Sunday July 9, 2006




In the morning, I finished editing Amanda's pics from Carla's wedding and the pics I took of Amanda at her Sketchworks showcase. I did all this while I caught up with my Grandmother on the phone.

Then I took some time to author DVD's. I'm still mentally out of it and trying to figure things out for myself. Amanda was gone most of the day (like yesterday) so I've got plenty of time to dwell on it. These DVD's are helping me to feel inspired and okay. I worked today on an amazing "Sounds Of The '60s" collection from the BBC. I've had to convert it from PAL to NTSC. The only bad thing is that to keep the quality it's gone from 2 DVD's in PAL to 4 in NTSC. I don't care. I want it to look as good as it does. There are too many jaw dropping moments to mention. This one's gonna be a favorite.

I quit working on that when Frank called. He finally got back into Athens for a few hours. I couldn't help but wonder if he came into town to cut the grass or to rehearse. The grass seemed to be the priority. I'm not criticizing but I am wondering. He's got some serious trauma and difficulties in his life right now. I feel for him but I can't help but think of a line from one of our new songs. In "Happy Here & Now", the line came to me "It seems like the harder I work, the harder everything gets." I wasn't writing from my own point of view as much as from what I've seen from the people around me. When Frank said something similar, it just surprised me. Like I've said before, the songs know even when we don't. When I said, "Maybe it's what you're working for," it seemed to hit a nerve (in a good way). It hit mine too.

At least he made it over. By the time he did, though, I was useless. I'm feeling very stressed and depressed about the band (can you tell?). I put so much pressure on myself to make this little bit of time productive that the exact opposite happened. Still, we recorded a sketch of an idea that he had and we discussed a lot about the band, our individual lives and where we're headed. Again - I truly believe that we're together on it all. It's just a matter of going.

Frank had to return to SC tonight so we went for (at least for me) a very unhealthy dinner from IHOP. Comfort food. I'm indulging. It's worked in the past. I need it now to get myself back on track.

When I got home a pristine bootleg from David Gilmour's 1984 About Face Tour (from the master reels) had finished downloading. It looks and sounds incredible. I'll put it in line to be watched. But it's a long line.

Check out my up to date and truly killer boot collection by clicking here. Lookatthisstuff! How can any music fan not find something unofficial and cool to dig into?




Saturday July 8, 2006








Somehow, I didn't find this all too comforting. How 'bout you?

By the way, we've added a new date. We'll be playing at Tasty World in Athens on August 3. Right now, the only other official date is September 22 at the University Of Georgia. (tick - tock - tick - tock).

Frank had told me that he was coming back home to Athens today and that we could get together. I waited and waited and waited. Finally I called him. He was still in South Carolina. He couldn't make it. I wish he'd have called. That really bummed me out. So I sat on the floor (guitar in hand ) with the TV on for a chunk of the day. I never, ever, ever do that. I watched reality-type shows on VH-1. I also don't watch reality TV in general. I was surprised to find them semi-addictive and mind-numbingly entertaining. I needed that.

At one point, when my mind was sufficiently off of everything, the guitar started playing. I realized it was me. Within fifteen minutes I had written a brand new rocker called "I Don't Think I Am". This one's a little bit more punky than some of the others but still fits right in. I think it may be a great one to segue out of "Waiting For The Siren." We'll see I guess.

I'm glad inspiration struck. It made the day not a waste.

In the evening, Amanda and I went to Johnny Carrino's for the first time in ages. I love that place. I didn't get what I wanted. I got something a little cheaper. I regretted it instantly. It was good but it wasn't what I wanted. Boy, does that sound familiar these days.

Thank God I've got Amanda. At least something makes sense...usually.





Friday July 7, 2006



I'm still working hard to ketchup.

I feel guilty because there are several people that I've kind of left hanging. That's really, really not like me. I made an agreement with myself not to bite off anymore until I caught up. I hoped that would force me to catch up faster so I could get back with them all. So far I've failed. I'm still making way but very, very slowly.

I feel especially bad about a few musicians who I've been talking about working with. Whenever I get all this caught up, I'll get back in touch with huge, huge apologies and hope they forgive me.

Oh - the New Brookland Tavern and I'm working on getting the Darlings out to South Carolina. It looks like it may actually happen in September. I'm doing this for all of you who keep asking when we're coming out that way. And we'll desperately need you there when we come to town. So keep up and please, please, please come out if and when it happens.




Thursday July 6, 2006





Today was a "work-out" day. As in, I had to run around town and run a lot of errands.

I finally got through to Nikon by looking up direct numbers through the Better Business Bureau. For the record, when I finally got somebody, they were extremely helpful and emailed me pre-paid postage to overnight it back to the company. Let's hope this time it does some good. From what I've seen, if I have to send it back two more times I can invoke the Lemon Law on it and get a replacement. I'd hate to have to do that (especially since I've loved Nikon so much) but I'm about fed up with these problems. I paid a whole lotta money I didn't really have. I'd like the camera I paid for. By the end of the day, the D-200 was winging its way back from whence it came for the second time in a month.

I also went around to music stores and put up flyers looking for a whole band of musicians to form a side-project. I've simply got too much downtime from the Darlings and I need to play. My flyers were specific to the point where I probably won't find anyone that fits the bill. I'm looking for solo artists / front people / instrumentalists to form a project where everyone writes and sings lead. That's always been my dream project. We'll see what happens. Ideally, the Darlings'll get back on it and I won't have time for a side project but in the meantime, I'm a musician. I need to play.

In the evening, I sampled some bootlegs. I watched an amazing but short performance by Dave Gilmour from March, a pimpadelic '70s Soul Train appearance by James Brown and a plain weird Tin Machine set on Arsenio Hall from the '90s.

It's cool to be able to study and be entertained this way.

I've got a feeling that there are big changes just around the corner and I've gotta get ready for 'em...



Wednesday July 5, 2006

The boot has spoken.

For those of you that asked to see my pics from the KISS Coffeehouse grand opening last week, click here for a video slide show. It's about 13 mb and 7 minutes long. For those of you with a cable connection, it should download in a flash. Enjoy. And no, they won't be posted to Concert Shots. Now enough about it! ROCK!



Today I worked on this diary a good bit. I didn't upload it but it's there in the background 'til I can fill in the empty spaces.

And since you never got to see my pics from the KISS Coffeehouse opening, I made a slide show of 'em. It's a pretty big movie file and the pics are a bit grainy this way but it's a pretty good representation. I used a couple of tracks from KISS' unreleased original Alive II recordings from Tokyo as the soundtrack. So there you go.

I also got the solo compilation done for Jerry. It's so much harder using the computer than my normal system but at least I got it done. He wound up with 41 songs across 2 discs. Let's see if he can put some of 'em together into a cohesive whole. I'll be interested to see what someone else can do for my "lost songs".

By the way - I tried to call Nikon again today. They're open. I can't get through. I'm very frustrated with them right now.



Tuesday July 4, 2006






Happy Independence Day!

We took it easy. I'm so burned out and bummed out with all of this work (most of it never even gets to be seen) that I'm getting terribly inefficient. I decided I wouldn't do much today. And yet, I still wound up trying to compile a solo compilation for Jerry. I spent 4 or so hours trying to burn it. My CD-R kept screwing up, burning coasters, etc. Eventually, I gave up and took it to Best Buy for servicing.

Speaking of servicing, I'm still having problems with my Nikon D-200. It's just not working as advertised and it's incredibly frustrating. I tried to call the service department. Would you be surprised to know that they were closed today?

About the time that Korea decided to start launching missiles (luckily failed), Amanda and I decided we needed to get out. The world has lost its ever-loving mind. Of course, when the leader of the greatest super-power is out of his mind, it's only natural for the rest to fall in line. God only knows where this is heading even if most of us think we know. I hope we're wrong.

We went shopping instead. We never get to do little things like that. I actually wound up buying a Holy Grail shirt in protest of the "funniest movies" special we saw last night. Amanda picked up a polka-dotty one.

Then we went to TransMet and sasquatched for the first time in a loooong time.

We rented Steve Martin's The Jerk for our entertainment this evening. It was in the top ten from last night but Amanda had never seen it. My Dad loved this movie. I like it. Amanda seemed to as well.

I'm starting to feel more plugged in again.



Monday July 3, 2006



Man, I'm still dealing with KISS Coffeehouse stuff. I had to resend to the Official Kiss Magazine's editor. He asked to check out what I had so of course I did.

I also had to send to a few people who I got shots of posing with Paul and Gene.

Other than that, it was just a lot of ketchup today. It's been so long now that I'm back to being too slow with everything. I've just gotta jump on and go.

I took care of some past due invoices today. I'm owed bucks by quite a few places. I've been patient but keeping up with the stragglers is getting to be frustrating. I guess I'll just have to bug 'em!

Before bed, Amanda and I got sucked into some show that was supposed to be counting down the funniest movies of all time. It had Animal House at #1 and Caddyshack at #2. What are they thinking? Those are perfectly good, perfectly competent and occasionally amusing movies but they ain't-a the best. Even last year's 40-Year Old Virgin was better than either of them. I only saw the top 25 or so but I didn't see that in there at all. Most blasphemous of all was the fact that I didn't see my favorite all time comedy in there. Monty Python & The Holy Grail may be a geek cliche but it's my choice. Shame on these compilers. Shame, shame!


Click here for the KISS Coffeehouse Experience and the Darlings.