Saturday June 9, 2004 - Georgia Theatre - Athens, GA
(with Mean Weiner and Little Green Chairs)

Well, this day was full of obstacles and strange problems. I guess we were due for it. Among the major problems were the lack of a working bass rig and no soundcheck. It was rough. At the last minute, I decided to go against my instincts and listen to the sound man. Big mistake. I always set my guitar volume loud enough for everyone to cue off and get a thick sound. Last night, I turned down to where the sound man wanted me and the first critique I heard was that the guitar wasn't loud enough. That's REALLY bad with a 3-piece. Oh well, we made it through, I learned to do it my way (again - that's what I always learn, I still don't know why I second guess sometimes) and we made a few new friends who really seemed to enjoy us. With all the little problems we had all day, I fully expected a disaster. This band apparently doesn't do that, though. We did fine. The mix just left a bit to be desired. Overall, I wasn't nearly as happy with this one as Saturday's show but it was still better than the average Star Zero or Q-Sign set.

Before I go any further, I have to thank the Mean Weiner guys for lending us their bass rig. Don't know what we would've done without you! Thanks. And that cover of "Believe It Or Not" really hit the spot (although I liked the one about the "Blinker" a lot, too). You put on a heck of a show and I appreciated you going above and beyond!

Also, it was great to see my friend Michael Arnold again. His first band and my first band used to do shows together a lot back in SC. He came out with the Weiner boys to do sound for them. (I only wish I'd asked him to do sound for us, too!) If you happen to see this, keep in touch!

Alright so here we go. We started off with the "Until The Road Ends" / "Sometimes I'm Sam" double shot again. Unfortunately, "Sam" was short circuited by pedal board problems. Some cables got tangled up and/or in the way so I had to use the wrong tone for it. It wasn't too bad but it was definitely not right. "Into My View" followed. I think we did it better tonight than ever. It also got one of the biggest responses of the night which I was pleased to hear. It's a personal favorite after all. "Phony" did fine. That's my "trigger" song. It's where I usually relax and turn it up a bit. Tonight was no different. Another nice round of applause. Next up was the return of "Goodbye Tuesday." It's the focus of our new EP so we've got to start regularly doing it. Had some slight pedal problems still but it wasn't that noticeable. We played it well for not having done it in a while. For a change, I bumped "The Towel Cape Song" up from near the end. It was a great change for pacing. It was a bit tougher on my voice at this point but it wasn't too bad. In fact, that was the best we've ever done that one, too, and it went over better tonight than ever. "Down" came next. We haven't performed that one before so we were a bit nervous about it. At least Tom and I were. Ironically, we did our parts fine. Frank kind of flubbed the transition back into the slow part but I'm not sure if people that don't know the song would've picked up on it. The weird thing was that "Down" seemed to easily be the least popular song of the night. It's always done really well but at the end of it tonight, there may as well have been crickets and tumbleweeds blowing by. Phew! Very strange. I guess it'll stay in alternate mode. That's tough for me 'cause it's probably still my very favorite song that we do. It didn't get much better next. I think Frank relaxed enough to get nervous 'cause he totally blew the middle 8 in "Colors In Black & White." Between that and more pedalboard difficulties that song got its first mediocre response. Things picked up again with the next few. "Worms On The Pavement" continues its streak of being one of the most popular to my eternal surprise. "Taking Its Toll" was pretty freakin' good. We're getting really consistent on that one now. During the big solo section at the end, I flicked one of my picks out to Jonathan who had been picking on me earlier about my arena rock tendencies. I decided to "pick" on him here. It got a good laugh but I whizzed it by him too fast for him to catch it. As always (and probably for the forseeable future) we ended with the double shot of "Give Up Town" (dedicated to Mean Weiner and Columbia, SC) and "Creepy Jackalope Eye." Again, these rocked just fine. They're perfect closers for us. So tonight "Sam," "Down" and "Colors" were disappointing but the rest was alright. That's a pretty good average (especially for a second show!)


After we finished, we hung out for a while doing the "meet and greet" thing. It was good to be finished as always and I'm still loving the responses we're getting. Tonight we were compared to Rush and The Beach Boys (?!?!?!?!). I haven't figured it out but I can't say I'm not a fan of both!

Thanks Sarah, Jonathan, Bud, Julia, Matt, Brian, Little Green Chairs, The Theatre, Troy Aubrey and everyone involved in getting us into or watching us play the Georgia Theatre on only our second date!


Completely biased star reviews of each song performed.

1. Until The Road Ends ***
2. Sometimes I'm Sam **
3. Into My View ****
4. Phony ***
5. Goodbye Tuesday**
6. Towel Cape Song****
7. Down ** (N)
8. Colors In Black & White**
9. Worms On The Pavement***
10. Taking Its Toll***
11. Give Up Town****
12. Creepy Jackalope Eye****


Of course, thanks to Amanda for taking the pics and keeping me together!