Critical Darlings Put On Weight But It's Just More For You To Love


March 1, 2007


Howdy to you!


I know, I know. It's been a while. You thought we were done. You thought you wouldn't hear from us again. Guess what? We're back and we're bigger than ever.


Seriously, Frank and I have got two new guys in the band so our net weight has gone up by a couple of hundred pounds since we were last a complete lineup. So yeah – we're definitely bigger.


Ever since founding drummer Tom Bavis quit the band in the fall of '05, we have been searching high, low and everywhere in between for just the right person to be our drummer . We were lucky enough to have Michael Rietveld sit in for the handful of shows that we did in '06 but Frank and I aren't much for long distance relationships and Mike lived a couple of hundred miles away.


So we searched and we searched.


Near the end of the summer, I was ready to give up. The towel was held up and ready to be thrown in when guitarist / vocalist Joe Orr swooped down from New Jersey to Athens and joined a group that was considering the end. Joe's amazing enthusiasm was contagious and helped Frank and I to see how important it was to keep on going. So we searched some more…and then some more. We must have gone through 20 or so candidates with only a handful making it past our difficult pre-audition gauntlet. There were a couple of strong choices. One was more of a rocker. One was more indie. We could go either way and make it work. A few people let me know that they believed that we were wrong to not take the first person capable of the job. I didn't care. I wanted THE drummer, not just a drummer.


Then it happened. In early February 2007, Josh Couillard showed up at Nuci's Space for his audition. We literally didn't even get to the vocal of “Towel Cape Song” before I knew something special was happening. Then we tested him with a brand new song called “Sadder Day” and he nailed it. From there, it was a free-for-all. Josh knew when to push and pull. He was confident and sure. He followed us into musical places that didn't even know and we all came out unscathed. We ran through lots of our songs and eventually degenerated into a smile-filled jam of covers (which is very rare for us).


Frank, Joe and I pretty much knew that night that Josh was the right guy for us. We talked it over for a few days before asking him to join on February 10. Since then, we've been digging in hard. We've worked up a few new songs to go with the standards and we're going crazy to get back out there. We've got new energy and it feels like we're on a new mission.


Within days of Josh becoming official, other things started to happen. After all this time, turmoil and hard work, everything suddenly began to fall into place. Even for someone as non-superstitious as me, it feels oddly cosmic. In addition to finally solidifying the lineup, we recently received a solid offer from an independent record label for a nationwide re-release of C'mon, Accept Your Joy . Things are on track for that to happen in the spring (which I hear is just around the corner). We're currently booking regional dates and rehearsing ourselves giddy in the meantime. We're also on track to record our second album, Satisfactionista by the end of the year and I cannot wait.


It took longer than anyone expected but we stuck it out (no double entendre intended) and eventually, it all fell together.


The Critical Darlings are happy here and now. It's good to be back.


We can't wait to see you out there. We will have several more announcements coming soon so keep checking the official site for major overhauls which will include new videos, demos and other oddities.


Be sure to check out all of the photos of the brand new lineup (and comment on them) by clicking here!


And since I haven't had a chance to say it yet, happy 2007!