Chris McKay & The Critical Darlings



Released June 2004 (and amended February '05)


Goodbye Tuesday (McKay / Boswell / Ainsworth) (Home demo recorded a while ago) This one is from the tail end of the Star Zero days. Clearly, it didn't fit in with the rest of what we were doing. I wrote the music after seeing The Who. Patrick Jason wrote the lyrics and he and I crafted the melody together. I always thought this was the best co-write he and I ever did. Andy Ainsworth contributed to the middle 8. This recording is actually based on the Star Zero demo. Mike Rietveld is playing drums, Frank Defreese on bass and Andy Ainsworth plays the rhythm. This is the end of that project which fortuitously marked the beginning of this one!

Sometimes I'm Sam LINK REMOVED 5/19/05 - Album version coming in September '05! (McKay) (Recorded at Sold Out Studios in Commerce, GA) This one was done during my brief period as a "producer / engineer / studio musician" at Donnie Young's Sold Out Studios about 25 miles north of Athens. On days when the studio wasn't booked, he'd let me come in and do my own thing. Donnie and I also had a side band called The Last Band on Earth. We never did anything but this song was written for that band so something came out of it. I recorded and played everything except drums, which Mike Rietveld provided. I've always liked this song. I thought it was a big leap forward in my songwriting skills. We actually did enough sessions to complete an album called Center Of The Universe (which I've finally released as of early '05) .

Scared Of Myself (McKay / O'Gorman) (Recorded at The Jam Room in Columbia, SC) Wow! This goes all the way back to the Q-Sign days. This recording originally appeared on our only album, Earth Loops & Goodness. It was the only one I sang lead on at the time. I called it "ol' faithful" back in the day because it always went over live. This is officially a Q-Sign recording with me on vox, guitar, bass and piano, Michael Rietveld on drums, Andy Ainsworth on rhythm guitar and solo and Tom O'Gorman on keyboards. I still enjoy this song. In fact, I believe the Critical Darlings do it better than any lineup that's ever attempted it.

Colors In Black & White LINK REMOVED 5/19/05 - Album version coming in September '05!(McKay ) (Pre-production demo finished 2-2-05, uploaded 2-5-05) Ah, so here's a little trick. This is not the version on the CD pressing! That was the home songwriting demo of the song. This here version is the band arrangement and we recorded this as part of our preparations for making our full-length CD. I hope you like it! Here's a quote from my diary back in April of '04 to explain this one."I woke up today with a song in my head. I had it tracked (in demo form, of course) by a little after noon. It's called "Colors In Black & White." It doesn't have a chorus or any real hook but I like it. While it sounds absolutely nothing like it now, in my dream, I was spying on the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the studio for some reason and "Colors In Black & White" is what they were playing. I even kept the lyrics that I could remember. The rest I just ad libbed.I dream songs all the time. I've heard The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and all the greats do songs they never did. I can never capture them once I wake up, though. I believe I've only caught 3 of them. "(I'm Glad) I'm Not Me," "Goldmine" and now "Colors In Black & White." I guess that's somehow appropriate that this one's a dreamer, since alledgedly people dream all their colors in black and white. (By the way, I don't believe that for an instant.)

Down LINK REMOVED 5/19/05 - Album version coming in September '05!(McKay / O'Gorman) (Home recording - Summer '03) Always has been and always will be a favorite of mine. I wrote all of the music and about half of the lyrics to this one back in the Q-Sign days. Tom O'Gorman wrote the lyrics to the slower part. We did a cool, airy version on the Earth Loops And Goodness CD. I played everything on this version. I will do this song live anytime I get a chance. While I wrote the music, it was O'Gorman's idea to put the slow part and the fast part into one song and to make it go full circle. Initially, I hedged. He was right. Thanks, Tom.


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