Sunday July 3, 2005



If it's SC and it's the weekend and I'm home, you probably already know the first part of the day. At least at my Grandmother's today, I got her out of the house for a while. Her garbage had piled up on the back porch due to her not being able to lug it out any further and none of her local relatives assisting so she and I got together in her car and took it down to ye ole' land fill. Big fun. That's the SC way, though. It was really friggin' hot and her air conditioning isn't working all that great. I could hardly stand it. With her current health, I don't know how she did. She was shaky and weak by the time we tried to do a KFC lunch but she pulled it off. It was great to spend a little time with her actually doing something. It connects me to all of those hundreds of days that I spent with her as a child.

Oh, how I wish we could go back...I really, really do.

I also got word that even though we've gone to so much trouble my neice Nichole has decided that she can't face me after her recent "trouble" and that she won't come with us. This made me very angry and you know me. If she was trying to avoid me, that's the wrong way to do it. I traipsed right over to where she lives and let her have it - not about the stupidity that she perpetrated but about her trying to avoid me. As long as she and I are alive, that's not possible. She didn't really say anything but she clearly listened. That's something. I hope she reconsiders. It won't be the same without her. We'll miss her if she doesn't come but Robbie'll certainly wrack up!

The plan for the late afternoon was to have our semi-annual pool party over at Amanda's parents'. Amanda looks forward to it every year. This year, she even went out and bought some extra floats for our friends' kids and our younger relatives. The weather had other plans. It was stormy, lightning and raining like crazy. This was just supposed to be for a couple of friends and family but by the time we moved it out to Pizza Hut and turned it into a dinner thing a slew of people had joined in. In the end, it was Lori, Shawn, my Mom, Vern, Vern's Mom, Vern's Dad, Missy, Benji, Nichole, Robbie, McKayla, Dwayne, April, Amanda and me. I think that was all. It was a crew anyway. It was hard to keep up with everyone even though it was great to see 'em all.

After that we went back to Lori and Shawn's place and we unleashed Team America: World Police on 'em. 'Twas all in good, incendiary fun.






Saturday July 2, 2005





Well, this was just your usual day in South Carolina. I got up late, visited the cemetary and then went over to my Grandmother's for most of the day.

Of course, today was the big ol' Live 8. Amanda and I thought about going to Philly (and ever so briefly London) but figured we really couldn't afford it even if I probably would make it all back. Plus, as you've heard me say here relentlessly - family comes first. I planned to bring those kids back this week before Live 8 existed. So that's what I'm going to do. I did TRY to watch a slew of it at my Grandmother's. The coverage on MTV / VH-1 was absolutely a joke. It was horrible. I couldn't believe it. I don't want to go into just plain sucked. And is it just may or does Linkin Park really sound like crap live? Yeah - I guess it is just me. Oh well. I've tried and tried. I still just don't get 'em. Thank God Jay Z showed up and took over their set just before music itself committed suicide.

In the evening, Amanda and I went to dinner with her parents for their (I believe) 39th wedding anniversary. 'Twas alright. I'm not usually a fan of El Palenque but I enjoyed it this evening.

Then we went back to her parents. We watched a 2-hour recap or Live 8 on network TV. There was nothing all that historic except for the event itself. It may be bigger and it may get more done but it didn't feel as special as the original Live Aid.

Pink Floyd were even not up to what they should've been. And you know I kind of look at them as demi-gods. If only they'd go on tour...but it'll never happen, right?




Friday July 1, 2005

Robert Plant shines it all around in Atlanta last night...





As you can see, I photographed Robert Plant again last night. This time was definitely better of all than last time even if the set list was a little better in March. He only shuffled things a little and while I really liked the new version of "Gallows Pole", I seriously missed that Elvis fronting The Yardbirds version of "Tall Cool One." He also cut "Let The Four Winds Blow" (a new favorite of mine) and "If I Were A Carpenter." And he left the lowlight of the show in there. That was definitely "Morning Dew." I coulda done without that one. The other highlights for me were "Freedom Fries", "Tin Pan Valley" and a killer version of "That's The Way" replete with mirror balls. It still wasn't what I used to get from him but it was worthwhile and I feel priviledged to be able to go. Remember last time I was saying how cool it was to be the only person allowed to shoot and stand so close (in the pit). Well, this time was even weirder. They actually had us stand ON STAGE with him...just in the wings. So I've now been on stage WITH Robert Plant while he sang "No Quarter" and "Black Dog."

Pretty cool...

In the afternoon today, Amanda and I headed on back to Camden. We're going home (yet again) to pick up my sister's not-so-kidlings to bring 'em back for a week of (hopefully) summer fun and excitement. We had a miserable drive in the rain and got back very late...but safely.




Thursday June 30, 2005




Alrightey - Concert Shots has been updated with (get this) pics of Audioslave, Styx, Pylon, Michael Bolton, Boney James, Butterfly Brown, Spyro Gyra, Nelly, Billy Preston, Crossfade, KC & The Sunshine Band, Mother's Finest, Seether, Stretch Armstrong, The Spinners, Buddy Guy, Koko Taylor, Jim "Soni" Sonefeld, Patrick Davis, Angie Aparo and Widespread Panic!

How's that for a massive and eclectic update. Check 'em all out when you get a chance.

I've been very lucky with photography lately considering how little I've actually done. Almost every show I have gotten out to has been in Pollstar. Don't believe me? Go there today. One of my Audioslave pictures is featured on the home page. If you don't see it when you go, just refresh the page. Don't try it unless it's still 6/30 'cause it won't work - but you can see for yourself today if you're quick enough. If it's now well into July or beyond, you can still see the pics by clicking here for the past photos gallery. While you're there, be sure to look for pics by my brother Benji, too!

There will also be upcoming pics on (and in) Pollstar of Diana DeGarmo, Luna Halo, DEVO and The White Stripes. Look for 'em.


Anyway - I've got to get ready to go. I still can't believe that I can go see Robert Plant live, get free tickets, a photo pass and even make money from doing it. Again, I'm feeling charmed and thankful. It's good to be rolling again.

Expect a full report tomorrow!



Wednesday June 29, 2005




Amanda was out in Atlanta today doing some shooting of her own so I was stuck at home from 7 a.m. 'til midnight by myself. I took the opportunity to knuckle down and get things caught up. I got the pics for a big Concert Shots update ready and finished tidying up here. It's a lot more work than it sounds like...especially when you get so far behind!

I also am enjoying listening to music for entertainment again. That's something else that being in the studio temporarily robbed me of. When I'm in studio mode, I'm always producing. I can't just listen passively. It's so good to be able to do that again. I went ahead and completed my McCartney collection. Now I've got everything except a couple of live albums. I also managed to find a Robert Plant live performance of 8 songs that he did on BBC this past April so I downloaded it. I've got to say, in that month between when I last saw him and the recording of this, the band got all those new tracks down. Of course, it may just be that I've had the new album for a couple of months now and it's one of my favorites of the year. I was very disappointed (for the only time of all the times I've seen him) in March but I hold out hope that Plant's smoking again. Luckily, I also got confirmation today that I'll have a pair of tickets and a photo pass waiting for me for his first show in Atlanta in 7 years. It's tomorrow at Chastain. Oh, how nice it'll be to be back out in a shed listening to some great music. I can't believe the season's been on for 2 months and I have yet to take part in anything other than festivals. It's time to make up for lost time.

I'm determined to enjoy the show tomorrow!

Oh - and Flagpole used a slew of my pics for their wrap up of the Athens Music Awards in the brand new issue. For some reason, they didn't give me my photo credit but they are indeed mine. Check it out!




Tuesday June 28, 2005




Let me make one more apology for the (probably) high number of uncorrected typos over the last couple of weeks. I've really been scratching these things out as fast and furiously as I can to make up for lost time. I know there are some glaring mistakes but at this point, I'd just rather have it all done imperfectly than sweat it. It is a diary after all, geez...should it even be perfect?

That said, I'm still trying to catch my life up. I'm doing a pretty good job, too. By the end of the week I may actually be back on track. Man, that'll be a great feeling. Then maybe I can start updating this thing close to everyday again. Playing catchup is playing havoc on my time when I get so far behind.

Here's a little more good news for me personally. It looks like June is my biggest month for sales ever at Wire Image. The weird thing is that only a couple of the sales have been from Midtown. I've sold more from the Arcade Fire shoot back in January than any other shoot EVER. The pics have appeared all over the world and multiple times in Rolling Stone. The longer they stay off the road, the more money I'll make I guess. I just keep thinking about how much more I would've made if I'd not been so busy with other things. I don't regret it but this was shaping up to be a big year for me financially. As it is, it's still going to wind up my biggest but I've probably lost as much as I've earned. Which means that whatever I wind up with, I probably could've easily doubled. Whew. I've licensed about 20 images through Wire Image alone this month. That may not sound like much but it really does add up. I'm also owed money from Sony (I'm going to start having to bug them about it soon) and a company called Ultimate Ears. At least those two will pay nicely and soothe some of the losses I've incurred between the band, studio and my health.

I'm proud to say that I've done very well at what many naysayers said I could never accomplish. I'm even more proud to say that I've NEVER failed at anything that I've done on my own. It's only when certain other parties got involved that things didn't work. There were times when these same parties made me feel like I was part of the problem. Now I know and I'm sure that I was right all along.

I know how to work with me...and we make an incredible team.



Monday June 27, 2005



Well, so I'm back to my first normal work week in God only knows how long. I'm still just so happy to be able to function again that I can't put it into words. I've really got to get myself back in shape. I used the studio as an excuse to let my health slide but once I got on that slippery slope, I couldn't right myself. It's been tough for the last few weeks but I'm definitely on the mend.

Today I just edited photos. I got this site updated for the last couple of weeks, got the show report from Friday done, uploaded new pics of me, Frank, Tom and the band on our individual and group pages and generally sat behind a computer cropping and resizing. It may not sound like fun and I'd usually be complaining about it, but as I said, I'm just happy to be back at it!


Click here for last week with the Critical Darlings, the Athens Music Awards and a whole lotta hooey...