Sunday January 8, 2006




Not much going on today. I'm just trying to tidy up all the loose ends that surround me so I can get back on to work starting tomorrow. I've been comping, arranging, and doing other boring detail work. It's neccessary and it's getting me back on track.

Happy birthdays to the long gone (my Grandmother Lola and Elvis Presley) and the still going, going (David Bowie).

After a nice afternoon jog at the track, Amanda and I settled in for an evening with FOX. The simple joys...

Tomorrow, I'm back to it. Let's hope I still know how.




Saturday January 7, 2006








Here we go again...

Mike came up for a 3-hour rehearsal today. It's our first rehearsal in over two months, I think. In fact, it's the first time we've played together since our show about a month ago in Atlanta. We've got some important stuff coming up and have to get it back together. I guess I have to start going ahead and booking more too. I was waiting to see what would happen with the lineup and if we'd get it straightened out and finalized but that's dragging on longer than I'd hoped.

As for practice, when I got there, I heard a drummer going. I assumed it was Mike then noticed that it was the wrong room. I actually had my hand on the door and started to turn the knob before I stopped. I guess it was a good thing. After we loaded in, Frank noticed Tom's car outside. So that was our ex-fiancee himself in there. Ah, sychronicity... I'm glad I didn't actually barge in on him twice. He seemed so uncomfortable last time.

When we got going, I was very, very rusty at first. I beat up both "Pepper" and "Sometimes I'm Sam" while Mike and Frank played 'em pretty much perfectly. I had no excuse as I've hardly touched my guitar in a month. Luckily, after a few songs, I was back on track. Overall, this was a hit or miss rehearsal. Mike's a heck of a lot more together. The tempos are back where they need to be (maybe better). That means we'll be able to do "Colors" and "Until The Road..." when we want to and I don't have to slice 'em temporarily. We massacred about half of the songs on the long list because Mike hadn't had time to work on them. I really wish we had "You Don't Know Me" back up to par. But the short list sounded REALLY good. So I'm not complaining. In fact, the core songs may be tighter than ever. "I Know Too Much" was great right off the bad. I was surprised since we haven't done it since the summer. So that one's back as is "(Save It For) Another Day". I wasn't happy with "I'll Be Fine" but I'm probably retiring that as "seasonal" anyway. "This Is The Night The World Changes" didn't quite work either. But we killed on "Phony", "Someone's Trying To Tell Us Something", "Towel Cape", "Into My View", "Sam", "She Walks", etc. We also did one of the best versions ever of "Give Up Town" and THE best version ever of "Deuce" (even though we're not doing that one at every show - yeah, I know, ignore our last few set lists and take me at my word).

Overall, great rehearsal that had a terrible start (thanks to me). There's still a lot of work left to do, though.

In the evening, I was transfixed to the TV as Amanda and I stumbled across Napoleon Dynamite on cable. Since it was just starting, we watched. I can't really say I liked it but I certainly didn't dislike it. I just felt like I was hypnotized for the duration of it. The style, flow and pace alone made it worth yeah, I guess I did enjoy it. But it's hard to say for sure as I was in a trance after all.




Friday January 6, 2006




So here's the bad news for today...

That's going to cost me a whole bunch of bucks in 2006. I'm still making money off of Music Midtown from 2004 and 05. Don't believe the article either. They say it's over not being able to come to an agreement over the current site. I don't believe that. I just think they got crazy last year, jerked everything around, messed with the tradition to much and it cost them more than helped them. Plus, I heard they spent $1,000,000 just to get The White Stripes to open their tour at the festival. That's $500,000 a piece for them. They were good and they were the talk of the festival leading up to it, but they weren't THAT good. There were just some bad decisions made in several areas. I love Midtown and I'm proud to be a lowly, lowly part of the staff (as one of the official photogs) but we all knew this was coming...

Here's to MM13 hopefully happening in '07.

Well, I'll get to relieve some great moments through my vines...

I got the Beatles' Let It Be DVD today. I can't wait to see that semi-depressing document of the band's dissolution again. In not TOO unrelated bit of sychronicity, I also got a DVD of STYX on the Kilroy Was Here Tour from '83. It's the tour that had a loose story line and required acting from the band. Several band members hated the whole concept and the whole thing led to the breakup of the heyday lineup. To me, it's just looks like good fun. It's rock and roll...don't take it so seriously. I got a kick out of it. It was probably the most interesting tour of that era by any band...

And man, where they're coming from. The STYX one came to me from Peru and I've gotten others from the UK, Italy and Canada lately. Of course I have to send stuff out now to the UK, Canada, Italy, the Philippines, Australia... Still, it's a small price to pay for such cool, otherwise impossible to find stuff. It's music geek heaven!

Oh - and to my surprise, it looks like I'm cleared for the super-exclusive Strokes show in Atlanta on Monday. Look for details on Tuesday!



Thursday January 5, 2006


So there you go...

The videos are up. I put up four "brand new" ones. First up is an audience audio / video recording of the very last performance at the very last show from the original line up. We're doing "Give Up Town" at the 40 Watt Club. It wasn't all that special but it was a decent gig and pretty indicative of what we were on an average night. 'Tis the end of era. Thanks to Blue for catching it. I added some dust and aging to it to kind of symbolize that it's a long gone era. I'm still sad to say that. There's was no limit to what the 3 of us could've done. Now the two of us are going on to see what we can do in a new environment. Luckily, it's been super creative so far. It looks like there are still no limits even if it will be very different that what would've been. The trick is to make it better, right?

Next up is the first stage in that chapter. With Michael Rietveld filling in on drums, I've put up 3 clips of our first show with the current transitional lineup of Frank, Mike and me. Considering we had virtually no rehearsal time and this was the first time that Mike played any of these songs I think we did pretty darn well...

So from this show you get "Towel Cape Song", "Someone's Trying To Tell Us Something" and "Phony". They're all complete songs so they'll take a few minutes to download. I'm perfectly satisfied with these performances. I only wish we had backup vocals.

Here's your link, click to have them there viddies unveiled for ya.

You know, it would've been cool if I could've put up the big finale of "Deuce" but Ty (our guest vocalist) made it totally inappropriate for a family site with his enthusiastic exclamations! Maybe for a laugh, I'll put up the raw video at some point without the sound...or with bleeps. Could be worth a laugh!

I'm getting back on the review / photography tip too. I found out about a "secret" Strokes club show on next Monday. It's been so long since I've been in the loop that all of my old contacts have moved on so it took me almost all day to track down the right person. I finally did. Now the trick is to get cleared.

In other good news, the band got another forward from TAXI. If you don't know what that is, it's not a big deal but it's' still a good sign. Let's just say that "Towel Cape Song" is being checked out by the people who manage the likes of Motley Crue, Blondie and Hanson (What strange bedfellows!). The chances of anything coming from it are minimal at best but at least (unlike most bands), there IS a chance.



Wednesday January 4, 2006






I spoke to my Mom today. She's not doing well (again). She's experienced the absolute highest of highs and the lowest of lows these past few years. If she could get her health together this could be the best time of her life. At least she's getting some satisfaction and good times now along with the bad. She deserves a whole slew of good stuff for a change. For awhile, it was all bad. But she saw it through and came through to the other side. Now she may have to have surgery. So I'm very worried about her AND my Grandmother. I wish I had the power to make it all better like they both used to could do for me. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to do that yet. Maybe one day?

As for my day, I finally got the videos all encoded and ready to go. Now it's just a matter of uploading, which'll take awhile because several of them are full songs. I hope you enjoy 'em when you get a chance to see 'em. If you've got a cable connection or higher, there's no excuse not to check 'em out.



Tuesday January 3, 2006





I was trapped at home all day today waiting for an electrician to come out and do some work for us. He was a cool guy and he did a great job at a great price and even taught me a few things. The only bad thing? I lost a day in the process.

I did get to talk to Grandma. She's not doing very well right now, I'm afraid. And most of it boils down to not having anyone run little errands for her. They're just small little things that would take no time if there was anyone who could run by for a few minutes every couple of days. But when that doesn't happen, they just mount up to lots and lots of work (usually reserved for me when I get home). What I can't do, though, is make sure she gets enough decent food to eat, if not, EVERY night, then every few. It's catching up with her again. She's beginning to deteriorate again because of this and it's driving me crazy with a dozen or so people within 5 miles radius that could be helping... She WAS better than she's been in years in October or so. Now...well, we're back to before the "fall."

I also heard back from our main new drumming candidate. Nothing much to add but we're still in touch and I'm still hopeful.

I finally got the band vids into my computer, too. It was way harder than it should've been but they're on the way...

In the evening, Amanda and I did a little shopping. My Mom tossed me a few bucks at Christmas and gave me an assignment on what to buy with it (she couldn't find something she wanted to get me). So I did. Mission accomplished. Thanks, Mom!



Monday January 2, 2006




ACK! More stupid computer problem. There are so many variations of potential problems with compatibility. It just never seems to end. I've been trying to get some of the videos of the Darlings' debut show up on the site. I can't do it the way that would be easiest and most efficient. Oh well, I'll just go any roundabout way that I can and try and get 'em up by the end of the week. Let's see if I make it.

Today we were invited to do Live In The Lobby at the University Of Georgia's WUOG. I've always wanted to do it. It figures that they'd ask us to do it when we're kind of in flux, dunnit? I took it anyway. So we'll be broadcasting live starting at 8 p.m. on Valentine's Day (Feb. 14). You can check it out locally at 90.5 on your dial or get it via the station's podcast. They may even stream it live for all I know. Man, that's going to be terrifying. We've got to get that rust back off! It's good to know that with 2006 beginning, we haven't been forgotten during our down time. Now it's time to get our time back to uptime, no?

And I watched one of my vines tonight. I got a DVD of Cheap Trick playing at Chicagofest on Navy Pier in 1981. It's absolutely unbelievable. It's during that very brief time when they were massive and there's probably 50,000 people (maybe more) there to see a band that should be legendary. It's so cool to see them at their peak in front of an appreciative crowd. This may be my favorite vine yet.

Click here for the the turn of another year...