Sunday July 4, 2004



Happy Independence Day.

Didn't have much time to celebrate it this year, though. Amanda, her Dad and sister Alyssa went swimming early in the day. At lunch time, we picked up Nichole and Robbie for the long drive back. We ate at Grandma's.

We made it back around 5-ish so for fun, we set up a badminton net and played for a while. Then we came in as the sun was setting. We watched a couple of Twilight Zones ("It's A Good Life" and "Living Doll" to be specific). Cool. The kids seemed to like it.

Then Robbie requested that we watch Back To The Future before bed, so we did!




Saturday July 3, 2004





Got up, edited some pics, thunderstorm showed up, computer shut down and so we hit the road for SC...very tired.

I swung by my Grandmother's first. I wanted to show her the accounting and the numbers of the money coming in and out of the estate. By the time we spent a little while there and dropped by the cemetary very briefly, it was time to meet Amanda's parents (and visiting sister) for dinner at Sakura Japanese Restaraunt.

After a nice dinner, it was already 9-ish so it was too late to even try to hook up with friends at that point (especially with us already being so sleepy) so she hung out with her sister and I sat on the porch watching the summertime heat lightning mingled with early July fireworks.





Friday July 2, 2004

Art Alexakis of Everclear at On The Bricks.


Today is a Bricks day. After a typical day, Amanda and I headed on out to Centennial Olympic Park for our usual Friday ritual of working the show there. Tonight's headliner was Everclear so I took pics of each of the 3 guys to get autographed. To my surprise, front man Art Alexakis had replaced all the guys with new guys. It doesn't seem like a good sign. Add in the fact that the band showed up 2 hours late, started 40 minutes late and played less than an hour and it only gets more iffy. They played a new song called "Gloria" that Art announced was from an upcoming greatest hits collection. It didn't sound like a hit! They also did a Everlclear-ized version of "This Land Is Your Land" that, while the heart was in the right place, didn't quite rally the peace and love intended. In fact, a huge fight broke out in the pit. Oddly, this was the most violent crowd I've seen at On The Bricks. It was mostly frat types. I even got slugged in the side of the head and chest with a full, open beer. It must really be big fun to pay $5 and then toss it in the direction of the band as I saw at least two more full cans spewing toward the stage. The new second guitarist even got hit in the pedal board.

I also spent a few minutes hanging out with Brian from The Pat McGee Band. Those guys are growing on me more every time I see them and Brian's just a cool guy.

Third on the bill was Michael Tolcher. He was wearing boxer shorts with the art work from the KISS solo albums. I told him that I liked the shorts and that they really made him stand out. He admitted that he wasn't a fan of the band but loved the shorts. I'm sure Gene Simmons wouldn't care. Any publicity's good publicity, right?

Amanda and I were invited by the bands to go hang out with them at the Peachtree Westin but we explained that we had to get up early and drive to SC to pick up my sister's kids, Robbie and Nichole, for their yearly visit with us.

The crazy thing was, we were sound asleep at 4 a.m. when the phone ring. It was a friend of ours named J.C. who went to the party. I could hear live music in the background. Apparently all of the bands were just hanging out in the lobby jamming and J.C. called because he had to let me know what a great time I was missing! Thanks, dude! Now, I'm missing a great party and my sleep! It's alright, though. Again, tired is something I understand!



Thursday July 1, 2004


Okay, so I managed to finish up all the accounting on my Dad's estate tonight. Most of the day was spent as usual, editing pics and getting them ready to go.

The big deal today is that it's Tom's birthday. Happy Birthday, little drummer boy. Sorry my accounting kept me from your last minute get together but you know I wish you the best!



Wednesday June 30, 2004


Ditto but not as long.

If you will be so kind as to check, I got Concert Shots updated again today with Van Halen, Eric Clapton and Parliament / Funkadelic headlined shows featured! Ahhh...I'm finally catching things up. You want proof? Well, if there's something here to read, that's proof!

Now, I have some pressing matters to attend to regarding Dad's estate and then I will be (relatively speaking, mind you) caught up!



Tuesday June 29, 2004


Nothing much today but still catching up. Had to get The Big Show turned in for next week's Flagpole and get Hall & Oates / Michael McDonald pics uploaded to Retna. Started working sometime in the morning and ended about 9:15 p.m. That's the glamorous life, my friends!

...9 months might as well be 9 seconds...



Monday June 28, 2004

Hall & Oates on a rainy Monday night in Atlanta!

Monday's Monday. It always seems to be that way. This one was a little different, though. Amanda's Mom and Sister (Alyssa) came up for the day. Our brilliant idea? Take 'em to a concert. Alyssa loves '70s / '80s pop. Hall & Oates & Michael McDonald are playing. Perfect, right? Well...the weather didn't think so. By the time Michael McDonald went on, it was miserable. My camera got all wet. Luckily, the bottom didn't fall out 'til I was finished shooting McDonald. As he went into "I Keep Forgettin'", we might as well have been swimming in a pool in front of the stage. Thank God (or at least Amanda) that we hadn't forgotten to bring parkas and umbrellas. Alyssa and Amanda's Mom were much better sports than I wanted to be. I really couldn't enjoy the show while sitting outdoors in the heaviest rainstorm I've ever sat through!

The weather cleared a lot for Hall & Oates. They put on a crowd pleasing greatest hits set. By the end of "Maneater", I was the only one still sitting but I was enjoying it anyway. They ended the show by having Michael McDonald come back out. Hearing them trade off on "What A Fool Believes", "Kiss On My List" and "You Make My Dreams" was pretty cool. They ended with a cover of Sly & The Family Stone's "Hot Fun In The Summertime."

Despite the odds, we all still had a pretty good time.

Oh yeah! I also got notification in the mail that I've been awarded an ASCAP PLU$ Award for the 7th year in a row. Cool.

More cool? TVT Records finally paid me for my pics in the Sevendust DVD / CD. It's about freakin' time!

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