Saturday June 5, 2004 - Tasty World, GA
(with Bearfoot Hookers, Umpteen, Momsex and Drunk & Furious)

(This is the logo on the t-shirt. Cool! How many bands have t-shirts made of their first show? And we had nothing to do with it!)


Completely biased star reviews of each song performed.

1. Until The Road Ends **
2. Sometimes I'm Sam ***
3. Into My View ***
4. Phony ***
5. Haven't Got A Clue **
6. Colors In Black & White ***
7. Worms On The Pavement ****
8. The Towel Cape Song ***
9. Taking Its Toll ****
10. Give Up Town ****
11. Creepy Jackalope Eye ****

First off, let me say thanks to the other bands on the bill and especially to Jarred Forrester from Umpteen for making this all happen and taking a chance on booking us when we had never even performed in public. It was a great kickoff and we won't forget your support. If we can ever return the favor...

Now - on to my rambling...

Well, I've got to say. I was pretty nervous for this one. Forget the fact that we were starting at 9 p.m. and no one was 'sposed to be there that early. For me, this was the beginning. The first "show." The Milledgeville appearance was an open rehearsal. Here, we had to deliver. Guess what. I think we did. As we started playing, lots of the other band members started pouring in. After our set, several of them told me that they had heard we were great musicians and that they heard they should check us out. Wow...that's cool. How anyone would know at this point is beyond me. Anyway, we opened with a rocker this time. "Until The Road Ends" wasn't perfect. I overshot some chords, some of the fills were a bit rickety - but I don't think anyone but us noticed. Then straight into "Sam." Those worked well as back to back openers. I noticed the applause getting louder with each song after that. "Into My View" and "Phony" both rocked pretty hard. Surprisingly, the least popular song (at least judging by the applause meter in my brain) was "Haven't Got A Clue." I guess it's good that it's a cover. It went over great before. Hmmm...I guess it's one of those.

As we jumped into the "rock" part with "Colors In Black & White" and "Worms On The Pavement", I started getting more comfy on stage. "Colors" sounded a little odd in the guitar tone area to me, but again - no one seemed to notice. For a second consecutive time, "Worms" got the best round of applause of the night. I still can't believe it! "Colors" did really well, too. You can tell that musicians seem to be digging that one. A lot of people commented on the harmonies. Tom wasn't happy doing "Colors" and "Worms" back to back because both have 4/4 snare parts in similar places. The two songs went great together, though. I'm afraid Tom might be stuck doing that more often than not. His mini-rebellion was to not go to double time after the first chorus in "Worms." It didn't make the song any less good. It only made it not quite rock as hard for a few measures. Oh well, 'twas a small price to pay for pacing! Tonight, I dedicated "The Towel Cape Song" to Captain Carnation from Amanda's movie Hero In Bloom. The joke was strictly for her and she seemed to appreciate it. Before "Taking Its Toll" I warned the audience that we had reached the "Extra Cheese" portion of the show. According to Amanda, "Toll" sounded "huge." She said it sounded like it was meant for a much bigger venue. I hope she meant one with a whole buncha lighters waving. Even though we don't stop, I consider "Toll" the end of our main set.

The final 2 songs are "the encores" in my mind. "Give Up Town" was dedicated to Rock Hard Ten, a horse that caused the Belmont Stakes to be delayed. He was unruly and they had to blindfold him to get him into the starting gate. It was too rock and roll to ignore. I have no idea if the audience knew what I was talking about but they laughed like they were in the know. "Give Up Town" went over great. We were tight on that one and I gotta say it was pretty smokin'. Several people mentioned that it was their favorite. Who'da thunkit? I guess that song's gonna stick around after all. Frank launched straight into "Jackalope". By this time, several other band members had made their way to the stage front and seemed to be getting into it. I was surprised. When we finished we were asked to play another song. Although that's a good sign, we politely declined. I didn't want to say that we'd just done the only big ender that we have! Just wait 'til we get "Deuce" tightened up!

Post show was strange for me. Obviously, I wasn't nervous anymore. I can't believe how many people came up to say how much they liked us. Not because I don't think we deserve it but because I had no idea that many people had come in during the course of our show. With the lights in our faces, we couldn't really see. Maybe that was a good thing. Several of the other bands called themselves "fans" after that performance. I'm completely blown away. I went out to the car and got a whole bunch of demos and about half of the remaining Towel Cape Albums to give out to the ones who really seemed to get into it. While I was giving out CD's and hanging out, The Bearfoot Hookers actually stopped their set and said in front of God and country how much they liked us. Front man Ty even went so far as to say that it made him feel like he was in middle school again. To show his appreciation, the band did a strange and wonderful version of "Like A Virgin" for us because we made them feel "shiny and new." What a high falutin' and highly appreciated compliment. By the way, these were big ol' Southern dudes (some in cowboy hats) singing hardcore honky tonk stuff...and they liked us! By the way, they rocked!

So who were we compared to tonight? Let's see, it just gets stranger and stranger. Several people mentioned The Replacements. I heard one Cheap Trick, a pair of Husker Du's and a Sugar. That's what I remember now anyway.

I can't say enough about how proud I am of this band. This is the best first show I've ever been a part of. This is the best immediate response I've ever gotten from any band I've ever been in. This is the most cohesive unit I've ever been a part of. We match visually, musically and personally. While I'm not naive enough to believe we'll never have a problem, I'm smart enough to enjoy it while it looks like we never will!

The Critical Darlings are pretty cool. I'd go see 'em and buy their records even if I wasn't in the group. I haven't been able to say that since Q-Sign.

I'm happy.