Chris McKay & The Critical Darlings

Sunday December 9, 2007

5 Points Pub

First full, original show with Joshua Harrison!

Columbia, SC


For any of you that thought we couldn't do it again, HA!

One of our regular attendees gave the show a 10 out of 10. Another said Joshua was the best fitting drummer we've ever had. Everyone dug it...especially us.

The unanimous verdict is that it was the best show since the spring.


No time for a report as I'm just in town and about to power down for the evening before going back into the studio in the morning. Here's last night's set in case you were wondering.




Greenville, South Carolina Set List

1. Look Back In Anger
2. Rage On
3. The Only Way
4. Sometimes I'm Sam
5. Towel Cape Song
6. Sadder Day
7. I Won't Stand Still
8. Phony
9. Taking Its Toll
10. Give Up Town
11. Rebel Rebel



Oh yeah - and I did a special guest appearance with On By Seven at the very end of the night on their cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'". Yep.

You know photos are on their way from the gig. There are some new photos of the band taken in the green room prior to the show in the brand new promo / candid folder. Take it all in, friends.


This is ROCK!



P.S. Thanks to everyone at 5 Points Pub and On By Seven for having us out. We can't wait to come back out. Who knew that Sunday night in Columbia could and would rock so very hard?