Sunday March 14, 2004's my latest medical update. I talked to another doctor yesterday about the prescription I was given and he seemed a bit surprised. His advice...don't take the medicine yet. He advised that I take a week off, take it easy and see if I'm not miraculously healed. If I'm no better (or worse) go ahead and take it. Fine by me. I hate medication. As Saturday went on, I felt worse and worse. The cough was ridiculous, the pain in the back of my head was nearly unbearable and I was ready to just collapse. So what did I do? I decided to go on out to the big rock show in Atlanta. Just to tempt fate, Amanda and I even ate a leisurely dinner at Provino's on the way to ATL. Oh God, was I miserable. Throughout dinner, I felt like I had made a terrible mistake. When I got to the show at the Roxy, about halfway through the first band, I noticed that the pain in my head had eased off about 75%. Imagine that. Then I started getting a little energy. Oh, will the wonders of rock and roll never cease?

The first band up happened to feature a photog buddy of mine named Jonathan Baker. I didn't know his band Second Shift had updated their sound and image and was doing so well. I've got to say I was impressed. Their sound was somewhere between The Mooney Suzuki and Stone Temple Pilots with a hint of The Strokes thrown in. They fit on the bill perfectly and did a great job. I expect to hear great things from them in the future. With their charisma and sound, it's surely just a matter of time.

The Living End came next and they were like a cross between The Clash and The Stray Cats. Good rockin' stuff with punk energy. They'll never really break here in the U.S. but they're a great live band.

Next up, JET. They were good old fashioned pissed off rock and roll ala AC/DC crossed with the Faces and the Stones. It's funny. Ira Miller noticed that the singer looked like Jane's Addiction's Perry Farrell. Now that's all I can think when I see him.

The Vines were the headliners and as always they were a frustrating mess. Craig called the venue and security "shit," broke at least one guitar, trashed the drum kit and fell down about ten times. It really seemed at times that he was trying to upset the paying audience with stupid vocal mannerisms and his attitude. Strangely, that's the best thing about the Vines in concert, though. Just seeing how far he'll go. Their records are so great and they just can't pull off the sound live so they (well, he) make(s) up for it with tantrums worthy of a toddler. On occasion, he sounded a lot like a chihuaha with Tourette's. I couldn't help but laugh. I hope he makes it to the other side of 2004.

By the end, I was totally tired but physically not feeling as bad. Maybe avoiding the medicine was a good idea.




Saturday March 13, 2004



Okay. More sleep last night. I'm feeling a little stronger. I did go to the doctor yesterday. He diagnosed me with bronchitis and said that I've actually pulled a muscle in my neck from coughing so hard. So there you go. He also prescribed me prednisone. He said it's an asthma medication, adding that I have a bit of a wheeze and while "not all wheezes are asthma, all wheezes respond to asthma medication." I know nothing about the stuff and I don't usually handle medication too well. All's I know is it's a steroid and not unlike speed...the last thing I would normally need. Oh well, I guess I can't complain about feeling bad if I don't try and fix it, eh? I haven't started taking it yet. I might wait 'til tomorrow so's I don't screw up the possibility of seeing The Vines, Jet and The Living End tonight. Don't worry, I'm not being careless. The doc said I wasn't contagious or anything. I've just not given myself a chance to get better.

Right now I'm sitting here listening to to the Primus concert I went to in Charlotte last week. They're doing something really cool on this tour. 48 hours after each show, they're posting CD quality board recordings of the concerts for people to buy. You can get the mp3's for $10 or the super high quality FLAC files for $13. I chose the FLAC's. This was not one of my favorite shows but I just love having good recordings of concerts I've seen. I only have a few. Peter Gabriel did something similar on his last tour so I have a double disc set of the Growing Up Tour in Atlanta. Both Primus and Peter Gabriel provide full, unique artwork and the shows both sound great. I sincerely wish that all bands gave you this option! It's so cool. Duran Duran was doing it but they stopped right before I saw them last year. That may have been my favorite if I'd have been able to get it. Oh well, for more info on this kind of thing, check out or

Well, I'm a bit sad 'cause there's no rehearsal this week. I want to get this band rolling as soon as possible. Obviously, I needed the time not to sing for some vocal healing. It doesn't mean I wouldn't have done it anyway - but I know I've got to relax. Yeah, I know. Then why am I going out for another late night tonight? Well, I love The Vines albums and you never know when Craig Nicholls is going to implode. I want to see 'em while I can. Plus, Jet's pretty cool and I've heard great things about The Living End. You'll get my report tomorrow!

Oh...along similar lines, I've done a small update at Concert Shots to get me through to next week when I'll try to update again. I'm probably going to have to do it weekly for awhile. I've been to so many shows lately. I've got to keep the site up to date!




Friday March 12, 2004


Wow! I slept last night for the first time in ages. I feel a bit groggy today from sleeping. It's always something, eh? I'm still glad to know that I'm (hopefully) on the road to getting better. The Cough has even mellowed a little (thank you, John Mayer fans, for not smoking). It's still there but almost bearable. Don't get me started...seriously, when it starts, it hard to stop.

The current irritation in my life is that I've found out that this website is not looking right on the browsers/servers of the people that come here. That is a huge frustration for me. I spent a lot of time trying to make the site look sleek but professional and to find out that other people are just seeing it as text and pictures is infuriating after all the work I've put into it. Of course, it looks fine on MY computer and server. It just looks cheap and unprofessional on EVERYONE ELSE'S apparently. ACK! It's maddening. So that's my current dilemma. Maybe one day you'll get to see it the way it should be.

Also, got a doctor's appointment this afternoon. I'll let you know how it turns out, don't worry. This "waiting for things to get better on their own" hasn't worked so well for me. Having a cough for a month is not good on the voice of someone with my limited vocal capabilities!

And I've GOT to get back on doing live reviews. I've got such a backlog now I don't even know where to begin. should have been updated at least a week ago. Maybe soon. Maybe not. Realistically, it'll probably be next week at the earliest.



Thursday March 11, 2004


Ugh...editing, editing, editing. Back and forth between Primus, Guster and John Mayer shots for half of the day. I have decided to blow off tonight and tomorrow night's shows. I just can't do it. So there will be no Ludacris, Chingy, Erykah Badu or Floetry this time.

I'm going to try to make it out to The Vines / Jet show on Saturday but we'll see if I actually make it. I'm still just trying to recover from the stress and exhaustion of the last week. I did my job, though and got everything done and done well - so I'm satisfied. I just don't feel that hot.

Tonight - sleep!



Wednesday March 10, 2004


Well, last day at home. I swung by and dropped off the OutKast CD on my friend Lori's doorstep (hope you got it) and made it back out to the cemetary to rectify the lack of flowers on my Dad's grave. Had lunch with Amanda's mom at LHOP (aka Lugoff House Of Pizza - much better than it sounds). Swung by to see my sister Missy (very briefly) and was glad to see my nephew Robbie at the door. Then it was on to Grandma's for a few hours before hitting the road toward Greenville.

On the way, the Cough got much worse and my on again/off again sickness that I've had since I started this web site (believe it or not, it's not always like this) had progressed to the pretty freakin' miserable stage. I've got no one to blame but myself, though. I'm not sleeping or eating right lately and breathing in all of that second hand smoke is just the capper.

By the time I got to Greenville, I decided I couldn't make it through another show. I photo'd Guster and John Mayer's first 3 songs and gave up my 1st row seats to get on the highway to Athens and sleep. Guster was much better than I remember them being last time. Before I didn't like them at all. Tonight, they were pretty good. As for John, well, I didn't see that much but "Bigger Than My Body" had some super cool guitar sounds and he's added more jazzy inflections to his sound. It works well enough. I would've have loved to have stayed to see how he's developed but there's no way I could've appreciated it tonight.

Got home right around 11 pm and was in bed by midnight for once.



Tuesday March 9, 2004


Put on my suit (minus tie - didn't want to seem like I was trying too hard) and went to the Kershaw County Court House to the hearing on my Dad's case. Thankfully, things went much easier than expected. We never even had to use our dozens of pages of documents and video tapes and incident report. The judge gave us the opportunity to discuss and hopefully "settle" the case before it was heard so I gave the defendant one last chance. She decided it was smarter to just pay what she owes the estate (over, like, a zillion years in teeny increments) and since she was agreeable, I dropped about $1100 off the grand total. My Grandmother and Aunt Brenda were there and I think their presence was very helpful. I think it made the defendant see more clearly what her actions helped to cause. I'm glad that this part is over but I have reason to doubt that she'll see it through as promised. That's okay. If she doesn't get right on it, I will and we'll be right back in court.

After the proceedings, I made it back out to Dad's grave (GOD, I hate typing those words). To my ultimate disappointment, all the flowers were gone. I was pretty angry about it 'til I realized a huge storm had come through and pretty much blown everything away. I wish I had something I could leave on there but I didn't.

In the evening, I had to drive up to Charlotte to cover the Primus show. What horrible lighting! And the Grady Cole Center is about the size of my old high school's gym. It's definitely not the best place for a show.

As for the show itself, Primus is Primus - just darker than they used to be. The first set was okay -"Mr. Krinkle," "Pork Soda" and "My Name Is Mud" were there, but it was the second set that people came to see. For that Primus plowed through the entire Sailing The Seas Of Cheese album, liberally extending some songs. It took about an hour and twenty minutes to get through the thing. While the drum solo that preceded "Eleven" was absolutely spectacular and one of the best drum solos I've ever heard, I've got to say that it would have been much more spectacular at 5 or so minutes. It was more like 20 and became mind numbing quickly. The only encore was "Too Many Puppies" but that was okay. It was strange to see how they've basically gone from being the oddest alt-metal band to the oddest jam band.

Oh...and all the people that decided to start smoking during intermission caused my cough to come back again...with a vengeance!



Monday March 8, 2004  

Alright, alright. I haven't forgotten about the diary or gone slack on it. I've just been out of town. I'll play catch up now and fill in the days like I've never been gone.

Today I just tidied up things to get ready to go home for tomorrow's hearing re: my Dad's estate. I'm feeling very stressed out as I hated having to file a complaint in the first place and feeling the burden of proof being on me didn't help.

Got lost in Augusta somehow and that didn't help either. Finally got back to Camden around 9:30.