Live and raw, these recordings were cut at rehearsals and clubs around the Southeast over the last while. Warning: Along with the vulnerability and immediacy of these tracks, there may be some unpleasing "liveness" thrown in on occasion...but it's just the unvarnished reality!



Emotions To Free (McKay / O'Gorman)(Added 2-24-04) This was Mike, Frank and me revisiting a Q-Sign song at rehearsal. This was the first song that Tom O'Gorman and I wrote together. The very first morning, we wrote this, "Seven Hours" and arranged our version of "Oh I Wept." For "Emotions...", Tom wrote the vocal melody, the chorus lyrics and contributed to the chorus chord progression. I wrote the verses and the rest of the music. Andy Ainsworth and I collaborated on the first solo and I tried to channel Eric Clapton for the second solo. I don't know if I succeeded but I deserve some points for trying. We recorded a studio version of this for Earth Loops And Goodness but we cut it for some inexplicable reason. It shoulda been on there. I'll still drag this one out on occasion.

Deuce (Added 2-24-04) This is a KISS cover. Since Star Zero used so much production (lights, fire, smoke, confetti, feathers etc.), we figured it was only fitting to do our little tribute to the kings of live excess. We ended most shows with this song. This recording of it was done at a rehearsal as Frank, Mike and I were preparing to do our first show as a 3-piece - which was also the last show we were obligated to play under the no-longer-fitting Star Zero name. Too bad it's just a rehearsal without the sound of pyro. Ah...the extremities of "big, dumb rock."

BONUS VIDEO!!! (Added 2-25-04) Here's a quick clip and slo-mo repeat of me playing "Deuce" with Star Zero. This one's going up here for all of those who've heard about the pyro that we used and either doubted what they were told or just thought it was much less than we claimed. This oughtta prove just how idiotic we were. Remember, this is just a couple of seconds and one shot. There was another one going off at the same time on the other side. At our very last show, we averaged an explosion every two minutes. It was all too much. By the way, all of Star Zero's lights and effects were designed by Michael Rietveld. If you think you're crazy enough to want that stuff for your band, you can get in touch with him at



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