Sunday July 17, 2005



Lots and lots and lots of photos from last night to image. Man, it's never ending I tells ya.

In the evening, the band finally got back together for rehearsal. It was a bit tense, fractured, frazzled and not much fun. Me having a minor migraine didn't help. We played only marginally well. It was almost like starting from scratch. Not fun...

We agreed to get together again tomorrow for some musical ironing.

By the time I got home, my migraine had turned major. I couldn't do anything but climb into bed. I think this may be caffeine withdrawal but whatever it is, only sleep'll cure it.

Good night.









Saturday July 16, 2005

Is this the guy I really want to be standing under in a crowd? Yeah - Downtown Rocks is too much for me this year. 50,000 people,eh?



The day was a bit slow moving. I sat around listening to music, tidying up compilation for my car and generally relaxing. It can't last, though.

In the afternoon, Amanda and I headed out to Downtown Rocks Underground Atlanta. Tonight featured headliners Weezer along with The Bravery, The Dead 60s and openers Second Shift. If you recall, the frontman for Second Shift (Jonathan Baker) is a friend of mine. It was quite odd seeing him onstage in front of at least 10,000 people. He's a good guy and the band is tight so I'm proud of him. I hope he takes it all the way.

The Dead 60s came next. Hmmm...I don't quite get them. They're alright but nothing special considering all the buzz around them right now. All I heard was Joe Jackson minus piano and teeth. You know, kinda ska but thoroughly early '80s. I think a band needs to come out called The Dead 80s.

But it couldn't be The Bravery. I was shocked at how much they actually rocked the ole' Brit-pop (a la The Cure) with a lot more distortion and hooks. I guess coming from the streets of NYC helps. They've been called "this year's Killers" and I can see that. Of course, I've also heard the two bands are feuding over who's the fake. C'mon, you're from Las Vegas and New York and playing '80s Europop. You're both fake! The truth of the matter is, I like 'em both even as I've tried not to. They're really good bands.

You knew it had to happen, dincha? Rivers Cuomo decided he didn't want some of us to photograph. Rather than hang around and try to remedy the situation between Caren West (my friend and the PR person) and the band's publicist, I decided to ditch. Hot Hot Heat and Eisley are playing at the 40 Watt. So I hightailed it (as high as my tail could get through the crowd that had swollen to 50,000) out to my car.

Amanda and I got to the Watt as Eisley was getting started. I had no photo pass and no credentials. I asked Craig (I think his title is "club manager") if he thought there was a chance I could shoot. He escorted me in and away I went. Eisley sounds amazing on record and pretty good live but MAN are they boring. You'd think 15 to 20 year old girls would have more energy than that. Maybe I'll just stick to their records.

Hot Hot Heat, on the other hand, was MUCH better than I thought. I'm actually quite surprised that they're not right up there on that disco-new wave '80s pedestal. They should be. And they put on a heck of a show too. I didn't stay for it all but I had a good time while I was there!





Friday July 15, 2005







Well, I was supposed to be playing at Tasty World tonight. That got cancelled. Then I was supposed to be photo'ing / reviewing Destiny's Child's farewell tour in Atlanta. Now they've decided to film the show for a DVD so I can't shoot. They offered tickets but you know, it's just not worth it. I'm tired. Burned out in fact. I think we'll take the night off instead. Destiny's Child's publicist says she'll try to arrange for us to check it all out in Charlotte next Friday. Since the club we were scheduled to play next Friday has temporarily closed, I might as well do the Destiny's Child gig that night. And tonight, Amanda and I went out to dinner and then sat around listening to music. I needed that.




Thursday July 14, 2005




I made a lot of progress getting the diary updated today. I must admit, this thing's become a bit unweildly and hard to keep up. I may have to rethink it and go to the lazy way of just doing it on occasion. I'll try to keep it up though. Let's just see how long it lasts. I'm so busy now that I just keep getting behind and when I have time to catch it up something else has to fall behind (usually Concert Shots). And I can never seem to get ahead. Still - I'm pushing. You'll get it when it gets here. Who am I even doing this for anyway?

I'm doing it for you, sure - but I'm also doing it for me. I am egotistical enough to think my days are worth documenting and it's all such a blur these days that even I don't remember 'til I look back. You wanna make something out of it? To paraphrase the sage wisdom of Ray Stevens, "My ego could beat up your ego...but it wouldn't."




Wednesday July 13, 2005




Today was taking care of last night's photos. They've been co-opted by Wire Image to my delight. They even picked up my Claypool / Anastasio / La La pics from Monday. You can see 'em all at Wire Image. Just put my name in the search engine and use the drop down box to choose "photographer". Check 'em out. Whaddaya think?

We were 'sposed to (and shoulda been) rehearse tonight. For some reason, it didn't happen. I'm afraid the band's beginning to lose a bit of focus. It's natural after working ourselves into the dirt making the record. It's just a matter of getting it back together by release in September.

Tonight, Amanda was shooting for Split TV so I settled in with my old Q-Sign board tapes and compiled a "live CD" to commemorate that band. It actually turned out pretty well and realistic. The banter really takes me back. I would so love to create some new material with O'Gorman and Ainsworth. Oh well - I'm still happier with the Darlings than any other band I've ever even dreamed of. We've even managed to keep the same lineup intact for over a year now with no end in sight. Yeah - we have our problems and disagreements but I'm still enjoying it. Of course, if I have to rehearse "Taking Its Toll" or "Colors In Black & White" one more time, my fingers may rebel and crawl off on their own but still - this is the best. I'm fortunate to have found something that works and I intend to keep it moving. I've just got to start pushing again.



Tuesday July 12, 2005

Mark Knopfler does the "Walk Of Life" in Atlanta...


So it's definitely back to my old life. Of course, the day was spent editing and uploading. Then Amanda and I headed out to Chastain Park (so good to be a regular here again) to see Mark Knopfler. I've always wanted to see him. He got into a motorcycle wreck last time and had to cancel the tour. That's okay - he's made it up now. What a great night at Chastain. It was absolutely perfect weather and (this is actually a compliment) Mark Knopfler has turned the mid-show lull into an art. It was so relaxing and pristine. At one point, he and a guitarist toasted each other with tea as they sat around a table and played. It was that kind of show.

I was happy to hear the hits "Walk Of Life," "Sultans Of Swing", "So Far Away" and the like, but the epic (nearly 15 minute) "Telegraph Road" was the absolute highlight of a great night. If only Knopfler had thrown in "Why Worry" and "Skateaway", it would've been a perfect night.




Monday July 11, 2005

Gabby, Trey and Les jam and jam and jam and jam...

Well, I should be going to my Uncle Nelson's funeral today. Unfortunately, I found out about it too late and everything else has caught up, too. I'm just glad that his daughter Phyllis knows how I feel about him and that just because I'm not there doesn't mean I'm not paying my respects. One way to do it is to be out photographing. So that's what I'm going to do.

Amanda and I drove out to Variety Playhouse. I think we were the ONLY ones there just to see Gabby La La. She's a whimsical little pixie from California that's an acquired taste - but quite delightful in her own way. Too bad this was actually just a Les Claypool show with Gabby on the side. I was a huge Primus fan back in the olden days. He's lost me since he's gone from being whatever that was to just another jam band - albeit with a very odd sense of, well, everything.

The big news came about a half-hour into the set. A saw a tech pick up a guitar. The crowd went nuts. I couldn't figure it out. Then none other than "Jerry-in-waiting" Trey Anastasio strolled onto the stage to grab the guitar. The crowd actually lost their minds as soon as they recognized his guitar! It was crazy. I, for one, thought the "jam" left a lot to be desired. Trey looked a little clueless and nothing that he did was particularly interesting of impressive, which is ashame considering what an amazing talent he is. Despite the lack of musical thrills, you couldn't deny the palpable energy and enthusiasm in the air and it was clear that everyone (except me and Amanda?) were having a great time. I just found it all too noodly. I like songs. By the end of the 20-minute percussion duo, we'd had enough. Besides, I've never breathed more second hand smoke in a non-smoking venue in my life. It was fairly unbearable and late - so we left early. I still look forward to seeing Gabby La La (maybe September) but no amount of monkey masks or Phishes could make this interesting enough for us to stay.


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