Sunday May 16, 2004

Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac lays into "I Know I'm Not Wrong" at Chastain Park

After an easy going but tired Saturday rehearsal, Frank, Tom and I headed out to Chastain for the Fleetwood Mac concert. All I can say is that Lindsey Buckingham never ceases to amaze me. His solo version of "Big Love" was better than ever and he even graced us with "Red Rover." The big surprise of the night for me was hearing them do Stevie Nicks' "Sara." I've never seen the band do it and even Stevie hasn't performed it solo for a long time so it was good to hear it again. It was a perfect night for an outdoor show. Except for the irritating jungle drum solo that broke up "World Turning", I have no complaints.

Got back about 12:30 am only to lay in bed exhausted 'til 4 am this time. What's my problem anyway? Why've I always got to have a new health issue these days? "Mourning sickness" strikes again.

So anyway - onto this morning. Got up with just enough time to do some raw edits while I spoke to my Grandmother on the phone. Then it was off to 4-hour rehearsal!

We ran through "Colors In Black & White," "Worms On The Pavement," "Haven't Got A Clue" and "Creepy Jackolope Eye" and nailed them the first times each. Tom said he wanted to try KISS's "Deuce." He said he'd been inspired by the big shows I've taken him to lately. Originally, we had decided not to go there with this band. For rehearsal, Frank and I obliged. I've got to say, it rocked pretty well. Once Tom gets a little better grip on it, I guess it'll go in with our alternates list. As for the new material, we even felt confident enough to play "Colors," "Jackalope" and "Worms" for our good friend (and local writer) Sarah Lee. She became the first person to ever hear those songs performed. By the way, I was shocked out how much "Worms" rocks! She also got the first earful of the new, improved "Taking Its Toll" with Prince-lite arena guitar solo at the end.

After she took off, we worked on our arrangement of Jeff Buckley's "Jewel Box" until we had more visitors. Tom's brother-in-law and his wife came by to take in some sound. We dished out "Sometimes I'm Sam", "Goodbye Tuesday" and several others for them. Bud didn't know what to make of "Colors" but again was impressed at how tight we were for a band that's never played out (and in the case of "Colors" for a band that had never played the song before an hour before!).

All in all, I'm satisfied with where the band is. Anyone that knows me knows that's huge. I'm not happy, mind you. There's a few glitches that need fixin' in the 22 song set but I am satisfied, especially since we hadn't played together in a month and have only been together for about twice that long.

Not bad, not bad.

Then home and to a good night's sleep for once.




Saturday May 15, 2004

Rick Springfield in Atlanta



Well, Rick Springfield played last night. He did lots of material from the new record Shock Denial Anger Acceptance. I did miss him opening with "Affair Of The Heart." He finally did it third but he didn't even do the giant power chord! It was kind of disappointing. He also didn't seem to wake up until 4 or 5 songs in which was a shame 'cause I only got to photograph the first 3. Plus, I was at an unflattering angle and distance. All in all - one of the worst shoots of the year. The show got better at least.

He finally played something from Tao, which I've always wanted to hear anything from. "State Of The Heart" was at least something. The biggest surprise was "Speak To The Sky," his 1972 hit that no one remembers.

I took Tom last night. He really seemed to get into it. I swear I'm not making this up. Rick has a part of the show where he plays out in the audience for 3 or 4 songs. Tom actually ran over and (I'm not kidding) pinched Rick Springfield's butt. He was quite proud of the fact and actually high fived some girls on the way back. I think he was overtaken by the spirit of 6,000 30-something women. Since we were sitting together, it didn't really do much to display our heterosexuality but at least Tom enjoyed himself. I'm happy for him.

Okay, now to the blecch part. I got home at about midnight thinking I could get a full night's sleep for rehearsal today. Didn't happen. Amanda wasn't back from her shoot and I didn't know when she would be. Thank God, she at least called. I tried to sleep but every sound woke me up thinking she would be home. So for nearly 5 hours I was in some suspended half awake state. Yep, she got home at almost 5 am. I didn't sleep much and feel pretty rough. We'll see how tough I am, I've got rehearsal today and tomorrow (plus Fleetwood Mac tonight).

Well, I've got to go and buy one KISS ticket for their August 4 Atlanta show. They go on sale in an hour. I'm actually really excited as I've just seen their setlist from last night, which was a dream set list as far as I'm concerned. Check it out. I could definitely do without "Cold Gin" but that trio of "Love Her All I Can," "She" and "All The Way" is amazing. I'd be thrilled if they did this set here. I've never even seen them do "Makin' Love" in makeup. What a killer set list. They've finally settled on something that should please diehards and casual fans alike. I saw a list of the songs they were working on at soundcheck, too. Shows even more promise! Here's last night's set.

Cmon and Love Me
Love Gun
Christine 16
Makin Love
Got To Choose
I Love It Loud
Love Her All I Can
All The Way
I Want You
War Machine
100,000 Years
Hotter Than Hell
Shout It OUt Loud
I Was Made For Lovin You
Dr Love
a few seconds of the The Oath
a few bars of I
Cold Gin
Detroit Rock City
King of the Nightime World
Shandi - Paul alone

God Gave Rock and Roll To You II
Rock and Roll All Nite

I can't wait to take Tom to see them!





Friday May 14, 2004


Another weekend is here and the busy season is upon us.

Top story!


Come see us debut the band at Tasty World on Saturday, June 5! It's a 5-band bill featuring new bands. This is the inaugural edition of something that may become annual (or even more). It's called, hilariously enough, Bands Without Fans. The idea is that the bands won't be without fans by the end of the night. Hey, we can hope can't we? June 5! Be there. Score another one for Mr. Bavis.

Since Amanda's acting in a commercial parody tonight, I've invited Tom to see Rick Springfield with me at Chastain. Should be an eye opening experience for him! I hope it'll be fun and the rain will hold off. I hope it'll hold out tomorrow, too, 'cause after rehearsal, I'm hoping to take both Frank and Tom to see Fleetwood Mac. If it's as good as last year's show, I think they'll both be blown away by Lindsey Buckingham.

Oh - I signed with Retna, Ltd. today so I'm now a member of two huge photo agencies. Their first pics from me are of Courtney Love's meltdown at Atlanta's Music Midtown Festival. The shots include those of her flashing the crowd and being removed by security. Let's see if anyone bites!

6504 - Tasty World - Athens - The beginning...



Thursday May 13, 2004

This has been a relatively easy day. I finished up a new Big Show featuring David Bowie, Shania Twain and Weird Al and got it turned into Flagpole (hopefully it'll run within the next couple of weeks) and resed up a bunch of my most requested and / or exclusive shots for the stock agencies I'm trying to work with.

I should do some CD reviews now but I think I'll save them for tomorrow. I feel like practicing a bit and with our marathon rehearsals coming up this weekend, I need it.

We're planning an open rehearsal on Sunday for some of our friends and acquaintances. It's kind of scary but it should also be kind of fun. It'll be the first time anyone outside the band has heard us. It'll also be good to get some feedback from our wonderfully opinionated friends.

Can't wait?



Wednesday May 12, 2004


Howdy again. It's a beautiful day outside. I managed to actually spend a little time on a walk a few minutes ago. It was a truly appreciated rare luxury. We even came face to face with a blue and gold macaw perched on a tree. It's a pet of a neighbor. I can't believe it was just sitting in a tree making macaw squawks. Very impressive.

Pollstar's home page featured one of my "Weird Al" Yankovic pics today. It's nice to have 2 pics up there in 2 days. It's been a while since that happened. It'll probably be at least 2 weeks before another one of mine goes up 'cause you're about to see a flood of pics from Coachella. If I'm lucky, there'll be a flood of my pics from Midtown the week after that!

I got my Bowie review written today. It's not posted yet. As I said before, it'll probably be next week before that happens. One thing that's odd is that my pics look grainy when shrunk down to Concert Shots size. They're perfectly clear at full res and grainy when smaller. That's exactly the opposite of what usually happens. Oh well, I know the actual pics are fine so I guess I'm happy with it. That's the first time I've been happy with pictures shot from half-house/soundboard.

Gotta go write a review of Shania Twain now. Back atcha tomorrow.

Has anyone noticed that I put a new song up in the ACOUSTIC section? Check it out. It's a Jeff Buckley song called "Jewel Box" that we're probably going to be covering. We're supposed to work it up this weekend.

Also, check this out. It's called Googlism. It's kind of a parody of Google. Put in anything and it tells you what, who or when it is. Since I'm me, I put in my name, Chris McKay. Here's what it said.

chris mckay is a nasa exobiologist at nasa ames
chris mckay is lecturing
chris mckay is an afi and itva award
chris mckay is a writer
chris mckay is a planetary scientist at nasa's ames
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chris mckay is an exobiologist and field researcher at nasa's ames research center at moffett field
chris mckay is a nasa mars scientist professor paul davies is an australian cosmologist and templeton prizewinner for 'the mind of god' dr seth shostak is
chris mckay is an intense
chris mckay is a scientist for california's nasa ames research
chris mckay is a research scientist who works on planetary evolution and the origin of life at nasa's ames research center
chris mckay is a leader in the scientific study of the possibility of life on
chris mckay is now ready if you would like to acquire a copy for $37
chris mckay is an astrobiologist at nasa
chris mckay is a planetary scientist with the space science division of nasa
chris mckay is confirmed
chris mckay is perhaps the best
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chris mckay is a scientist in the space science division at nasa's ames research center
chris mckay is an imposing inside presence
chris mckay is featured next month at
chris mckay is the brother of tyke r
chris mckay is a 1982 cu astrogeophysics doctoral graduate who has searched high and low for life forms as a scientist with nasa ames research center in
chris mckay is grateful for the support he received for his trip to honduras
chris mckay is convinced that a manned mission to mars is only a matter of time
chris mckay is a research
chris mckay is irish
chris mckay is correct and ancient mars harbored oceans and a thick atmosphere disturbs me that it knows my secret of being Tyke R's brother. Creeeepy.

My personal favorite? "Chris McKay is perhaps the best." Thanks, I needed that little affirmation. Of course, it's the "perhaps" that may keep me awake at night.

Please, don't stay here. Go do you!

(Oh, and I will try to be less of an "imposing inside presence.")



Tuesday May 11, 2004


Hot on the heels of signing last week's photo contract with WireImage, it looks like I'll be signing another one with Retna by the end of this week to represent some of my other work. Actually, from what I'm hearing (from both agencies), Retna will probably be carrying most of my licensed work. It'll be nice to have someone actually trying to sell for me. I'm a terrible businessman (possibly 'cause I hate pimping myself out that way). So....basically, I've got 2 new pimps. As long as they get their share, they'll let me have mine. Cool. I can deal with that.

Went to rock trivia last night. We won again! This time by only one question. Thank God they didn't listen to me on that Everly Brothers question. Thank God they DID listen to me on that Mac Davis question. It all works out. We've got a heck of a team, I tell ya.

I noticed that Willie Nelson has cancelled 2 months worth of shows. If you know Willie, you know that can't be a good sign. He apparently can't play now. He's got to have carpal tunnel surgery. Hang in there, Willie. I expect you to "come again...just like the sun over the mountain top." Good luck.

Anyone notice my pic of Ginger from The Wildhearts up on the home page at Pollstar today? That's actually one of my favorite pics of '04 (so far).



Monday May 10, 2004  

Alright - so I spent another friggin' day editing pics. Concert Shots is FINALLY updated after nearly a month. It's kind of stupid 'cause I've just updated the non-reviewed stuff. I've still got to put together pages for Shania, "Weird Al" and Bowie that will contain more than just pics. I'll try to update it again next week. That's how I spent my entire day and I've had enough of this computer for now.

I'm sure you noticed that in the process of updating Concert Shots, I screwed up the home page for this site. I guess my brain just skipped. Oh well - it'll have to stay like it is for a day or so. I'm not fixing it today. I have to redo it from scratch...again.

Big fun, eh?

Hoping to go out to rock trivia tonight.

See last week's DIARY here (pics of Bowie, Blink-182).