Sunday October 31, 2004



Good God! So exhausted. Forgot how crappy it felt. I'm running on empty as it were...and with the time change on top of it..."fall back" indeed!

Anyway - that didn't stop me from pulling a 3-hour rehearsal with the boys in the late afternoon. We started off by pulling the new songs together. "I'll Be Fine" and "I Know Too Much" are really starting to sound good. In fact, they may have even passed "Wide Bicycle" in readiness. I'm enjoying playing all three of them. It's strange and typical of us that we've got 3 new songs. Why is that? Well, "Wide Bicycle" is clearly Frank's favorite of the three. "I'll Be Fine" is clearly mine and I'm pretty sure "I Know Too Much" is Tom's. I guess that's the way it works, eh? Something for everyone or something. I'll take it as a good sign. The rest of rehearsal was plowing through the first half of our catalog and running through a few songs for this Georgia Music Industry Showcase next Friday. 'Tweren't bad. 'Twas alright, in fact.

It sucked getting dark by 6 o'clock but I got home in time to get some precious, precious sleep - which is good, 'cause I'll be losing it again within the next few days.


Today's propaganda:

For Halloween, dress Bush up in your favorite outfit!




Saturday October 30, 2004

Styx and stones could break my bones...but luckily, they didn't.




So today is the non-Sunday version of Halloween. I decided to go as the priest from Georgia who votes and takes pictures of rock stars. Off I went with my priest collar, camera and "I'm a Georgia Voter" sticker. Amanda dressed as some sort of Goth angel thingy.

Before the onslaught of ROCK in the evening, we had dinner at Ted's Montana Grill in Atlanta. I wound up having roast bison (better than it sounds). After that, we loaded up on media passes. At the Tabernacle was the big honkin' JET, Donnas, Pleasure Club show. The Pleasure Club was actually really good. Kind of like a more danceable Stone Temple Pilots. I missed The Donnas this time 'cause I decided to cross the street to Centennial Olympic Park to shoot the last night of Styx's tour. I even managed to weasel my way into the meet and greet. I was quite surprised to see original bass player Chuck Panozzo there. He's had a lot of serious health issues that have kept him off the road a lot of the time. He hasn't officially been part of the band in years but he sits in fairly regularly. I wish I had been allowed to photo him playing with the band but at least I got to meet him. Chuck's the one to my right in this pic, the non-long hair. The long hair is new bass player Ricky Philips. I think he used to be in The Babys. I know he used to play with Julian Lennon. The guys that are furthest to the right are Tommy Shaw and James "JY" Young. The kid in me is still excited to meet bands like this. And they're monster guitar players after all...

Special thanks to Keith, George, Charlie, Libby and the guys in Styx for being so helpful, nice and accomodating.

Oh...and after I shot Styx, I ran over to the Tab and caught JET doing one of the most rocking shows of the year. They've improved a lot since I saw them back in March and they were good then, too. It's just now they're a lot more confident and powerful. I hope they last a while. They're a great band.

This Halloween rocked (despite the bogus parking ticket that we got - and are contesting - from the lot)!

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The real state of the Union address!




Friday October 29, 2004




So I did it. The deed is done. Done and done.

I voted today. I waited in line for an hour and a half to vote in advance of next Tuesday's frenzy. I'm so glad to have this option in Georgia. I hope everyone within eyeshot of this will please go out and cast your two cents worth in this most important election of my lifetime. You know I don't often ask any thing from anyone on this site, but whichever side you stand on, the stakes are extremely high.

I must say that I was inspired to see that block long line of people standing in a cool, misting rain to vote. There were people of all age groups, races and abilities. I saw people in wheelchairs, elderly men who needed help reading and writing, college students discussing the merits of this past Wednesday's election edition of South Park and Moms with children in tow. It really was an amazing cross section. Even better, every one of them had a smile on their face when they left the polling place.

My candidate may lose but it won't be because I dropped the ball.

Go make a difference.

Today's propaganda:

I thought this little audio clip regarding the internet rumors of a draft re-instatement was particularly effective. It's from a speech that Congressman Tim Ryan made.



Thursday October 28, 2004

r togetherness Th


Well, Amanda took advantage of the advanced voting option in Georgia today. I'm glad. I'm planning on going tomorrow.

I didn't too much productive today. I'm feeling kind of burned out again...and I'm not sleeping well. What's new? I'm okay...just finding it hard to focus.

Instead, I listened to a whole bunch of The Cure to try and tune in more to Frank's wavelength and find some inspiration for the future material waiting for me to get it from the bottom of the well.

Oh and the brand new Atlanta Creative Loafing has used one of my R.E.M. pics to go along with Lee Smith's review. You can check it out by clicking here!

Today's propaganda:

Need a little more of the real George W. Bush? Click here and watch as he practices his "victory salute"!



Wednesday October 27, 2004

"...and the moon became as blood." Revelation 6:12


"A "blood moon" has long been thought, since Biblical days, to be a portent of doom, an ill omen of God's wrath and punishment of man's sins to come. A "blood moon" is also noted in the Bible's book of Revelations of Saint John The Divine, as a sign from God that the book of seven seals had been opened as evidence that God's wrath was upon man."


Alright, you thumpers out there. Is this your sign? I couldn't help but think about these things tonight. I was, after all, raised around Church Of God Of Prophecy types. As a kid, this all scarred and scared me deeply. I think for myself now. I find the Bible a wonderful guidepost and tool but I'm not mislead by people's misuse of it and transgressions with it.

Still, I can't help but think about it knowing the current political climate in the United States. In the Bible, the "blood moon" is a harbinger. Wasn't the last one to signal the "true millenium" around Epiphany in 2001? Hmmm...nothing majorly catastrophic or world altering happened in '01, did it? Well, at least not till September.

Now, here it comes again just 6 days before the most divisive and vicious Presidential election in recent history. It doesn't matter what common sense says. I can't help but think about it. The chapter does after all end, "For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?"

I'm afraid if Bush is actually elected fair and square this time, the Wrath Of God being visited on us will make a lot of sense!

Anyway, back to less melodramatic concerns. I spent the day as usual: editing pics, updating this site, making plans and trying to recover from last night's show. In the late afternoon, Frank came over and we worked on the new songs some more. "I'll Be Fine" really sounds like it's going to be a good live one. "Wide Bicycle" should be interesting and unique, too. "I Know Too Much" seems to be giving Frank some trouble. Tom and I have it pretty close to ready to go but I can't judge its potential "liveness" 'til Frank gets his bit down.

After he took off last night, I went out and watched the eclipse for awhile. I took my camera out and to my surprise managed to capture it. That is a heck of a zoom, I guess! Obviously, that red moon got me thinking again...and that can't be healthy!



Tuesday October 26, 2004

Digging for Karma at the Caledonia!


Today was spent putting in press requests to cover concerts. Since the Darlings aren't going to be able to do the secret S.C. show this weekend, I've decided to cover what I can. Jet and The Donnas are playing at the Tabernacle and Styx are going to be across the street. I'm going to make the effort to get all of them. It might not work but it's worth a try.

In preparation for the time to come, I assembled a band mailing list and sent out the first mailing. If you didn't get anything but want to be on the list, drop me a line and I'll be glad to add ye!

Tonight, we did our first show in a little over 3 weeks. It was one of those "karma shows" that we do to work out material and experiment. Tonight we wound up doing 40% stuff off the cuff. You know the drill, if you want to read the full report, then click on this here blue type!

Also (and as always) new pics have been added to The Band and Live Shots. Click away and wonder at Frank's tie, my shoes and Tom's head on a platter.



Monday October 25, 2004


Again, my friends, Concert Shots has been updated. That's two times in a week and the first time there's been that much action there in a long time. I'm actually pretty close to caught up now. It might take another couple of weeks but soon it will be there. Other than that, I didn't do much of importance today. Of course, doing all that photo editing took a big chunk of the day anyway. Oh - and coincidentally, one of my They Might Be Giants pics was up at Pollstar today, too!

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