Chris McKay & The Critical Darlings

Friday April 4, 2008

The Tate Student Center

University of Georgia

Athens, GA



Maybe I’ll add the show report later (and maybe this is it) but I wanted to go on and post the set list and pics from the gig yesterday. Check ’em out in the photo section. It was a surprisingly fun day. I particularly loved the enthusiasm of the dancing / singing / coloring kids!


It’s too bad the Blue Flashing Light guys had to cancel because we had a really great time and it would’ve probably been even more fun if they’d have made it. Oh well. Karla could not possibly have been a better hostess and the show itself was totally off the cuff and quite accomplished if I do say so myself.







We didn’t even have a P.A. show up due to a mix up. So Joe rigged up a magical "double-mic" and taped it to a lampstand. Yes, you read right. We ran that through an amp and voila. It was all just fine.





And we forbid the rain from coming until we were done. Luckily, it listened.

And here’s what else it heard!



Athens, GA Set List

(WITHOUT Chris’ totally biased ratings for the afternoon!)

1. The Only Way
2. Phony
3. An Uncertain Flight
4. Rage On
5. Down
6. Tonight Never Happened
7. Waiting For The Siren
8. Happy Here And Now
9. Sadder Day
10. Sometimes I’m Sam
11. Towel Cape Song
12. Let It Be (One Verse And Chorus By Request)
13. I’ll Be Fine
14. Until The Road Ends
15. Scared Of Myself
16. Give Up Town



Good times. Ya shoulda been there.

Next time?

ROCK! (Acoustic style).