Sunday March 13, 2005




Today is a well-needed rest day. We vegged as much as possible. Amanda had a successful shoot and I made it through a couple of not-by-the-numbers shows without a scratch. All in all, we did good.

Time for some time to breathe.





Saturday March 12, 2005

Breaking the Spring in at the Tavern...



Okay, well, they caught that guy. I don't particularly want to reference his actual name 'cause he might as well not have one anyway. All he needs is a number. And I don't know it. So today he's "that guy".

Another day, another show. And during Spring Break...I'm sure the crowd will be phenomenal (note the sarcasm). When 30,000 people vacate a town for a few days, those ain't the days to bring the rock. But our schedule is getting more hectic between the studio and jobs I can't refuse so tonight's the night.

Read all about it here.




Friday March 11, 2005




You know what today was. Yep - it was another recovery day. I sat around listening to music and actually did more "ketchup." Soon, I'll be there.

I saw that whole thing on the news about that S.O.B. shooting up the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta. Now he's on the loose. And Amanda's gotta go out there for a shoot (no pun intended) tonight. If he's lucky, he won't run into her!

It's so weird seeing places that you've been to on the news. I've had to go to that court house to testify a couple of times (don't ask). I parked in that same Underground Atlanta deck that he stole the car from.

My sympathy goes to the families of the deputy, the judge and (most innocent of all) the court stenographer.

He'll get his. I hope we all get to see it sooner than later.

I'm not usually a vengeful person but sometimes...




Thursday March 10, 2005

Stylin' at...uh, do I have to say?

Well, alright. Here I am in the future lookin' back. Let's see how much I can remember about today. Not much. I spent the day editing and putting bits together for the big updates...uh, everywhere.

In the evening, the Darlings convened for a show at Tasty World. The first real show we ever did was there. The second time, I knocked over and damaged my beloved Strat. What will tonight bring?

Check here for the full report on the show.



Wednesday March 9, 2005





One more short media mention...

Gordon Lamb mentions us briefly in the issue of Flagpole that hits the stands this week. His column is called Threats & Promises. Go check it out if'n you wish. One of these days I'll get our media section (and even moreso our press kit) updated with all of this cool stuff.

Well, I got my first sale at already. Somebody's buying a "like new" copy of Seldom Scene's Scene It All for $9.99. I know that sounds like a lot for a used disc but I actually put a lower price than anyone else on that particular, hard to find title. I've got to get it out tomorrow. So that's off to a good start...

Oh - and I'm still laboring over this Thursday and next Saturday's set lists. We've been spoiled lately by being able to play as long as we want. These opening slots are important but we already have more "necessity" songs than we've got time to play. What do we lose? How do we pace it? It's almost too much. At least when we figure it out, it'll be done. I guess we'll see if we figure it out tomorrow night...

I also talked to my Mom for a little while today. It's been a while. She sounded happy, content and she's looking forward. You can't beat that.



Tuesday March 8, 2005



Okay - finally, everything's almost caught up. Even if I still haven't gotten Concert Shots uploaded. It's ready to go. It's just a matter of getting it online. I've been saying for weeks that it should be up by the end of the week. I'd say it again if not for recent history but I'm going to try.

Today I had to open a "store" at I've actually run out of room to store CD's, etc so I'm going to try and sell some of the ones that I never play. As I buy so much from Half, I figured why not try it there and let people come to me. We'll see how it works out. I've already put up 30 CD's and a pair of DVD collections.

In the evening, we got together for another rehearsal. The big surprise is that is was another good one. We're finally back on an even keel after the holiday / illness / studio break. We'll see if we can translate it to live performance this week and next. Let's hope. We'll be doing a very short set Thursday so we really can't do anything that interesting but I think we're going to do some rarely performed stuff this weekend. We'll also have Carrying O'Brien opening for us at Washington Street on Saturday so that should by default be the best residency show yet. Again .... we'll see.

By the way - I got some contact from media friends of mine. Apparently, Ira Miller did a preview of our 3/19 show in last week's Forsyth News / Gainesville Times (he's syndicated). He says he's going to run a "reminder and photo" in this Sunday's issue. On top of that, Lee Smith from Creative Loafing says he's doing a Sound Menu on us to come out a couple of days before the Atlanta show. Wow! And I didn't even ask 'em for any coverage (this time).

Thanks, guys.



Monday March 7, 2005



Well, I got this site updated with the pics and report from this weekend's show. As always, you need to check THE BAND and LIVE SHOTS to see all of the pics from the evening.

Things are starting to build up around us. It's kind of odd how well everything seems to be falling into place lately. Me being me, it's hard for me not to wonder what "the other shoe" is and when it's gonna "drop." 'Til it does, I'll do my best to enjoy it all.

I've ditched on a lot of important shoots and potentially profitable jobs for the band. I hope I made the right decision. The bottom line is that I have to do what's right for the band first if I ever want it to get to where it should be. Instead of photo'ing The Eagles in Greenville tomorrow, I'll be rehearsing. Instead of photo'ing them in Gwinnett (just 40 minutes up the road) on Thursday, I'll be performing at Tasty World. And I've never shot The Eagles before. Oh well - I hope I can look back and say that it was a small price to pay...and I hope I can do that soon!

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