Sunday March 20, 2005




Ah, much, much better. Perhaps because there's nothing left inside to torture me. Who cares? Usually I feel my worst the day after a really late night (we got in about 3 a.m.) but I feel better today than yesterday. I also got a boost when I saw the little blurb that Lee Smith wrote about us in Creative Loafing to preview last night's show. You've heard of the Godfather Of Soul and The King Of Rock & Roll...well, now I introduce you to me...The "Power Pop Potentate". I must admit that I got a great laugh out of it and yet, I'm still totally proud of it. I'm going to milk it for all it's worth, too. As an added bonus, that title will piss off a whole bunch of indie-cool-snob types who think they've co-opted Power Pop. To those people, notice has been served...we're taking it back!

Thanks, Lee. You may have created a monster.

In the early evening we had a "strategery" meeting. was suitably dull but a couple of people just happened to drop by our table at TransMet that we needed to talk to. That was perhaps the most suitable aspect of our long-winded back and forth. Whaddaya expect with people like us anyway? That's what we do. I just hope it did some good. We'll see I guess.





Saturday March 19, 2005

Back in Atlanta for perhaps the best worst show of this band's days (in case you can't decipher that - it was a good show - it just didn't feel like it!).



Well, I'm paying for my gluttony today...big time. The big F.P. has got me...yep, Food Poisoning. I've only had it once before and this case may be worse 'cause I have one of the most important shows this band has ever done tonight. in new and unusual ways. How am I supposed to go onstage and leap around, singing and playing and in a good mood when my body's trying to send its insides out of any opening or pore in my skin whenever it can?

What really sucks is that I was so excited about this show. This was to make up for the last show that we did with our friends in Sun Domingo. They liked the show but I was sick then, too (due to some weird coincidental conspiracy of the universe). I vowed to kick hard tonight. Unfortunately, that vow isn't going to be kept I'm afraid. Unless I'm kicking down a bathroom door (my apologies for that bit of TMI).

I got to the venue and set up with only a few panicked, emergency stops. I was thoroughly dehydrated and medicated by this point. About an hour before show time I almost cancelled but I decided to go through with it and collapse onstage if necessary...especially when I saw that several people had travelled all the way from Athens (thanks Mary-Katherine, Julia, Barbara and whoever else I'm forgetting). It was also the first chance for fellow photog Scott Householder to see us. Why'd it have to be tonight? I guess 'cause it's our only show in ATL and that's where he lives (or something like that).

Anyway - the show must go on...and somehow it did. Read all about it here.




Friday March 18, 2005




I don't know what my problem is today. I sat around updating and laying future plans but I feel weird. In fact, no matter how much I eat, I'm starving! What the heck does that mean?

To remedy that, Amanda and I went and gorged at a buffet in the evening. It was nice and relaxing. Maybe too relaxing...




Thursday March 17, 2005


Sometime back in the 20th century on this day, I formed a band called Q-Sign with an Irishman named Tom O'Gorman. We coulda been a contender but outside forces and chemical reactions did us in too soon. Still, a chunk of the songs that The Darlings play came from that era ("Down," "Scared Of Myself", "Taking Its Toll," "She Walks", "Give Up Town", "Emotions To Free" and others). I'd still love to work with O'Gorman again as a songwriting team. It was always easy and the outcome was never what either of us was better. In fact, if he came back across the ocean looking for a band, I'd gladly relinquish my front man position to him to try it one more time. Even if it didn't work, it'd be worth the effort.

In the evening, we revisited some of those songs (and a bunch of newer ones) at rehearsal for the big show this weekend in Atlanta. 'Twas a perfectly good rehearsal...nothing was out of place. We're hitting our stride again. Usually when we get to this point, we take enough time off to gain rust again. Will we do that again this time or have we learned our lesson? What do you think?



Wednesday March 16, 2005





As promised, Concert Shots has been totally updated. You'll actually have to look in the bar on the right as well as at the main pics / links to see them all. I wanted to just do one major update and catch myself up. So that's what's done. Too bad I've no time for reviews at the moment. Soon enough... I really hated not being able to do a full Alicia Keys review 'cause the show really was amazing. There's also John Legend, Zasah, Shawn Kane, Motley Crue, Monte Montgomery, Jason Isbell Trio and 2 completely different new galleries of Centromatic and Drive-By Truckers. Check 'em out. I'm really proud of this update.

I was kind of surprised (but not really 'cause I saw Ben at the show last Thursday) to see the first Critical Darlings live review in this week's Flagpole. I've never actually managed a live review with any of my past bands so this is another step forward in my opinion. I love the way he has to admit almost begrudgingly that we're good. That's actually one of the highest compliments to me. I know 'cause I've gone to shows that I thought I'd hate and wound up enjoying them. So thanks, Ben. And don'tcha just love the way I can edit it down to a puff quote! Ah, I am proudly a quote whore.

Oh and we've had to (okay we didn't have to but I just want to say it that way) move our April 2 show from Washington Street Tavern to "a bigger venue." So we'll be at Wild Wing Cafe now. We'll go on at 10 and play a full hour plus set and then our good friends in Sun Domingo will follow to close out the night. This will be fun. If you're in town (or even if you're not), you should try to come by. This is one for the books. I'm hoping Sibley will be there. He usually runs sound. He's an old band mate of Tom's and he saw our first show ever. I'd love for him to see how much we've improved!

Oh - and even though Tom wondered if I was joking at first, this is true. We have been confirmed as the opening act for A Flock Of Seagulls on May 12 in Atlanta. And it's in a beautiful (if yuppie) venue called the Rock Star Saloon. You can get more info and / or tix by clicking here. I told you we had some stuff in the works. So just 'cause you don't see a bunch of future dates up, doesn't mean there aren't any. It just means they're bigger deals and have to be quadruple confirmed before being announced. Keep your fingers crossed that we'll be invited to do some of the warm weather festivals!

Oh and for some reason, I'm really hypnotized by mashups right now. I've been listening to stuff like Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys singing "Sloop John B" over the music to "Smells Like Teen Spirit." It's truly mind-warping and definitely requires "lateral thinking."

And there you go...I'm up to date.

One more thing...the new Judas Priest album rocks. I never thought I could say that again (their last one sucked) but I heard the new one today for the first time and if it had come out 20 years ago, it would now be heralded as a classic, if not their best. I'll look forward to the tour. "Judas Rising" indeed.



Tuesday March 15, 2005



Just a-trying to stay afloat. I got cleared to photograph Robert Plant next Monday at the House Of Blues in South Carolina. It's a five or six hour drive but he's on my most wanted list and I'm'll get him while I can. I'm sure he'll be back repeatedly over the next few months if I go out of my way to get him now but still, I'm a fan, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it either way.

Unfortunately, Amanda can't make it but fortunately my brother Benji can. So I'll stop off in the old home town and pick him up on my way through the area.

It'll be so cool to see Plant and not even have to pay for tix!Yes, I'm spoiled. And I'd like to be able to stay that way. You know you would, too.

So the Ides Of March hasn't been so bad for me. I promise a big honkin' Concert Shots update very soon! I haven't had time to write the reviews but you'll have lots of pics to check out anyway!




Monday March 14, 2005




The updatings have begun. Check out THE BAND for a slew of new live pics. There's also a bunch of newbies under LIVE SHOTS.

What do you think? Eyebrows or no?


Click here to check out a pair of Darlings shows and a bunch 'o' mumbles.