Chris McKay & The Critical Darlings

Friday May 23, 2008

Memorial Park

Clarke Central Class Of 2004

Athens, GA


A friend of Amanda's named Sarah asked if we would come out to the beautiful Memorial Park in Athens on a Friday afternoon to play some music for a 4-year high school reunion for Clarke Central High. We figured what the heck?

So we showed up at Shelter 3, found a nice spot in the corner and played for about an hour. It was as laid back as it gets. There we no mics or anything. Frank plugged in his bass and other than that, it was strictly unplugged.

It worked out pretty well actually. Josh beat on one of his middle eastern drums while tapping a tambourine with his foot. Joe and I just hit the guitars and sang as hard as we could. I was surprised at how the songs sounded the same (more or less).


This was a living room set no doubt.

I was thankful for the occasional dancers and the great welcoming vibe.

We also dug into a few deeper cuts that we usually don't get to play. Frank bailed out and had a sandwich while the rest of us did "From Now 'Til Then". We also dusted off "Until The Road Ends", "Down" and "An Uncertain Flight".

The pollen was irritating my throat and since it was so laid back, I asked Joe if he wanted to sing "Towel Cape Song". He did and it sounded pretty darn good. We closed off with good ol' "Give Up Town" which we hadn't done in a while.


I think this kind of thing is good for us and I look forward to doing more of 'em.

Thanks Sarah and the Clarke Central Class Of '04. Our performance was dedicated to Eve Carson.



Athens, GA Set List

(with Chris’ totally biased ratings for the evening)

1. The Only Way****
2. Sometimes I'm Sam****
3. An Uncertain Flight****
4. Sadder Day****
5. Phony****
6. Until The Road Ends****
7. Down ****
8. Scared Of Myself ****
9. From Now 'Til Then ***
10. Rage On****
11. Towel Cape Song****(Joe on lead vocals)
12. Give Up Town****