Chris McKay & The Critical Darlings

Friday January 4, 2008


10 High

Atlanta, GA



To catch up with the band stuff, we did our 2008 debut at 10 High in Atlanta last Friday.

1. The Only Way
2. Sometimes I'm Sam
3. Rage On
4. Towel Cape Song
5. Sadder Day
6. I Won't Stand Still
7. Phony
8. Taking Its Toll
9. Give Up Town
10. Rebel Rebel


That there's yer set list. Overall, I think the show was fine. That's especially true if you consider how little we've gotten together to rehearse, much less to finesse! My main complaint was with myself. I didn't deliver as much energy as I like to during a set.

All of us had more errors than usual. Even the usually perfect newbie-drummer-boy Josh dropped a few beats. It's cool. We're getting refocused and back on track and it was still a perfectly good show. In fact, we haven't had a bad one since...well, I'll just let that go or someone in particular will think I'm ragging on him.


We made quite a few new friends and solidified some more relationships. I wish I'd had time to get the word out to all of our Atlanta people. Next time, I will for sure.


Curtis, Hans, Jessica, Ganesh and the whole 10 High / Metalsome crew were amazing to us and we can't thank them enough. Special thanks also goes out to Quint for all the load-out help.

Tonight also got us a return invite to 10 High as well as one to Smith's Olde Bar so there's a lot to come as soon as we can get through a little bit more of the album.


And we hope to see the TN crew in Chattanooga on the 26th!