Sunday February 29, 2004



Went to see Drive-By Truckers last night at the sold out Georgia Theatre. God knows they rock. This is the first time I've seen 'em with the new bass player but it already sounds like she's always been there. The new tunes are absolutely amazing and the old ones are tighter (but looser) and harder kicking than ever. I truly believe that they're one of the best rock and roll bands in the world right now. Don't believe? Go see.

I left after the first 3 hours! Yeah, you read right...the first 3 hours. That was only 'cause of the exhaustion and the cigarette smoke in the building causing my old nemesis The Cough to try and recharge.

They did about half new!

DBT freakin' rocks. Can't wait for the new one!

Went to see Mystic River today in preparation for tonight's Oscars. What a powerful set of performances. The movie was what you'd expect from Clint Eastwood but it was the actors that took it over the top. Sean Penn and Tim Robbins should both win.

Of course, Albert Finney shoulda been nominated for Big Fish. That was probably my favorite performance of the year.

Oh, I updated Concert Shots. Check it out.





Saturday February 28, 2004



Well, I've been working with the pedalboard and it's easier than I thought. I just can't use any of the presets. Gotta create my own sounds, y'know. I still haven't figured out 99% of it but that 1% that I do have down is pretty cool. Can't wait to see what you all think of it.

Tom and I rehearsed today. Frank's terribly sick and just couldn't make it. I feel bad for him...I hope he didn't catch it from Amanda and me last week! We'll get together next week and get this thing nailed down. Tom says he's ready to go. I'm not yet, though. It just ain't tight enough but I do love what he's done to "Phony." And it's so cool to hear the songs live with backups. We've already got 14 songs pretty much worked up (that ain't bad considering there's only been ONE practice with all 3 of us) and we're hoping to be able to start scheduling shows in about a month or so.

We've been kicking around a few ideas for covers but none have stuck. Any ideas? We're discussing Pink Floyd's "Astronomy Domine," Dramarama's "Anything Anything" and / or "Haven't Got A Clue" and Big Star's "Back Of A Car." Not exactly chartbusters, eh? Welcome to the new phase! If there's anything you'd like to hear us attempt, email me at





Friday February 27, 2004


Oh, dear God! I got a super cool new toy today. It's something I've always been against...but now I'm jumping in head first. I got a new effects pedal board for the guitar. Hopefully, I'll be able to thicken up the band's sound during solos and such. Being a three piece, sometimes you can't do it all. Maybe this'll help. Or maybe it'll just frustrate me 'cause I can't figure the freakin' thing out. We'll see I guess. If you come to a show and it ain't there, you'll know it was too big for my tiny brain! It's going to take me forever to figure it out so it's a good thing I got most of this website done before it got here.

Other than that, I did get the photo galleries open as well as the distractions page. There oughtta be enough stuff on this site now to dull the sharpest mind! Enjoy!

Rehearsal tomorrow!




Thursday February 26, 2004


Not to sound too sappy, but it is truly a beautiful day outside. I spoke too soon about the ice storm yesterday. Mother Nature made up for it by giving us a couple of inches of snow last night. When I got up this morning, it was spectacular. All white, except for some cat footprints around the front door. I hate the ice, I hate the cold but I love snow as much now as when I got out of school because of it. There's just something that reverts me back to childhood to look out the window and see it all there, so pristine and ready for fun. It gives me hope and inspiration and (here's something GOOD about weather in the South) it never stays around long enough to be a nuisance. Bravo Mother Nature for a fine show.

Well, today, I'm updating and writing the next column for Flagpole. It should have Rod Stewart, Colin Hay/Pat DiNizio, MxPx/Sugarcult/From Autumn To Ashes, Super Furry Animals and Willie Nelson. On second thought, that might have to be spread out over the next two columns. We'll see.




Wednesday February 25, 2004


Boring, boring day. At least I'm feeling a little better...but The Cough is still attacking every night.

It looks like we may get another ice storm tonight. Yippee! What better way to have fun than to have it SO COLD that rain freezes upon touching the ground but warm enough that it's STILL RAIN when it falls. Winter in the South sucks. Period. It used to snow on occasion. Not any more. Just miserable, miserable rain, ice and no fun.

My column for Flagpole came out today. You can check it out online here. Of course, if you frequent, you will have already seen it all, you sly devil.

I spent my day today digging through the voluminous archive of my tapes so that I could finish putting up all the music here. I even managed to find a video clip of Star Zero's pyro since so many of you doubt how ridiculous we actually were. Told ya!

Ack! I've got to get back to work on things other than this stinkin' site one of these days. Just let me get the photos and distractions up and all will be good for awhile.

Although, I have to admit that I'm looking forward to having new media of the new group to put up!



Tuesday February 24, 2004!

The Cough is evil. The Cough is undying. The Cough has returned. It kept me awake most of the night and I'm feelin' it today. It's stupid. I felt relatively fine and yet The Cough persists. It's gotta go.

To add to the tiredness today, I went out last night to rock trivia at TransMet and got crushed. We used to win every week. Now...not so much. We didn't even place! Either the competition's gotten a lot tougher or we've gotten stupider. They're both distinct possibilities. At any rate, I didn't even get back home from that 'til 12:30 a.m. Then, as documented before, came The Return Of The Cough.

Tom was late to trivia. He had a mixing session with Twain. It sounds like it was mostly productive, so look for that record one of these years.

At least I got to see my good friend Sarah. She hasn't been out in a while. Mary Katherine was there, too, of course. They were kind enough to see me through (and toss in a lot of good answers as well) while Tom wasn't on the scene.

Today, I spent my time slowly working on this here website. It doesn't look like I'm doing too much but I am. I added lots of new music and the links page is up. I'm also digging through my recorded archives for things NO ONE should be subjected to. If you think this place is indulgent so far, you ain't seen nothin' yet.





Monday February 23, 2004  

Wow! How bizarre is this? I just found out my old singer from some bands I was in as a wee lad is the new singer for freakin' Drowning Pool! This is truly a mind blowing thing! His name's Jason Jones. We played together in (forgive me in advance) Rembrandt Pussyhorse and Pushin Daisies - by the way, he named both bands. I played bass. In Rembrandt... we had a few cool originals. My favorites of his were "Little Girl I Know", which was this really boppy almost sarcastic pop tune and "Artificial Flowers" which was a funky-alt thing. To fill out a set, we also did covers by The Smithereens, Sex Pistols and Death Angel. We were (for a week or two) no doubt the prettiest band in South Carolina.

After that, he and I moved on to Pushin Daisies. So far, that band's my only real foray into being in an actual metal band. We were a bit ahead of our time, though, if I must say so. I wish people coulda heard songs like "Four Shades Of Blue" and "Woops!". There was some cool stuff in that band. Jason also contributed melodies and/or titles to some of my early solo stuff. "Deja Voodoo" was his title, he added to the melody of "Sewn Into The Stitches" and "Sideways (Over Green)" and was (in general) a perfectly insane frontman. I'll never forget him leaping into a pit at Huger St. Concert Hall at a hardcore festival. No...he didn't jump in to mosh. He jumped in to start break dancing.

He was one of the most "rock and roll" guys I've ever known. He wore tons of makeup and had a checkerboard mohawk. He did so that racist skinheads would want to start trouble with him. When they did, he'd lay them out.

The first two times I went out on the town with him (and the band), we were thrown out of the bar. Both times for fighting. I just stood back and watched. I've gotta say that seeing a guy in makeup destroying thug wannabe rednecks in South Carolina was fun.

Drowning Pool should get interesting now.

Oh, I've got some tapes, reel to reels and pics that I really should post here...ah, but then, you'd see how goofy I was then, too!

He swore the whole time we were playing together that he was going to L.A. and that he was going to find a group and be a frontman for a big band. Cheers, Jason. You did it.