Saturday October 2, 2004 - Mulligan's - Atlanta, GA
(with Nekkid, Mudflap Icons and others...)

What a strange night! It was impossible for this show not to be a disappointment after last night's high but we got through it pretty well, I think! Thanks to Doug for inviting us out, Mulligan's and all the other bands for being so cool to us and showing us support. Because of last night's lack of sleep and exhaustion (some of it from surviving the sheer stress of the previous 24 hours), I was exhausted. My voice was shot from last night's "Meet & Greet" and I was generally feeling like something one might scrape from the bottom of one's shoe. By the time we beat the street maze to find Mulligan's, I was wiped out. We got there and volunteered to play first so we could then beat it out there and get some sleep. So less than 24 hours after our last performance we were at it again.

We really did dash through tonight's set. There were no lights on us and due to the setup of the club, we could hardly even see any audience. It's hard to channel energy when it's not really coming at you. There was suitable applause at the end of each song and I could see a couple of guys straight on that were getting into it but I was too out of it to do my best. I really don't think we could've played through the songs any faster. We dropped "Everyday" and for the first time ever didn't play "Colors In Black & White," "Towel Cape Song" and "Taking Its Toll." Honestly, they required too much effort and none of us had the strength to do the material justice. We should get an A for even making it to play. We'll have to learn how to put on the eyebrows even when we're feeling this rough as we go along, but we just haven't gotten there yet.

The only really notable thing about this show (besides it being our first metro Atlanta appearance) was that we debuted "Emotions To Free." So we still snuck in a newbie. Of course, we nearly had the biggest musical catastrophe we've ever had during that one. First off, it was waaaayyy too fast. And then somehow, Tom and Frank got sidetracked at the solo section. So sidetracked, in fact that I couldn't even play the odd notes that I usually play. We wound up doing some godawful, free-form, out of tune thing for 4-8 measures until I figured out a way to slide 'em back in. I did a lead in and voila, we were back in the game. Muscle memory prevailed and we were okay for the rest of the night...thanks to all of our over-rehearsal

After "Worms," we wrangled up "Creepy Jackalope Eye" for the first time in 3 and a half months. It was kind of fun to revisit it but I prefer the segue from "Taking Its Toll" into "Give Up Town." I just think it's much more powerful and effective. Sometime in the middle of "Give Up Town," I finally woke up and started feeling better. Too bad it was the last song!

Overall, this show was probably the equivalent of the 9-28 show at Tasty World. Not good, not bad - just there. Although, I do think the playing was a bit better tonight.

Completely biased star reviews of each song performed.

1. Until The Road Ends****
2. Sometimes I'm Sam****
3. I Won't Stand Still****
4. Phony****
5. Emotions To Free (N)**
6. She Walks****
7. Worms On The Pavement****
8. Creepy Jackalope Eye***
9. Give Up Town****

Afterwards, we hung around for a while. I felt a little self-conscious among all the big tattoed boys with pompadours and their goth-like girls but everyone was super nice. A few of the remaining "Goodbye Tuesday" CD's even left with people who you wouldn't think would've given us the time of day. It just goes to show. That's the main thing I learned tonight. Apparently, this band has stumbled upon something fairly universal. This was a mostly rockabilly show. When one of the other band members came up to say how much he liked us, I asked my usual question about what he thought we sounded like. He thought a second and said, "I hear a little Texas rockabilly, a little Blondie and a little Rolling Stones. It's a great mix." matter who we play with, they seem to project on us what they like to some degree. It's very odd but it's super cool. Let's hope we can bottle this lightning.

Photos by Amanda Stahl.