Liar's Dance This song was originally done by Robert Plant on his underrated 1990 album Manic Nirvana. I've just always liked it and often play it when I'm sitting around with a guitar. So far, I've only performed it live once.

Green And Gold (McKay) This one appeared live for the first time when I was in Q-Sign. It was going to be on the second album (that never happened - I promise it was going to be killer). It did have different lyrics in those days and was called "You Never Know." We did it live pretty often. I recorded it for my out of print demo collection Perpetual Motion Machine, but this is the first time this version's been heard.

Go Away (McKay) I think this song is about anxiety (which I had a pretty intense case of for a while) and just feeling stuck in the same place. I wrote it after my Dad gave me a capo and I was experimenting with the new toy on the 4th fret. This wouldn't have existed without that simple little gift from Dad and neither would "Goodbye Tuesday." I'm glad he got to hear both of them. The last time I spoke to my Dad, he said, "Son - I've got to get out of here. I've been cooped up too long." Little did any of us know... That's how I felt when I wrote this one. This one's for you, Dad. Thanks.

A Song For You Sure, it's sappy but it's just so well written. This is a Leon Russell song but I'm covering Willie Nelson's cover of Leon's song. To hear the version that I'm stealing from, check out the amazing Willie Nelson And Family Live album from '78.





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