Sunday July 18, 2004



Today should've marked the first full band studio recording but since Frank had to go back last night, I had to do the bass part. On a last minute invitation, Tom and I went over to Dan Nolte's house (he's a friend from rock and roll trivia) to see what we could lay down at his home studio that he's building up. We got there about 3 and by 7 o'clock, I was leaving. We completely finished "I Won't Stand Still" with all overdubs and tracks in that little bit of time. Tom's never worked with a click track and I think he was a bit disconcerted at how non-easy it is. He'll definitely need to get used to that. 'Twasn't a bad track. I haven't gotten a copy of it yet, I'll upload it here when I do!

Then it was home for the comfort food that I call WKRP In Cincinnatti and Twilight Zone.




Saturday July 17, 2004





Ah, Saturday. How I've missed ya.

Finally, the band reconvened for one of our 3-hour rehearsals. Yes, there was lots of rust but not as much as I thought there would be. I never could quite get the fire burning right. This was mostly a reacquainting anyway.

In addition to running through pretty much every song we know, we finally did a successful run-through of "Deuce." We also added (quite well, I might add) "Twist." Tom's singing lead on the verses / choruses while I harmonize and take over on the middle 8. It works nicely. We also attempted "She Walks," "Everyday", "7 Hours" and "Skyward." Out of those, the only one I think I might want to actually add would be "Skyward." I associate the other ones too much with the past.

Unfortunately, Frank had to take off to make previous plans so dinner wound up being me, Tom and Amanda at Johnny Carrino's. After that, Amanda and I went to see Two Brothers. Yes, it was supercute, educational and stunningly beautiful visually, but somehow it was overwhelmingly sad to me and sent me into the worst fit of Dad-related depression in months. Since the initial week of Sept. 29, I've had 2 times that were hard to want to live through. Tonight was one of them. I held it together but it wasn't easy.




Friday July 16, 2004

Chris and Los Lonely Boys share the American picket fence dream in Atlanta!



Hellooo again!

The day was boring. I spent most of it requesting credentials for upcoming shows with mixed results. Luckily, the night was a lot more exciting. We got to On The Bricks for our weekly sojourn in the park without any bad traffic, no bad weather to speak of and it was (overall) a nice night out.

The Whigs opened up. It was odd to see the indie-pop Athenians on this bill but they're a really good band and I was glad to get to see what was pretty much a full set for once.

I don't really remember much about Mr. North and / or Jackson Sneed other than that they were there and I photo'd 'em...again!

Los Lonely Boys freakin' rocked. It's like if Stevie Ray Vaughan actually had good songs. There's also a distinct Santana flavor in there. Not only that, they put on one of the best live shows I've seen all year. No holds barred, showmanship and incredible musicianship. Afterwards, they hung out and (as you can see) I had to get my pic with 'em (Thanks, Amanda). Sorry for the unfortunate looking hair. As I said, I just got shorn for the summer yesterday and haven't worked out (no pun intended) the kinks yet. Go see Los Lonely Boys. Finally, a band of amazing musicians lands in the top ten.

Fuel headlined. I didn't think that the Los Lonely Boys and Fuel crowds would mesh but it wasn't so bad. Fuel brought the hard rock / metal and generally put on an old fashioned rock extravaganza. I can't say that I'm a fan of their music but I was entertained by their show and they were nice enough to do some trade shots after the set as well, which only makes me appreciate them more!



Thursday July 15, 2004


Finally finished INITIAL editing on the On The Bricks pics from last week! Geez, it's taking longer and longer. What with separate edits for the festival, Concert Shots, Pollstar and Retna, it's just endless! I've got to get it in line as a flood of concerts are coming up. Notice: the diary's being caught up! But there's still such an insurmountable pile of work!

I'm looking forward to the reconvening of the band this weekend. We've taken nearly a month off to arrange for Frank's move from S.C. to Athens. He still won't permanently be here for another couple of weeks, but massive steps have been made. We'll be doing some experimental, informal recording soon with some local guys volunteering their time.

No definite date on when we'll be hitting the studio proper but I'm looking forward to it (being finished anyway) and I'm hoping it'll be done in the fall and ready for release by the holidays and released by January (to mark the anniversary of Tom and I getting together).

This weekend, we just need to knock the rust off and add a few more songs!

Oh yeah...I also got shorn today! Cut my hair nice, short and punkish for the next phase. I'll have to deal with "pencil neck" for a while but it's a small price to pay for a new start...



Wednesday July 14, 2004


Again with the editing!

Nothing much to say about today. In the evening, Amanda and I finally saw Hedwig & The Angry Inch on IFC. I've been meaning to see it for a couple of years. I'm glad I finally did. It's a deeper, more enigmatic Rocky Horror in a way but the songs are brilliant and ridiculous all at once (instead of just ridiculous like Rocky). I've got to say, Meat Loaf should cover that soundtrack! It already sounds like a gender dysphoric version of a Jim Steinman / Meat Loaf collection. Check it out if you think you can handle it.



Tuesday July 13, 2004


Still editing.

Been listening to a lot of Bowie lately. I'm attempting to turn Tom on to some stuff he's never heard while reconnecting to music that inspires me. I've forgotten what a personal God Bowie is to me. There hasn't been a period in his 40 year career that I haven't loved something about. I'm so glad he's on another personal peak!

On a side note, in that search for inspiration, I went out and actually bought 3 new albums. If you know me, you know that I'm extremely spoiled and record companies just send stuff to me for free so I can review it. Because of that, I hardly ever actually buy anything! Well, I was feeling in need of new music now and since album prices have become reasonable again, I figured I should support the system's changes. For $30, I bought Kanye West's "The College Dropout" (best hip hop album I've heard from this year), Franz Ferdinand (not as good as I'd hoped but still pretty cool modern alt from Scotland and The Polyphonic Spree (gorgeously overblown, theatrical combination of The Flaming Lips, Jellyfish, Pink Floyd and Ben Folds without the sarcasm and bitterness). Right now, the Spree record's the one I can't get away from. Brilliant stuff, even if it is a bit fluffy!



Monday July 12, 2004


I'm finally back at home. Of course you know, I spent all day editing and trying to catch up. Over the weekend I found out that Blender Magazine bought one of my shots of Courtney Love for their current issue (with Dave Chappelle on the cover). I guess that licensing agency thing actually works. Too bad it takes about 4 months (no kidding) for a check to make it through. At least a check's comin', though!

Went to trivia tonight. We got absolutely clobbered. We usually lose by a couple of points (haven't won in a looong time) but tonight we were trounced. It was definitely an off night!

On the line of trivia, today would've been Eric Carr's (KISS) birthday. I think he would've been 53 if cancer hadn't gotten him in '91.

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