Sunday December 18, 2005



I'm still trying to pull myself together. I've got myself about convinced to get back to the Satisfactionista demos. That'll get me back in mode. Then Frank and I can start working 'em out so that whenever things get levelled off when can really move into the future. There's that word I've forgotten over the past week or so..."future." Yeah, it means something doesn't it?

Today I did more downloading (gotta seriously update my list), got this week's Diary caught up (still got a couple of weeks in August left undone) and need to get my ABC @ ATL pics sent into Flagpole.

And I went for a walk. Yep, 'twas a big, important day as I'm sure you can see...




Saturday December 17, 2005








Man, this Christmas / Seasonal Affective Disorder thing has really got a hold on me right now. I'm just totally listless and out of it. Physically, I'm fine. I'm just totally unmotivated to do anything. I don't know that I've felt this emotionally lethargic for this long in my life. I've been more traumatized, more roller coaster like or whatever. I just don't know that I've been this lobotomized feeling.

Plus, I wanted to be able to join my Mom's side of the family for our annual Christmas get together. But we couldn't do it schedule wise. Obviously, it's not MY schedule keeping us away for once but still - I wanted to be there.

So we went to see The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe. Hmmm...if this is supposed to be a subtle Christian propaganda film, they should watch out. If it is, it only relegates Christianity to the level of Santa Claus, unicorns, witches and satyrs. Of course, that's my opinion. My simple review of this is "Lord Of The Rings for pre-schoolers." It wasn't bad. It was just SO easy.

In the evening, we watched the Contact / "Echoes" sync. Nope, it doesn't live up to the 2001 sync in the slightest. Then we topped the evening with the first Dark Side run through over Wizard Of Oz (it runs over it 2 and 1/2 times over the course of the whole movie). It's still pretty cool. I think that "The Great Gig In The Sky" during the tornado sequence could be the greatest video never made. I also am still blown away by the coincidences. Maybe even more by the subtle ones. And the 5.1 icing only makes it nicer...




Friday December 16, 2005




More ice, more ice.

I was supposed to go check the music stores for drummer ads (as well as put some up of my own) but I "never got around to it."

I did get more of the final Concert Shots update of '05 done. And guess what? It'll be a MAJOR triumph because I'll finally be caught up with my photos. You have no idea what a glorious (if fleeting) feeling that'll be. I've been behind don't know. Maybe it was sometime last spring?

At least it warmed up some today. Amanda and I even managed to make it back out to the track for a run. It wasn't easy getting there, though. We live right behind a mall with only 2 small ways out. I forgot what Dec. 16 traffic was like 'til we were swamped by it.

The only bright spots right now for me are in my downloading (via hub). I actually managed to download a DVD of the Dark Side Of The Rainbow (which is the fabled Dark Side Of The Moon / Wizard Of Oz matrix). I did my own years ago which I prefer in a lot of ways. But I couldn't do it in digital and 5.1 sound. And I REALLY, REALLY wanted to hear DSOTM in 5.1 now that I have the ability to do it. This DVD even has a "bonus featurette" of "Echoes" synced up to a scene from the movie Contact. I can't believe that it could be half as cool as the "Echoes" / 2001 : Space Odyssey sync. We shall see...



Thursday December 15, 2005



Ah, the beauty of winter in the South. We never get anything fun anymore. Where's the snow? And if I hear "Let It Snow" one more time I may find a high place and a rifle. I'M dreaming of a WET Christmas because I no nothing else anymore. It's like 33 degrees and raining. Of course it all started freezing at night. That just makes it worse. Since we had some icing last night as well, I kept having quick power outages during the day. Everytime I'd get a slew of pics almost edited, the system would crash and I'd lose my work (you can't save efficiently the way I do it until you're done with a batch - perhaps another method is in line). It was incredibly frustrating. Eventually I just gave up.

And that seems to be the nature of my days right now. With the band in flux, no studio time, no shows for a month (the last two being iffy) and not even any photography to look forward to until '06, I'm just feeling bored, demotivated and out of sorts. I think some of it's that Christmas depression. I spend a lot of time thinking of my Dad. I guess it's natural this time of year. But it sure is wreaking havoc on me right now.

I can't even really go out for a walk because of the weather. Blech...




Wednesday December 14, 2005






Just a whole lot of compiling and editing today. I started out getting all the pics and report done on last Saturday's Atlanta show. I've decided to not book anymore shows until we get everything figured out (or something reasonably close). I'm probably going to even get rid of our tentative show at the Caledonia next month. I don't want to do it this way. We'll keep our Charlotte and Atlanta shows that are left but after that, who knows? I've actually turned down a few to fill out the rest of this month. Frank and I have to knuckle down and find the right person to be the third. Mike's been great and really busting his hump to fill in but he's so busy with so many things. He's also working with another band. When this one's working, it's all encompassing. I believe that's one of the reasons that Tom had to leave. It was just too much...

It ain't over, though, by a long shot. I vow to stick around this time. I'm just prepared to hold on and do it right rather than let it slip for the interim.

But anyway, if you wanna, check out the show report, Mike pics, Frank pics and my pics by clicking where apropos.

I also got my boot list together (a list of all the unreleased shows I've collected over the last month or so). Of course, it grows daily but I have to get it down so I can show others what I have to offer for trade. Ah, what a hippy I am. But I'm loving this. It's really cheered me up through a relatively down time.

Tonight, Amanda and I strung up Christmas lights on our grand hibiscus. A Christmas village decoration that my Grandma gave us several years ago is underneath. 'Twas nice and cheery for watching the '66 original Grinch special. Then we watched Dirty Work which we borrowed from my brother at his recommendation. It was actually pretty funny. I forgot how much I loved Norm McDonald.



Tuesday December 13, 2005






Today I had to head back to the courthouse. No, it had nothing to do with me per se. Unfortunately, I witnessed some stuff several years ago and it keeps coming back to haunt me. Two people I know are in a heated trading of lawsuits (both civil and criminal) and I occasionally wind up on the stand. Of course, it's in Atlanta so it takes up pretty much my whole day getting to, doing and getting from. Well, I made my appearance but the lawyer for some reason didn't even ask me about specific issues. I don't get it but I'm just supposed to answer questions so that's what I did. I did manage to get a couple of laughs out of the jury. Hopefully, I lightened up their day a little. I had to serve on the jury for a murder trial a while back so I know what this is like (times 10). Any little smile that you can pull in a time like that is appreciated. And as serious as this case is (justice has NOT been served even if the law has), it's still a bit ridiculous.

So there.

On the way to and from, I listened to several of my new boots. My favorite was an absolutely stunning Heart show from January of 1979. It's pristine quality, the band's rocking hard and it should've been officially released. Maybe there's some sort of issue 'cause it was recorded for a radio station. Who knows? But it's a shame that this show (and lots of others from others) aren't available for the real fans.



Monday December 12, 2005




Well, I got very little that matters done today. I spent a chunk of day trying to deal with our new home theater receiver and all to no avail. When I finally got in touch with customer service, the guy tried to lead me through the steps. It didn't take long to realize that something was very wrong. Not only were several pieces missing (speaker wire for one is supposed to come with it - we spent $70 on it) but it had the WRONG remote control with it. And you can't use the one that we got to do anything.

So I then had to box it all back up for a second go 'round. When Amanda got home, we took it back to Best Buy. They were helpful enough and we were soon back at home setting it all up again. This time it only took a little trial and error to get it working. I put in the Flaming Lips VOID DVD and hooooolllllly crap! Man, it sounds amazing. I should've figured. I then put in some of my other DVD's. You'd think Peter Gabriel's would be the most incredible but that Lips one is absolutely amazing to listen to in 5.1. I also bought Dark Side Of The Moon in 5.1 on SACD but unfortunately my decoder won't recognize it yet. Oh well, the 30th anniversary edition is a slightly different mix and as its my favorite all time album, I'm not going to complain about having bought two different versions. I really am just going crazy to hear DSOTM in all channels. But I think I can make it...

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