1-5 verdict plus any other comments you're willing to share to

Thanks again!