Sunday January 2, 2005



The band got together today for (obviously) the first time in '05. We dusted off a bunch of songs we haven't rehearsed in a while. Among them were "Emotions To Free," "Jewel Box," "Haven't Got A Clue," "Twist," "Goodbye Tuesday." We did okay considering how little we've done them. We also tried to add even more segues and such. We wasted a bunch of time trying to work out a super-complex segue between "Wide Bicycle" and "Colors In Black & White" before reverting back to the orginal segue idea that we started with. Oh well, par for the course I guess. Things are definitely starting to get more consistent. That should be proven by the fact that we're working out these little detail things. We've still got a little rust on us as we've just not practiced much over the past couple of months. We've been playing out as much as rehearsing and we (honestly) just aren't to the point where we should be doing that...yet.

Oh yeah - and today is the birthday of Emily Smith (aka Emily McKinney). We've been friends since 8th grade - alphabetical seating put me right between her and Cheri Leadingham, Emily's best friend at the time. So it was me that was trapped in the middle of their conversations and note passing. Ms. Shuler couldn't seem to comprehend that just because they were talking over me didn't mean that I was actually in the conversation. Eventually, I got tired of getting chastised by the teacher and decided to actually join in. The rest is personal history. Through the years that followed, Emily stuck with me even when I wasn't worth sticking with. It didn't go unnoticed. I just hate that she and I don't get to spend as much time together these days. I miss all the visits that we had before we "grew up." At least we helped each other to do that...

Emily, you know you have all the best wishes I can muster for you, Clayton and Ian. Take care and have a happy birthday.




Saturday January 1, 2005

The clock turns over to the next year as Pylon turns over to the next song...


Today I did what most of America did. I lazed around and tried to recover from the last few days. At least the pain has subsided a bit from my mystery ailment. I can actually breathe without cringing right now.

So what will '05 bring? I ask that hesitantly. '04 brought a lot of good things to my life. Of course, the band formed and began to coalesce. I signed with 2 photo agencies meaning that now my photographic work appears worldwide in major publications (several in Rolling Stone, Blender and Entertainment Weekly to name a few). I wrote a slew of new songs that I'm proud of. I got to meet a lot of phenomenal artists from Kenny Chesney to Liz Phair to Kanye West. My photos appeared in DVD's by Sevendust and Edwin McCain. Most importantly, I had another 365 days with all the family and friends that I started '04 with. And not only do we begin this year with all of the people that began the last one with us, but my family added McKayla Lee. After '03, that's the most important thing to me.

So to all of you who made it through the year...congrats...and all the best in 2005.

Let's hope to meet '06 together.

Click here for the end of '04 as we knew it...