Chris McKay & The Critical Darlings

Saturday January 26, 2008

Midtown Music Hall

Chattanooga, TN


Chattanooga bound! Had a good, strong show. We're starting to get back to consistency. Can't say this was the best show we've EVER done but it was totally representative of us and I was proud of the band. Prior to the show, we got to hang out with our friends Emily, Sarah and our new friend Laurie. Gina came all the way from Asheville, too. We played a full hour long set and did "I'll Be Fine" for the first time in probably 3 years. It felt like the highlight of the set for me! I wish Jessica and Dave could've made it out but there's always next time.

Here are a pair of reviews from Sarah and Emily about the show!



"Last night was fantastically amazing! The ROCK was in full force. I hadn't seen the boys since May so it was just nice to be able to catch up and chat. Frank, Joe, Josh, Gina, April, Emily and myself all went out to dinner at the Market Tavern and the food was pretty good. We all got back to the club and Chris and Amanda were there (we must have left a few minutes before they got there).

Chris, Joe, Frank and Josh went on stage at about 11. They played a good hour long set. The non-musical highlights for me included Frank's plaid pants and Joe's amazing white-boy dancing. Musically, the highlight was "Rage On". My favorite of the new songs currently being previewed on the band's myspace page (Note from Chris: not anymore!). That song just rules. The end part, where all the instruments cut out and Joe and Chris sing together makes the top of my head tingly. I love it!


Other highlights include the cover of Bowie's "Rebel, Rebel" and of course "Phony". I was surprised to see "I'll Be Fine" on the set list, especially because the other day I was driving around listening to the lyrics and thinking of how they can be applied to things in my life and wondering what it would sound like live... it sounded awesome!!

"Waiting for The Siren" was amazing too because we all shook out booties. I love that song. :)

After the show we helped load up stuff and everybody left pretty quick. I was kinda sad cos I didn't get to tell Joe bye but that's okay. I am always impressed by the fact that I don't see the guys for a while but when everybody gets together it's like we hang all the time. They are the nicest bunch of people. It was certainly amazing!!"




So you need corroborating evidence? Well, here's Emily's view.



"So this was my first time seeing them since they have acquired a new drummer. They sounded great, and the energy was great. Joe was doing some white boy dancing and it was fabulous. It was the best part of watching them along with the smoke machine that didn't always work (Ed. note: gee, thanks!).

The set list was changed up a bit and "I'll Be Fine" was a great add along with opening and closing the show with Bowie covers. They also played "Rage On" which allowed Joe to take some lead vocal which was awesome. He really should sing more lead. The end of that song where it is just Chris and Joe singing is fabulous as they can blend together very nicely.

Of course pre-show is always the best thing about a Darlings show and this time was no exception. Joe, April, Frank, Josh, Gina, Sarah, and I went to eat at Market Street Tavern and it was pretty good. We had some good convo. We then got back to the venue where Chris and Amanda had made it in. Everyone just chilled out and talked. When the guys did theirs, we got to hear "Tonight Never Happened" which still has to be my all time favorite song of theirs. The lyrics are just awesome and from what I'm hearing about the new recording it should rock.

It was a good time. It was nice to be back in Chatt!"


Thanks, girls for everything!



Chattanooga, TN Set List

(with Chris’ totally biased ratings for the evening!)

1. Look Back In Anger***
2. Rage On**
3. Towel Cape Song***
4. Sadder Day****
5. The Only Way****
6. Sometimes I'm Sam****
7. Waiting For The Siren***
8. Scared Of Myself****
9. I'll Be Fine**** (First time live in at least 2 years, maybe 3!)
10. I Won't Stand Still***
11. Phony****
12. Taking Its Toll****
13. Give Up Town***
14. Rebel Rebel****