Chris McKay & The Critical Darlings

Thursday November 29, 2007

10 High

David Bowie Tribute Night

First real performance with Joshua Harrison!

Atlanta, GA


Show Report From Joe Orr!

ATLANTA, GA - The Critical Darlings last night slung forth a more-than serviceable little 2-song rock-n-roll eruption during the David Bowie tribute at 10 High night club in Atlanta.

Our suitably exciting choice of songs landed us the opening slot on the bill, and we kicked things off with our own versions of "Look Back in Anger" and "Rebel, Rebel". And we managed to deliver them with the requisite surplus of moxie and swagger, thanks to a bedrock-solid debut performance by first-time-gig drummer Josh Harrison.

It also didn't hurt that promoter Curtis Clark and the club staff were genuinely cool, friendly people who made us feel right at home. Our sound check was brief and highly professional and, let me tell ya folks, THAT doesn't always happen and when it does it's much appreciated. The club itself was great, and the stage and equipment were top-notch.

When all your ducks are in a row as such, all you have to do as a performer is perform like your pants are on fire. So we just sort of dropped the pedal.


"Look Back In Anger" is a propelled, almost hard rock-type song, sort of like "Barracuda" or "The Immigrant Song", but is also decidedly disco. Electric Pop with an artistic flair that you can dance to; kind of exactly like what the Darlings are currently doing in the studio for the Satisfactionista album.

While I was boogie'n, I looked over at Frank DeFreese (bass) and he was boogie'n, too.


Meanwhile, dolled up in a nice vest, coat and slacks, turns out Chris (vocals, guitar) had whipped out a tube of lipstick and was gussying himself up right in the middle of "Rebel, Rebel", and otherwise hamming things up most theatrically.



For the band, this Bowie tribute was a good opportunity to loosen our collars a notch or two and have fun in an urban environment without worrying about the presence of wet blanket types who might frown on our antics (read: being ourselves). I think that Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings are at our best when we just let it roll. And with Josh Harrison on board, I can smell the chemicals of chemistry.

Speaking for all, it was a real pleasure to meet a whole lot of great people last night, especially those of you who came out specifically to see us! Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


(A personal note and testimony from Mary: This show was the first time I saw Chris McKay & The Critical Darlings. Let me tell you, they TORE IT DOWN!  By the end of their two songs, they had the crowd at a deafening level, which is unheard of for an opening band... at least at 10 High!  Between the ROCK, the lipstick and being so incredibly nice to this drunk girl gushing over how "Bowie" their performance was and how much she loved it, they absolutely made me a fan for life!  Hell, I'm even voluntarily doing their website now!  :) )