C'mon, Accept Your Joy Review
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December 2005



You've probably seen Chris McKay more often at other people's shows than at his own. The Athens-based songman makes a good living as one of the busier and more gifted concert photographers in these parts, and he can often be spotted in the photo pits doing the "first three songs, no flash" routine, snapping away at the prancing rock stars just above him. His band, The Critical Darlings, offers him the chance to trade places with his camera subjects, albeit on much smaller club stages. The CD's new CD, C'mon, Accept Your Joy, gives a solid overview of the trio's talent for big, clever, Beatles-informed power pop, like if Jeff Lynne produced Cheap Trick or something. Not every song hits paydirt, but there are enough gems on this album, like "Towel Cape Song", "Phony" and "Colors In Black & White", that I'm thankful that this dandy little combo exists.

Jeff Clark






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