Sunday April 11, 2004



Happy Easter!

Woah! Didn't remember to write today. Sorry 'bout that. It hasn't been the best of days. Amanda got really sick (bedridden actually) and I was still not feeling too well due to the knife in the ribs thing. I listened to The Beatles all day and she lay in bed. At night we watched a couple of creepy episodes of The Twilight Zone and a not-so-creepy episode of WKRP. I've got a doctor's appointment in the morning. Here we go again!




Saturday April 10, 2004

Aerosmith in Atlanta Friday.


Well, I'm back with a report on taking Tom to "The Big Show." I had a good time even if the shoot was one of the most difficult ones I've ever had to do. Usually, I can't understand why bands make it so hard on photographers but in this case, I get it. They put us back at the mixing board and Aerosmith started their show from the middle of the floor on a tiny little stage. After running through "Toys In The Attic" and "Love In An Elevator", we all had to fight the crowd to chase the band to the main stage for "Back In The Saddle." It was really tough. If I hadn't had to do this so many times before, I don't know if I would've gotten anything. As it is, I still got plenty - but I certainly had to work for it.

Cheap Trick opened. They seemed much more content and happy than usual. They all interacted with each other and the audience, smiles all around. If you know CT live, you know that's a bit of an anomaly. The biggest surprise was that Trick did a mostly greatest hits set. They did do 3 from Special One but other than that, it was all obvious...even including "The Flame," which I haven't seen them do since it was the current single. Bun E. did change the drum part to run through the intro in a "Come Together" meets "Ticket To Ride" kind of way. That improved the tune a lot.

Anyway, as I was saying, I did enjoy the show a lot but there was nothing particularly special about it. I think it was seeing the show through the eyes of Mr. Bavis who hadn't seen a big concert in almost 5 years. He didn't seem to believe that these shows are always this good. Seriously, I say it again. It was a good, solid rock and roll show. I've seen Aerosmith many times and this one falls right down the middle of the road as far as quality. As a souvenir, I got him a Rick Neilson pick and he scooped up a few handfulls of the Aerosmith "snow" from the indoor blizzard that took place during the finale of "Train Kept A-Rollin'".

Quite a fun night overall and a good distraction.

It was good seeing all my Atlanta friends again for the first time in a while, too. I was finally able to give Towel Cape CD's to Holli Mattison (Clear Channel) and Dennis Carten (Philips security).

Today, I took time to relax, recover and attempt to rejuvenate. I've apparently pulled another coughing muscle (even though The Cough is mostly gone, it catches me off guard every now and again) so my right rib area feels like a knife's going in every time I take a deep breath. Big fun, eh? It wasn't too horribly bad but fighting all of those people in Aerosmith's crowd really made it worse. My doctor calls it one of my "occupational hazards." Good thing we're not playing now. I'd have to cancel if we were. As long as it's better by the 3 Rivers Festival in Columbia this coming weekend, all should be okay.

Spent a quiet evening with Amanda. Went out to dinner at Johnny Carrino's and watched Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind on TV (which was not nearly as good as I'd hoped). Interesting enough, but not enough development or anything to latch on to.

You know how it is.

I hope your Easter is a fine 'un.




Friday April 9, 2004

The Darkness fell on Atlanta last night! Woo hoo!

Well, I went to see The Darkness last night and it was absolutely unfreakin' believable. I had prepared myself for a big let down but they lived up to all the hype. They did everything on Permission To Land except "Holding My Own" and added in "Making Out", "Best Of Me" and some new material that was more Zeppelin than Lizzy. The weirdest moment for me was walking back down the aisle after shooting opening act The Wild Hearts (who were also great - like a biker version of The Darkness) and literally bumping into Rick Nielson and Bun E. Carlos from Cheap Trick! How cool is that? Steven Tyler and Tom Hamilton from Aerosmith were also at the show just hanging out and checking out the new model. If only they'd gone up to "jam", it could've been one of the greatest shows ever. Incredible!

Tonight, I get to see Aerosmith and Cheap Trick at Philips. I'm taking Tom along. It's be his first arena show in ages.

Anyway - on to the more depressing stuff that I have to mention. Today is Good Friday, April 9. On this day in 1971, my Grandfather died. Unlike certain other show offs, my Grandad didn't come back on Sunday morning. My Dad NEVER got over his Dad's death. Every 11 years, Good Friday falls on April 9. My Dad only saw 1982 and 1993 after he lost his father. My Dad died in the same room in his sleep on September 29, 2003. I'll never get over my Dad's death and obviously, I could never understand how he felt until September 29 of last year. My Dad liked to wear ball caps almost all the time. I couldn't help but notice when I went into that room on 9/29 that the cap that he had laid beside the bed when he went to sleep was a Starter cap. Underneath the logo it said "Since 1971." My Dad felt the pain of life without his father since 1971. I feel it now. "Since 2003" my proverbial cap should say. I talked to my Grandmother this morning. She couldn't help but remember 33 years ago. I can't either. I wonder how many more Good Friday, April 9ths I'll see. I wonder how many Monday, September 29ths I'll see. Next up? 2014. I hope we're all there. (I miss you, Dad.)

Anyway - enough of that depressing stuff and I apologize if I brought you down. I intend to be as honest as I can here, though, so if you keep checking in, you might as well get used to it happening on occasion.

I'm going to do my best to distract myself from all of this with Cheap Trick and Aerosmith tonight.

Again I say - ROCK!



Thursday April 8, 2004


Howdy, howdy. I'm in a rush again (why is "Tom Sawyer" suddenly in my head) so I don't have much time. I finally got Concert Shots updated so check out new live reviews of Britney Spears, Skye Sweetnam, The Vines, JET, The Living End and Second Shift as well as a new Liz Phair, Wheat, Rachael Yamagata photo gallery. The Britney and Liz shows are the first results of my new lens. Hopefully, you'll see an immediate difference in quality. If not, I think I do, so just let me live in my illusion of improvement!

I think I've got 4 of the 5 songs that I have to know for next rehearsal down to my satisfaction. I think "Haven't Got A Clue" and "Creepy Jackalope Eye" are going to be killer covers and I'm hoping that the two new originals will be easy enough to pull off, too. We'll see...but it'll be a little while. We can't rehearse this weekend OR next. Maybe Tom and I can get together this weekend to work on harmonies and arrange the 3rd cover, "Jewel Box." It looks like it'll be the 24th before we can all reconvene. Yikes! Time's flying. We're on our way, though.

Alright - I've got to go see The Darkness tonight. I'm super excited. This one'll certainly be reported on tomorrow! See you then?




Wednesday April 7, 2004


Nothing much to say today. If I must say 'cause it's a diary and I'm 'sposed to be documenting, I guess I will. I spent a chunk of day clearing old live shots off my computer. It took forever but I knocked out almost 13 gig of space by deleting some of the unedited files from 01-02. I've got 'em all backed up on discs of course.

I also got a notice that I need to get rid of about 1000 pics from Concert Shots or about 85 meg. Boy, where do I even start? I wanted to streamline it, but 1000? That's gonna take forever. Geez - it'll happen when it does.

I can feel the well about to overflow again. Song ideas are starting to bubble up left and right and I can't really get it together enough to start. I want to play just for fun and usually, I only want to play along with the band. That's usually how it starts.

Maybe the BIG rock shows tomorrow and Friday will send me over the edge.

Tomorrow is THE DARKNESS. I still can't believe they sold out a 2300 seat venue in 9 minutes.

Friday is Aerosmith and Cheap Trick.




Tuesday April 6, 2004


Woo hoo! We're the current champions of Athens' rock trivia again. We won by only 2 points so every single right answer counted. You shoulda heard the groans from the massive, 2 fisted team that came in second (and has been beating us the last few times). Tom seemed in a much better mood at the end of the night. The person who first accompanied me to rock trivia, Sarah Lee, was also on our team. It's always good to have her around. I'm telling you, though, if Frank lived here, we'd be close to unbeatable. As it is, we're pretty evenly matched with the other main competitor and every now and again, we'll both get upset by alternating 3rd parties. In my opinion, our biggest triumph last night was in pulling out, chronologically, all 3 of Miami Sound Machine's hits from their debut album ("Conga", "Bad Boys" and "Words Get In The Way"). Tom and I both knew "Conga" obviously. He pulled out "Bad Boys" and I tossed "Words In The Way" in after I finally extracted it from the tip of my tongue.

Several people asked about the band. I was glad to tell them that we are now accepting offers to play. Firm dates will be trickling in soon. I just hope no one expects what we're doing now (on stage) to be like what I've done in the past couple of projects. I'm not interested in doing the same thing. I've done it. Now, I've stripped it all back down to the basics so that we can build it up again.

Gotta go. Tom made me a CD of The Zombies' Odessey & Oracle album and I must hear it now.



Monday April 5, 2004  

What a boring day. Maybe I needed one after the hectic nature of the past month or so. I spent the better part of the day trying to capture and neutralize a virus that I had suspected was on my computer. My virus scan didn't recognize it but I knew something was up. I fished around for hours and hours and guess what. I found the little bugger. He's gone now. He won't be bothering me or my lifeline to the world anymore. Let that be a warning to the rest of ye parasitic online thingys.

Other than that, just email answering and preparing to do battle at rock trivia tonight. It's been a while since I've been but I'm hoping for a better showing than the last few times. It's tough to win when you're 2 against 10 but the victory's all the more sweet when you get to it.

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