Chris McKay & The Critical Darlings

Saturday October 27, 2007

Rhame Arena

Flip Flop Fest!!

With Mike Rietveld on Drums!

Camden, SC


INITIAL REVIEW (posted at FlipFlopFest site with a couple of pics):

Please send any pics or video you may have gotten from Saturday night's Camden show to so she can make a gallery. And we'd love to see some too!
Word is that we may have some video footage that we will be sharing soon.

As soon as we get it, we'll be posting... (Mary's Note: See below...)

We're back in Athens now, tired but happy, and still finding the occasional feather in an odd place (if you were there, you know).
We hope to do it again and see friends new and old. Thanks so much Camden, Mary Ann and everyone involved.

This is from the festival website (check it out at

"If you missed Chris McKay's set, you missed the show of the year. Camden has NEVER hosted such a show. But, it will host one again - next year, lessons learned and friends made, we'll continue MaryAnn's legacy, forever in her name, forever in her debt.

If you missed it - you missed an incredible show. There were so many different genres of music, but I personally loved the rockers :) Of course :) Chris Currie's band Seven Mile Scream woke the place up around 5 pm with a performance that had me in awe. I haven't heard him play live since, well, his house in high school. Chris McKay said that he was going to try to get a show together with them - how freaking awesome would that be??? Our favorite bands bringing down the house at the same time?


From then on, the only lulls in the day were the breaks between bands when the DJs music played. Highlights of the night were The Stellas performing Weezer, Currie doing an amazing cover of Pink Floyd's fabulous Comfortably Numb, a happy return to 80's hair glamor brought to us by Cartoon Factory , a full force show by The Stellas, and then, for the absolute piece de la resistance, Chris McKay and The Critical Darlings making Camden actually freaking ROCK. It was work, I gotta tell you, but it happened, and the catharsis and channeling of MaryAnn's spirit was mystical and astounding. If you were there for the final song of the final set, you will only be able to say that the entire Festival was a resounding, thrilling, metaphysical success.

And, we grossed over $2000 -

Mission Accomplished :)"

Danielle Bailey

From C:


Well, I guess the Flip-Flop experience is done. I created an entire photo folder dedicated to our arena debut last Saturday and have added a lot of pictures that came in since I originally posted them. Check it out under My Photos and look for the Flip-Flop folder! Now included are pics of me joining Cartoon Factory for "Rock & Roll All Nite" and some shots of the set-up in addition to the carnage of the main set.

And for the someone who asked, here's the set list for Flip-Flop Festival. I'll try to get up the last few show reports now that the craziness has lowered its pitch for a few days.

Critical Darlings @ Flip-Flop Festival In Camden, SC - October 27, 2007

(I think the order's right. We went off the set list a couple of times, though.)

1. The Only Way
2. Sometimes I'm Sam
3. Waiting For The Siren
4. I've Done Everything For You
5. Sadder Day
6. Brown Sugar
7. Towel Cape Song
8. I Know Too Much (For My Own Good)
9. Rage On
10. Scared Of Myself
11. I Won't Stand Still
12. Phony
13. Taking Its Toll
14. Give Up Town
15. Dancing With Myself


And now for my favorite quote regarding the fest,

"Last night was the coolest thing to happen to Camden since I was born."

- Brik Ca$h



(Mary's Note: Is Chris on a trampoline?? WOW!!)

(Answer: No, he can just seriously jump...)


(Awesome inspirational sign by Wade Sellers!)






Photos by Benji McKay. Copyright 2007.