Sunday March 7, 2004



Today I returned that blasted 2X converter. It just didn't cut it. I spoke to Rick Diamond (super photographer) last night about it and he said that using what I was using was like "shooting through plastic." That's the perfect description for it.

Amanda and I have to piece together evidence for a case regarding my Dad's estate tonight, too. There's a court hearing Tuesday morning in Kershaw County, SC. I'm NOT looking forward to it. I sincerely hated having to file a suit against someone but I was left no choice. So be it. We fight.

Other than that, I must rest. I so envy people on a regular schedule. Oh well, they don't get to do the stuff I get to do so it all balances out I guess.




Saturday March 6, 2004



I'm a bit better today. Although a bit fractured and hurried. Amanda had a film shoot today and I had rehearsal. Frank, Tom and I did a 3-hour run through of things. The 14 songs on our preliminary list and a few goofs. We finally got through "Down" without falling apart and Tom's got the weird harmonies just about right now, too. Besides me, he's the only person who's ever sung those notes. Obviously, since we've only all three been together TWICE now, there's still work to do but Tom's convinced that we're ready to start booking. It's still the fastest any band that I've ever been in has come far.

After rehearsal I caught up with Amanda and we went to the big rock show at Philips Arena. It was the final night of the Linkin Park / P.O.D., Hoobastank, Story Of The Year tour and it was close to a sellout. That's huge at Philips. Personally, the music left me cold...I can only remember 3 songs that Linkin Park did, 3 that P.O.D. did, 2 from Hoobastank and a resounding none from Story Of The Year. The ones I remember are mostly the hits that I already knew, too. That doesn't bode well in my opinion. I'm obviously in the minority as that packed house sure knew the songs. I've got to say that Story Of The Year (despite the fact that I don't remember any of their songs) blew the other bands away...and that's without the benefit of any lights/production. They did it in sheer energy. Of course, the night ended with a huge invasion of all the other bands and crew jumping onstage with Linkin Park. It was a good old fashioned rock show and a deftly put together bill. Just not my kind of music.

I also got to see a lot of ATL based friends I haven't seen in a while. Spent a little time with Spark St. Jude (Rolling Stone photographer) and Ira Miller (Forsyth County News). It was nice seeing the old crew again. Oh...and Rick Diamond asked me to be part of the official photography team for this year's Music Midtown. That's super cool and a lot of fun. It's hard work...but I can't wait for it.




Friday March 5, 2004


Okay. I believe I have now pushed my self to the logical extreme. I can't do this anymore. I'm so exhausted I feel like I just need to collapse for a week or so. I got in last night at about 3 a.m. which wouldn't be SO bad if I had ever recovered from being out that late several other times this week. I had to fight sleep off for the whole drive home, then sleep fought me back when it was time to get some. I couldn't sleep. I felt physically sore all over just from being tired. It was awful. Finally, sometime about daybreak I got to sleep. Unfortunately, I had to be up by 10 to drop Amanda off - she actually had an important short movie shoot begin today. So while I'm complaining about my misery, she had to go do what I did last night - come home - and get up and work all day today, too. She's always been tougher than me, though.

Anyway - about the show. Bette Midler was hilarious. I actually enjoyed her "stand up comedy" segments more than the songs. She was downright raunchy, regularly shocking the staid Carolina crowd. She decimated the University Of South Carolina's teams, Strom Thurmond and every other sacred cow she could think up. It was brilliant. Her voice wasn't as strong as I'd thought it would be, though, and frankly - the show regularly got dull during the songs but I did have a good time. I found myself sitting in between and chatting with Kevin Oliver and Otis Taylor, writers with Free Times and The State respectively. That was pretty cool. Also, I can't say enough nice things about Laura, the venue's PR person. She was wonderful. I look forward to coming back to the Colonial Center soon. She really makes the trip worthwhile.

It was SO strange being so close to home and not being able to go. Just 25 minutes away from my family. I felt it pulling me. I had to resist. It was nearly impossible.

As far as the shoot goes, I need a lot of practice with this set up. I shot about 150 pictures and NONE of them satisfy me. NONE. I'm pretty irritated about that. I have a handful of publishable shots, which is the most important thing but I'm tired of having limitations. I caught all the right moments and have so many pics that would've been great but there's always a glitch. Camera shake, too dim, you name it. "It's Always Something." I vow that I'll figure it out. It won't beat me. It just may drive me crazy and exhaust me to the point of hospitalization but it won't beat me.

Oh well - enough of this rant. I've got to go flop for a while. But just a few minutes or I won't sleep tonight. Then I've got another freakin' late night tomorrow. Yep - after I fulfill these obligations, I've got to take some time off. I really overdid it this time.

I hope your days better than mine feels.

Rehearsal tomorrow. I hope that I can be all that I can be!



Thursday March 4, 2004


Not much of interest today. Spent the morning editing shots and now as it quickly approaches afternoon, I've got to get ready to get on the highway. Gotta go catch Bette Midler in Columbia, SC, then race back to Athens for ye ole precious sleep. See you at the show? No? Maybe next time. No worries - I'll tell you all about what went down tomorrow.



Wednesday March 3, 2004


Would it surprise you if I said I'm horribly tired again today? I did go shoot the Maroon 5 show last night at GATH (another sellout at the Theatre - congrats Josh). Afterwards, I swung by the 40 Watt and caught the tail end of The Von Bondies set and took a few pics of them to boot. The people at the Theatre and the Watt have been great to me (Velena and Barrie are the best), but I've got to say that I'm sick of shooting in clubs. I need a nice arena show with great lighting to clear my palette. Maybe by the end of the weekend. There are a few shows that I'm not sure if my credentials have come through for yet.

Thank God I don't have anywhere that I have to be tonight. I just have to contend with The Cough a little more. It's getting better for both Amanda and me - but it's definitely still a factor.

I'm not completely satisfied with the set list we have worked up right now. It seems a little heavy on the slow, syrupy ones. We've actually punched up a couple of them - but we need a couple of more liveners in the set.

It will be right by the time you see us. I guarantee it.

I got a new 2X teleconverter today to go along with my 70-300 lens. I'll try it out tomorrow on Bette Midler in Columbia, SC. I really don't like getting used to new equipment. I always have to screw up with it several times before I work it all out. So don't expect Bette to be as good as I will be in a few months. I'm getting there one piece at a time.

It also sucks 'cause I have to drive almost home to SC, go see the show (which I'm sure will be great), then turn right around and drive 'til 2 or 3 a.m. to get back to Athens. I don't even get to see any family or friends. I hate it when I have to do that. Oh well, I'll be in Lugoff and Camden next Monday and Tuesday anyway for some legal proceedings regarding my Dad's estate. I'll see some of you then.



Tuesday March 2, 2004


Well, I spent most of my day today playing with my new pedalboard. Trying to tweak my one completely personal preset into 5 or so variations to toggle between. There's a lot more to it than it sounds like - at least for a non-mechanically minded guy like me. I've got some very usable stuff now. I can't wait to try it again. I just have to hope that nothing will interfere with this week's practice.

I ditched on rock trivia last night. Just couldn't do it. Still tired from DBT the other night and Amanda has inherited The Cough so sleep's still a precious commodity around here.Tonight I've got to go see Maroon 5 at the Georgia Theatre so there'll be very little tonight, too. Maybe Wednesday will bring some rest...

I felt bad about missing trivia - especially since I can't go next week. The team came in 3rd. That's still pretty respectable. Last time I was there, we got trounced! Maybe they're better of f without me? Don't care - I'll still go and drag 'em down when I wanna.



Monday March 1, 2004  

I've got to say that Spring has sprung in least for today. A few days ago we had a nice snowfall and today it's 71 degrees and absolutely gorgeous. Feels like a day for the ballfield...or a festival concert. Feels great. I can't wait for Spring. "It's been a long, cold lonely winter."

Well, I watched the Oscars last night. How 'bout that Return Of The King? I thought that installment was a little overrated but it was still pretty cool. Why do the people that put on the ceremony have to make it so excruciatingly long and drawn out? The commercial breaks kept getting longer and...oh well...that's business. It'll probably be the last time I watch the Oscars for a few years.

Today, I just did easy going, catch up work. I really need to get on getting credentialed to cover shows that are coming up. I may already be too late on a bunch of 'em.

Nothing else...just a day.