From Flagpole Magazine :

Nothing To Prove: Seems the summer heat has already gotten to Chris McKay , as the local songwriter got a wild hair last week and decided on a whim—his words—to go ahead and release his first ever solo release. The four-song EP, All Day Face , includes his newest solo recording, “Best Case Scenario”—imagine Steely Dan's “My Old School” as interpreted by The Sweet—along with three other tracks he's recorded during the past year. McKay says this release is hopefully the start of an EP series, because he “take[s] so very endlessly long to release full-lengths.” Longtime listeners will recognize the enthusiasm right off the bat, but this isn't a Critical Darlings release. As such, McKay is a little more expansive with his writing, especially on the head-in-hands weeper “Everything Must Go,” which, thematically, is a nice track to follow the upbeat “Best of What's Around.” Go have a listen at .








Exclusively available at this location is the expanded version of Satisfactionista, which includes 19 downloadable tracks for only $5.99. It's available in lossless FLAC or any standard mp3 format.

Satisfactionista features "The Only Way", "Sadder Day", "Rage On", "Tonight Never Happened", "Here And Now" and many more. This version also includes bonus tracks including the full-length "Waiting For The Siren", the acoustic take of "From Now 'Til Then" and an alternate version of "Something Unseen".









Exclusively available at this location is the expanded version of C'mon, Accept Your Joy, which includes 17 downloadable tracks for only $4.99. It's available in lossless FLAC or any standard mp3 format.

C'mon, Accept Your Joy features "Towel Cape Song", "Phony", "I'll Be Fine", "Sometimes I'm Sam " and many more. This special edition also includes pre-production recordings and 3 Critical Darlings tracks that have never been released (including the band's first recording, "I Won't Stand Still" as well as "Someone's Trying To Tell Us Something" and a demo of "Everyday").








For the first time ever, Chris' pre-Critical Darlings solo release, Center Of The Universe, is available for download for only $4.99.

The album includes the original studio recordings of "Sometimes I'm Sam", "I Won't Stand Still, "I'm Gonna Save The World" and many more. It also features the original version of "Always", which Chris now performs with The Spinoffs. This album has never before been available in digital form.







For the first time ever, Q-Sign's Earth Loops And Goodness is available for digital download for only $4.99.

Q-Sign was Chris' band in the late 1990's. Many Critical Darlings songs were written with Tom O'Gorman when the 2 were in this band. A few of those songs even show up on Earth Loops And Goodness. The complete, original 10 song album + 4 bonus tracks (inluding the band's cover of Free's "Oh I Wept") are available to download for the first time ever.








Available for digital download for the first time ever, The NoSo Collection is a compilation of tracks from Chris' earliest studio recordings in the early to mid-1990's, many of which were recorded with his band Nowhere Society.

This is an 80 minute, 20 track compilation available in lossless FLAC or standard mp3 formats for only $4.99. Click here to stream most of the tracks and learn more about the sessions.










These are experiments, demos and covers that have been done for fun over the years. These are totally free and downloadable or streamable. You will only find these here! The covers go from Prince to The Carter Family to The Supersuckers to Elvis Presley to Robert Plant to a cover of Willie Nelson's cover of Leon Russell! Enjoy!