Chris McKay & The Critical Darlings

Thursday July 24, 2008


Tasty World (Upstairs)

Athens, GA



Review by Amanda McKay


This perfectly cromulent (Mary's Note: I LOVE that word) show was truly a comedy of errors. For starters, upstairs at Tasty World in July is very hot. It wasn't as bad as usual, but the bar was getting tons of business from sweaty patrons.
Even I was a tad warm.

The band jumped right in to ROCK mode with the first song, but before long, I couldn't hear Chris's vocals at all. I could just barely make out the melodies. Chris did some funny banter between songs, but I couldn't make out half of what he said even though I was in the front row. Then, Frank had an issue with a cord. Believe it or not, the equipment problems degenerated even further when Joe broke a string.



Unfazed, Joe picked up Chris's backup strat and continued but within five minutes, he managed to break a string on the second guitar! Slightly and understandably flustered, he gave up playing and stood instrumentless, singing but not playing. The band ended the set just in the nick of time, it seemed...they were running out of instruments! 

In spite of all the setbacks, it was still an enjoyable show. The band played well, and the songs are still top notch even when missing vital parts! Chris laughed off the broken string issues and kept the audience's support.


But Murphy's Law hadn't run its course yet. The box of brand spankin' new t-shirts somehow disappeared after the set and reappeared only after all the fans had gone home! I think Tasty World has some kind of prankster poltergeist that enjoys wreaking havoc on hapless bands.

So if you're a musician planning on playing Tasty very afraid!









Photos by Amanda McKay. Copyright 2008.