Sunday August 15, 2004



Today was all about a 3-hour afternoon rehearsal.

It was another frustrating one for me. My amp kept screwing up and I got so irritated with it that I slammed it with the side of my fist (for those of you who know me, you know how out of character that is for me). Well, it came back on but I hurt my hand. Then I kicked it a few times before plugging my pedal board directly into the P.A.

We were a bit better than Wednesday but we've still got a way to go before we're back where we should be. "Jewel Box," "She Walks", "Everyday", "Deuce" and a few others are coming along, although I probably will never want to do those middle ones live. They're good to have in the arsenal when you need 'em, though.

This practice was perfectly mediocre. I realize that me being down didn't really help - but again, I know what we can do and it drives me crazy when we're not doing it.

Amanda and I had a relaxing evening at home with my old friends in Cincinnatti. Then we visited the Zone before bed.




Saturday August 14, 2004

Norah Jones sells out Chastain...again!


Guess what I did in the morning? If you guessed "edited pictures", you're correct.

Frank showed up about 2 (only 3 hours early). We used the time to write a new song. It doesn't have lyrics yet but it's called "Wide Bicycle."

About 5:30 we took off for the Norah Jones show. Amanda decided to sit this one out. We got there and Norah made as impossible a shoot as possible (that is, if you followed the rules - I did - some others didn't). The lights were dim. The whole evening looked like an oil painting. It was the most beautiful weather I've ever seen at Chastain. Candles lit up the whole crowd. It was spectacular and romantic...and Frank and I were stuck with each other.

We ditched out early and rocked our way back to Athens listening to early Van Halen!

I was home by 11:15.




Friday August 13, 2004

Ed from Live brings the placenta to Atlanta.



Friday the 13th...that's my kinda day.

More boring editing for the day. I'm also trying to set up a deal with a drumstick company and another one with a big management agency who I'm in talks with to do portraits of some of their artists. Could be a good thing.

Amanda, Frank and I took off for On The Bricks in the evening. I managed to snag him a VIP pass, but it was almost like "very important prisoner" in this case! Frank just kind of stood in one place all night. He did get free drinks.

Evenout was much better than last year. The singer was very gracious and nice to me. He remembered me from a year ago. I always appreciate it when artists take the time to remember and speak.

JaD was fun to shoot. It was like a Sevendust, Living Colour, Lenny Kravitz hybrid. I admire the fact that they go full-on metal, then do a straight up classic lighter waver.

Lake Trout were definitely the odd men out. They'd go great with Mogwai. Visually, they were incredibly boring. The music was good but there was just no reason to see them live.

For some reason, around this time, the summer decided to take a break. And me in short sleeves. Brrrrr....I froze for about 3 hours. Amanda was smart enough to pack a sweater. Not me. So...cold.

Live came out with all the overwrought drama and pretense that one would expect. I've never been a fan, plus their tour manager decided that I wasn't allowed to shoot from my normal location on the back of the stage so I had to wiggle around and get my shots in other ways.

For the record, he made up for it at the meet and greet. He was really cool and helped set up some portrait shots for me. That's the good stuff. The guys in the band were really cool and nice, too. Honestly, I was a bit surprised that they weren't jerks. Nope, I enjoyed the time I spent with 'em. Wouldn't mind doing it again!




Thursday August 12, 2004



Today was one of those days to prepare to play. Frank came over early and we ran some errands.

When we got back, I had a message from the Georgia Theatre. The show has been cancelled. It was too last minute for them to even let people know!

You know what? This is the first time I've been happy to have a show cancelled...maybe ever. I don't think we were prepared tonight. We've got to re-pare.

So - we had a "band meeting" in the evening. Tried to lay out some goals, find what we do, how we do it and when. This was more logistics than anything else. I also tried to underline how important it is to jump in headfirst now that Frank's in town.

Things just aren't where they should be at the moment, even if the people are (finally)!

Tom keeps saying that I'm looking at the glass as half-empty instead of half-full. Maybe he's right. I know what this trio is capable of, though, and when it's not how it should be, it really gets to me.



Wednesday August 11, 2004


In the day, just the same old thing.

In the evening, we (the band) finally reconvened for Rust Removal Rehearsal. Boy, let me tell you, it was something beyond rust. Two months without playing together has really taken its toll (no pun intended). We've got a lot of work ahead of us. Why I am always having to catch up with everything?

It was actually pretty depressing. Especially with a show at the Georgia Theatre set for tomorrow.

At least "Twist" is coming together beautifully. It sounds better than its sounded since Tom O'Gorman and I did it in Q-Sign. Oh - and Mr. Bavis is singing lead for most of it now!



Tuesday August 10, 2004


Hmmm...same deal. Just working to catch up. I got the Edwin pics all finished up. I've got to FedEx them up to New York now. Then that will be done.

Also, we got asked to play the Georgia Theatre on Thursday night. I told 'em there's no way we can bring anyone in on such short notice, but we'll play if they want! They said they did. We said "We will."



Monday August 9, 2004


This is going to be a fun few days for the diary! See, I did nothing except edit pics for days and days and days. So that's what I did today.

Click here for a much more interesting last week and pics of Loretta Lynn, Edwin McCain, KISS and Pinchy!