Sunday January 14, 2007




Yep, today was more of the same. I cleared, burned and made way. I had a migraine again so I was in and out of functionality but I pushed myself as much as possible. I'm sick of sitting around. I'm sick of not doing the things I want to do (work and otherwise). I'm ready to get back out. I've been thinking about the band, our future and how we're going to get to it.

It's going to be extremely hard to pick up where we left off, so you know what?

We're not.

Instead, we're going to more or less start from scratch with this thing. Why not? What have we got to lose? Most of the important things that we'd managed to build up are still waiting.

I'm getting emails now wondering when we're playing. It's good to know that we're wanted by someone / anyone. It means a lot to me.

I'm going to do everything in my power to surprise not only those who've never seen us but those who came out regularly. It has to be worth the wait or I won't allow it to happen at all.

It will be the best. Period.




Saturday January 13, 2007

I did a bunch of "spring cleaning" today. By that, I mean more compiling, editing, clearing, burning and deleting of stuff in my work space (computer). I didn't do much else. I didn't feel like it.

I watched a bunch of stuff, too. One of the most eye opening to me was watching The Beatles' Ed Sullivan Show appearances "as they happened". They must have seemed like magical aliens to come out of nowhere with the quality of the songs they played. Little did most Americans know that they were doing the best of what they'd written over several years in their four (count 'em four) consecutive appearances. There just ain't no comparable outlet now and I can't imagine anything else ever legitimately approximating that dizzying effect now that the world is so splintered.



Friday January 12, 2007



I had a follow-up doctor's appointment today with my regular family care doctor. She let me know that my current bronchitis-like problem isn't my only one. She also made me aware that the anti-biotics that I've been on since new year's eve have worked too well. She prescribed me pro-biotics this time! Aaaaack!

I am slightly stronger today. Still, I've made a decision not to put in or cover any shows until I know I'm on the mend for real. I hope I don't regret that decision. I already know I'm going to miss some great shows.

Speaking of work, I've had lots of pics of mine show up on Pollstar lately. That's always a slight mood booster when I seem 'em up there. See the photos for yourself by clicking here (and feel free to go back as far as you dare. I'm there as far back as the eye can see).



Thursday January 11, 2007

Here's the ominous shadow of Ralph that Amanda, Nichole, Robbie and I saw last July. Now that shadow's moved on...




Today's my brother's birthday. He rocks. It's not just me. He'll tell you so himself. If you don't believe me, just click here!

I'm glad he's around. He really came to the rescue today. On his extremely rare day off, he took it upon himself to move our Grandmother from rehab back home and make sure that everything was as it should be. Amanda's parents also helped out. It's good to have some dependable people in my life. It really eased my mind. I needed that today as I've gotten into a bad state. I think, this time, I have bronchitis and so does Amanda. Suffice it to say, it sucks. Neither of us were strong enough to get food for the other so we attempted to go over to the closest place and grab a bite. It was everything I could do to stay conscious. While we were there, I came close to passing out repeatedly. I made it but barely. When we came back, all I could do was stay on the couch with a heating pad. I finally made myself get up and call my brother. I sent him an email early in the day but even though I didn't feel up to that endless 6 foot trip from couch to phone, I had to call him or it wouldn't have felt right. I'm glad I did.

I hate that this has (once again) become a bit of a health journal but I'm afraid that's all there is for me at the moment. As I said, it's been rough. At least I wasn't coughing 'til my throat was bleeding like Amanda did today. Oof! It was not a good day for us. I hope it was much better for Benji!

On top of that, I found out that Ralph, one of the four Georgia Aquarium whale sharks died today. Man, the reaper's busy these days. I wish he'd take a vacation at least from people and creatures that have brought happiness to my life!



Wednesday January 10, 2007





Here we go again! My sore throat's way worse today. As much as I hate to say it, it looks like I'm sick with something else before completely getting over the last thing. I was able to edit my pictures from yesterday but didn't even have the strength to attach them to an email before I wound up collapsed on the couch.

What is going on?

As I said before, I know I've pushed myself too hard for a while and it was a matter of time before I had to rest but one sickness is plenty. I don't need a series of them. On top of it all, Amanda's not only on crutches but she's sick with this one, too. We are quite pathetic at this moment.

Of course, all this leads to the depression being renewed. It's a feeling I don't often have to deal with and to put it mildly, I don't like it (who does?).

Right now, I'm stuck with basic cable watching terrible talk shows full of people hurting each other. All I can think is that there's way too much sadness in the world.



Tuesday January 9, 2007

Corey Smith weaves a spell over the UGA Music Business class...







For the first time this year, I did a little real work.

I got a call last minute to go out to UGA to shoot the opening of the lecture series at the first class of the '07 music business classes. As always, it was good to learn lessons from the speakers and have a lot re-affirmed. I wish I could tell you more about what Corey said but a lot of it was told in confidence. Let's just say it was extremely specific and helpful. For those of you who don't know, Corey's a bit of a regional phenomenon. He's gone from playing to a couple of dozen people to thousands every night in a matter of a year. He's not "cool" and he doesn't have a marketable image but he's got songs. Not that I don't love icing, but it's always inspiring to me when the music is what makes an artist. That's definitely the case here. It's simply a matter of time before he breaks nationally. He's in that Kenny Chesney / Jimmy Buffett / James Taylor vein and that market is always rabid for more. I wish Corey well. He's doing it right. I talked to his manager for a while after the class and he invited me out to their big Athens show at the end of the month for some exclusives. I may just have to take him up on that...

The bad thing today is that I woke up with a sore throat and felt a bit off. By class time, I was feeling a weak again. It figures, eh?

Hey, at least I got one day.

I also got a Best Of Flip Wilson DVD set in the mail today. It'll come out to the public some time in late February. My Dad loved this show. I'm looking forward to checking out some of it since it hasn't been in repeats very often. It was truly groundbreaking and yet no one remembers it. I wonder how it's held up with time. We'll see!



Monday January 8, 2007





Where would I be without RCA's King and Queen of rock?

And let's not forget my Grandmother Lola who I never got to meet. I know where I'd be without you...nowhere! Happy birthday, Grandma!

Maybe it's the anniversary of all the births, I don't know. Today feels like the first day of the year for me. I actually got some work done. In fact, Joe came over and we worked up a huge chunk of his parts for the new album. We've decided that he's going to play lead on a lot of it. It looks like he may be the only guitarist on both "Happy Here & Now" and "Worms On The Pavement". I don't know if I'll just be the lead vocalist, play percussion and sing or what but it should shake things up a bit. It's good to know that I've got someone in my corner with the talent to do something like that. It's not like my parts are that hard but they are very specific and quirky. More than half of the time what it sounds like I'm doing is not what I'm actually doing. The difference in how I attack the guitar is a big part of our sound.

Apparently, Grandma's feeling sick again today. Oh well - she's got to go home Thursday no matter what. I feel bad if she has to go home prematurely but it's partially her own fault for pushing so hard. I hate that I can't be there to take her home and see to it that she adjusts properly but I can't do it this Thursday. Honestly, I don't know who's going to transfer and help her...but I'm pretty sure of who it won't be and those are the people that should be doing it!

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