Chris McKay & The Critical Darlings

Friday August 10, 2007


Gypsy G's Roadhouse
Greenville, SC



Review By Emily Kimball Of Side B Music


"Well, finally!

After two months of Chris McKay being down with pneumonia, The Critical Darlings were able to hit the stage again. From the get go you could tell that Chris was nervous about being able to pull it off but everything turned out just fine. While this wasn't as great as the Chattanooga gig last May (That show was amazing and easily one of the best shows I've seen.), it was still a very entertaining night.

They opened with "Colors in Black and White" to check levels since they hadn't had a sound check. Next they tore into the usual "The Only Way" which rocked as it should. When they got into the solo on "Sadder Day", Joe's amps started having a few problems due to a brown out in the club brought on by the all-time record high temperatures in the area. After this, Chris and Frank's amps proceeded to have the same problems but they managed to make it part of the running commentary.

Tonight they decided to change up the set list a bit with "Tonight Never Happened" which I had previously only heard in demo form. It sounded great. Having some real drums makes such a difference!


Following the usual pairing of "I Won't Stand Still" and "Phony", they were gently reminded about an older sister who was celebrating a birthday. Chris got the guys together to figure out what they should do. While they were discussing this, the crowd started yelling "Free Bird." This prompted Chris to start playing it (but with birthday appropriate lyrics that he ad libbed). Before long, Joe joined in with his slide. Josh and Frank were right behind. I believe this had to be the most hilarious thing I've ever heard but it fit the night perfectly! This started a free for all with people yelling requests. Someone shouted for Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" thus they started into it. They even took on Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)". This really began to rile the crowd up onto their feet. The Darlings finished the night with the typical "Taking Its Toll" and "Give Up Town" as the crowd yelled for encores."


Thanks for the review, Emily! You caught everything but the humidity! Pics are up from the show in the photos section right now (starting with the page before last). Check 'em out if you wish!

Greenville, SC Set List

(with Chris’ totally biased ratings for the evening!)

1. Colors In Black & White ***
2. The Only Way ****
3. Sometimes I'm Sam ****
4. Waiting For The Siren ****
5. Sadder Day **
6. Towel Cape Song ***
7. I Know Too Much (For My Own Good) ****
8. Tonight Never Happened ***
9. I Won't Stand Still ***
10. Phony ****
11. Free Bird (With Birthday Lyrics) **
12. Whole Lotta Love (Jam) ***
13. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) (Jam) ***
14. Taking Its Toll ****
15. Give Up Town ****

There's more coming sooner than later!