Sunday March 18, 2007

Yep. It's me as I appear on South Park.

So was Amanda even here? When I woke up, she was gone again.

I got another revision of the Side B record contract today. It's getting better and better and I'm really feeling like it's going to happen this time. Heck, if Jerry and Brian are patient enough to deal with all of my requests and revisions, we should have a great relationship!

In my pseudo-boredom today, I created myself a South Park character. You see, I'm not used to having down time and I don't handle it well. I do stupid things like that. Still, it delights me mildly. I also created Amanda one. I think hers is up on her MySpace page. My character is pretty accurate I think. The guitar isn't a double cutaway but other than that, it's got the proper hair, shirt, pants and wide-eyed, slack-jawed expression.

Amanda got home early enough from her shoot for The Camping Trip to join me for dinner. She regaled me with tales of painting and breaking a painting of Jesus on a window as well as the appearances of shotguns, deadlines, grill building, lesbians, Christians, bigots, nearly fatal faux-hangings, ticks, tents and other bits of madness that she suffered through all for the causes of short film.





Saturday March 17, 2007



Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Many, many years ago in a galaxy far, far away (or at least 5 miles away), Tom O'Gorman and I began the adventure that we dubbed Q-Sign. It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times. Cheers to you, Tom. I miss working with you and hearing that voice on our songs. I hope that "Miami with camels" is treating you well.

I woke up with the chorus of a song in my head. It was inspired by Amanda's recent issues with certain people and their (ahem) convictions. Like several of my recent songs, I don't think it's appropriate for the band but it could make a good b-side type thingy. I know it's super-catchy as I can't get it out of my head. I tried to ignore it but by lunch time a verse had formed. Eventually, I gave in and recorded a live acoustic demo. The song named itself "Shake My Faith." So there's another one for the pile!

In my boredom today, I went and uploaded hundreds of pictures to my MySpace accounts. So that's what people get for asking me to add more. Click here for my personal page and here for the band's page. There's more than enough for anyone to see!

In the evening, Joe, Frank and I got together again for more of that most-of-the-band bonding. We went to TransMet where Frank and I gorged on a deliciousfull Hungry Sasquatch while Joe got a more sensible salad type dish. Then they needed a beer run before we wound up back at my place doing some "studies" involving Prince, KISS and The Beatles.

At some point after I'd went to bed, I think Amanda came home and joined me but I was half asleep so it might've just been a dream.



Friday March 16, 2007



Today I updated even more old family pics. This time they were from a year and a half ago. You think I'm behind with my diary and Concert Shots? You should see how far behind I am in my personal life.

Well, I was supposed to photograph Nickelback, Breaking Benjamin and 3 Days Grace but they postponed until next week which will be more or less impossible for me.

Today was also my last day with Amanda for several days. She's got 2 film shoots occurring over the next 2 days. I'll be lucky to see her at all tomorrow and Sunday may be the same.

It's a shame the band couldn't have used all of this time. Unfortunately for us, Josh is on a luverly spring break vacation out on the Pacific. I'm sure he's earned it but man, I wish we could've been using this time.



Thursday March 15, 2007




Well, today I got a lot done. I caught up a whole bunch of stuff that I'll no doubt let get behind again before you even read this update.

On the news today, I saw that Brad Delp's (of Boston) death was a polite little suicide. I get some people upset when I say this but to me, suicides aren't tragic. They're just maddening, upsetting, pointless, insensitive, selfish and careless.

Brad Delp helped to provide me many good times in my life and millions of others. It's a shame he had to go and taint it all by going out like a chump.



Wednesday March 14, 2007




This was in the local rock rag Flagpole today:

"Critical Additions: Local rock folks The Critical Darlings have finally found a permanent replacement for former drummer Tom Bavis who exited the band two years ago. Earlier this year, the band was auditioning drummers and settled in with Josh Couillard . Frontman Chris McKay says, [We] pretty much knew that night that Josh was the right guy for us. Couillard is the second new addition to the band in the past year. Vocalist-guitarist Joe Orr moved from New Jersey to Athens last summer to join the group. In other news, the band is looking forward to a national re-release of its album C'mon, Accept Your Joy! and will finish its newest album Satisfactionista by year's end. Please see or ."

So there. The announcement's been announced.

Today I didn't do much that mattered. I edited photos from a family adventure from last September, compiled a super killer Kris Kristofferson CD collection for my driving pleasure and got back out to the track for another run.



Tuesday March 13, 2007








I posted last week's diary entry today. It just doesn't seem like I can keep it up to date. I've got to think of something to get it together. I also put in to cover shows for next week. It's a little late but luckily, I've got a lot of great people that look out for me. In addition to that, I got an offer to go do a shoot at the Atlanta Motor Speedway this weekend for Retna. Unfortunately, that's almost 100 miles from me and to be honest, the pay they're offering is not enough to make me wanna get up and go at 8 in the morning on Saturday and / or Sunday. It's apparently a shoot with Quentin Tarantino, Kurt Russell and "the girls of Grindhouse". It sounds interesting but again, not quite interesting enough for the payoff. I'm going to politely decline.

Tonight the guys (well, Frank and Joe) came over. We did more brainstorming. Joe had a lot of ideas for the biography section of the so-called documentary that we're considering. We also watched The WHO's The Kids Are Alright as potential inspiration.



Monday March 12, 2007




Well, there's nothing much to write about today. It was the usual Monday ketchup. Amanda and I did go to the track in the late afternoon. It's so nice to be back out and running. The spring is definitely in the air and I can't tell you how much I love the fact that the winter is almost over.

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