Sunday November 21, 2004



I wish I had more time to recover from the past two nights but there's still stuff to do.

In the late afternoon, Tom and I met with Asa Leffer up at TransMet. The meeting was the first step in the making of our album. We're going to hook up with Asa at D.A.R.C. (Downtown Athens Recording Company) for a few tracks to see how we work together. If all goes according to plan, work will begin at the beginning of the new year. It'll be my first "real" album since Q-Sign. The initial meeting was good. Let's hope it proceeds even better.




Saturday November 20, 2004

The Critical Darlings play underneath a huge crowd. Too bad they didn't know we were under 'em!



Yeah, yeah - picture editing, uploading and blah...

In the evening, the Darlings had a gig at Washington Street Tavern. Coulda been great but wasn't. Tactical errors, overestimation and presumption combine to form the wet towel over the flame of a good idea. Next time.

Read all about it by clicking here, you beautiful masochist!






Friday November 19, 2004

The Killers bring a touch of Vegas to the 40 Watt Club.

Happy Birthday, Lori!

Lori is one of the best friends I will ever have. We met as kids. She's a grownup now. She's even got a couple of children of her own ...and a husband. A husband who was a childhood friend also. We've all been through the best and worst together. I guess that's what friends do. I guess that's what we'll continue to do. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

The day for me? Just like every day it seems. A clone. Clones aren't quite identical but they might as well be.

In the evening, I went out to the 40 Watt to see The Killers. I've heard repeatedly that they're not that good live. I've heard they're boring. Well, I heard wrong. Brandon Flowers is pure new romantic / Vegas. The rest of the band is rocking, too. They sounded great and looked cool. It wasn't one of the best shows of the year but it was solid and I had a good time. If you haven't heard them yet, get their disc. It is one of the best albums of the year. Hot Fuss, y'all!

Frank's cousin Dudley and his wife Claire even came all the way in from South Carolina to the show. It was good seeing 'em again even though it was only for a few minutes. Just makes me want to take the Darlings to SC even more. We'll see...first we've got to get through today..."and tomorrow and tomorrow again."




Thursday November 18, 2004

r to


Catching up, ketchup lovers.

As you can see, I got this site caught up. Now I've got to get on some reviews and another Concert Shots update. Nothing else has happened today. I like that. It's nice for a change. It won't be the case tomorrow or Saturday, that's for sure.

You'll see...




Wednesday November 17, 2004

Nothin' like a little Rhubarb first thing in the morning!


Late yesterday afternoon I got an assignment for Billboard Magazine via Retna to go shoot a famous country DJ based in Atlanta. That's kind of cool. It's my first real, specific assignment for a major publication. His name's Rhubarb Jones and he's kind of an Atlanta institution. The problem? His shift starts at 5 a.m. and runs only 'til 10. That means I had to get before 7 and be on the road by 7:30. That's not so bad for some of you but I'm on a later schedule recently. That sucks. Luckily, I got there (no thanks to the rotten traffic) with about a half hour to spare. Rhubarb was great to me, as was the entire Eagle 106 staff. It's cool. None of the pics I took of him were staged. I figured we'd have to make it look like he was on the air. Nope, it was fine to use the real stuff. Thanks Rhubarb, Dallas, Christy, Bethany and everyone else for your help and kindness. I hope everyone likes the shots and they look good in Billboard. All the best to you!

After I got back and uploaded those shots, I had to get back on something I'm doing for a drum stick company. They may be buying some of my Lars Ulrich (Metallica) from the other night for their promo. The problem there is they have to be okayed by Lars personally. He may hate the shots. I guess we'll see. Here's hoping...

Oh - I listened to Eminem's new one today. It's not as immediately accessible as his first 2 albums but I already prefer it to The Eminem Show (the last one). There's definite growth in his style, rhythm and substance. If you ever liked him, feel free to get a copy.



Tuesday November 16, 2004



Today the Edwin McCain DVD came out. You know, the one I was the photographer for back in August? If you don't, click here to read those passages. Well, I haven't even seen it yet. I saw the cover at his website. That musta been a screen capture 'cause I didn't take that one. I'm super-curious to see how my stuff has been used. This is the first big project that hired me specifically and only to do the job. I did the Sevendust DVD, too, but I just happened to be there. I wasn't hired for that one like I was Edwin.

Oh - one of my Dolly Parton pics is up at Pollstar today (sorry, Benji - I'm sure you'll beat me out sooner than later). Check it out if you're so inclined.

In the evening, Tom and I were supposed to practice but we wound up cancelling due to his schedule. Looks like this weekend's going to be especially scary and rusty!




Monday November 15, 2004


Well, this is a week to do...I honestly don't know what. There's so many little things to catch up on. First among those is sleep 'cause this coming weekend's going to be another doozy with the first of our "residence" shows at Washington Street Tavern. Today is just your typical editing and uploading day. It took from about 3 to 10:30 pm to get the pics uploaded as the computer kept crashing. Big fun, eh? At least that's rare!

I went out and bought the new Eminem album while the pictures were working on themselves. I haven't had a chance to listen to it, though. I hope it's better than the first single. I can't say I enjoy that track.

Anyway, check out last week with Metallica, John Fogerty, The Futureheads and lots more by clicking here!