Sunday May 9, 2004



Edited photos all day again...

Tomorrow I should have the 3 Rivers Music Festival, Music Midtown Festival and Blink-182, Cypress Hill, Taking Back Sunday photos only galleries up at Concert Shots.

In a week or so, I should have up Bowie, "Weird Al" and Shania with reviews.

Happy Mothers Day, ya mother.




Saturday May 8, 2004

David Bowie delights and confounds Chastain Park in Atlanta.




I'm so happy to have seen David Bowie again tonight. Of all the times I've seen him, none have been able to compare to the first, but each time he does something that makes it different from last time. Of course, the highlights for me were much different than the audience favorites. The audience was up for "China Girl," "Rebel Rebel," "Ziggy Stardust," "Suffragette City", "Heroes," etc. Me? Oh, I was much more thrilled to hear "Always Crashing In The Same Car," "The Supermen," "Looking For Water," "Battle For Britain" and "Fall Dog Bombs The Moon." The band was great, too. Much more straightforward than the Reeves Gabrels-era band. Guitarist Earl Slick has a much better understanding of the Spiders material. He was also the guitarist on the Diamond Dogs Tour and John Lennon's guitarist on Double Fantasy. There were some disappointments. "The Loneliest Guy" and "Sunday" were even more boring live than on record and he had to cut "Five Years" due to curfew. Overall, it was a solid set. Probably my 3rd favorite show of the year so far (after Prince and The Darkness).

Earlier in the day, Frank and I got together to rehearse a bit. We've really got an overwhelmingly long set list now for a band that hasn't ever played. We've got a solid hour and a half of material with the new songs and covers.

I'm impressed. I hope we can get 'em all tight enough for performance by show time next month.




Friday May 7, 2004

Blink-182 in Atlanta

It's been a much calmer day. Perhaps even boring (so far). All I did was edit pics, proof read a script, get my new external hard drive working and...well, that's it I think. I'll be heading out to Atlanta in about an hour for the first amphitheatre show of the season. It's Blink-182 and Cypress Hill. I'm not particularly excited about seeing either one but I've never shot either of them so it could be good to have 'em.

Tomorrow's the one I'm excited about. Bowie cancelled last night in Florida due to a local crew member falling to his death. He's not playing tonight either. I feel terrible for the person who died and his family but I hope tomorrow's show goes on in ATL. We've all been waiting waaaayyy too long for this show.

Gotta get ready to go...



Thursday May 6, 2004

There's so much going on I don't even know where to begin today. I'm officially a WireImage photographer (I signed contracts yesterday and got confirmation today), I got copies of the new Sevendust CD/DVD that I took a bunch of trading card pictures for (really cool packaging), had to get in contact with Rolling Stone about some possible work, had to send about 100 pics to Pollstar for their spread on Music Midtown, got cleared to photograph Stereophonics and David Bowie this Saturday, got cleared to shoot Cypress Hill and Blink-182 tomorrow, had a shout out to me on the 99X website (click on link, go to "Mornings," then "Read more..." next to Weekend Reacharound) from the fabulous Caren West for my work this weekend, got hired for a second year as the official photographer for Centennial Olympic Park's On The Bricks Summer Concert Series, bought a new 200gig external hard drive to hold my photos and worked a bit on Concert Shots.

Unfortunately, I had to do all this without much sleep as there was a strange (and strained) family situation going down last night. Suffice it to say it sucks and I've had enough. I need to sleep tonight. Maybe the Friends finale will relax me so I can rest before the hectic weekend sets in. (WHAT??? The weekend is back already?)

I'm still improving health wise. I've still got a bit of pain from the pleurisy and (yes) the Maddening Cough is still there on occasion but I'm strong and better enough to where I don't feel I can complain. Stupid "mourning" sickness. That's what I'm going to call it from now on.

It was cool to go into Best Buy to get the new hard drive and see the Sevendust CD on the stands when I know my name's listed in the liner notes. That's the first time that's happened and the first time I've had my work featured in a major release album.

I can't help wonder what the next year will bring. As long as we all make it through it, I think I'll be satisfied.



Wednesday May 5, 2004


It's good to be back to a more trivial day. I've got to go get Mother's Day cards today. Then I'm off to buy an external hard drive to store my pics. I've filled this 80gb with pics and need much more room to move on.

I've also got to put in for credentials to cover Rick Springfield and Fleetwood Mac next week. I should hear back regarding this Saturday's David Bowie show today or tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me. This is one I've been dreaming of.

Other than that, I've just got to work on getting Concert Shots updated again.

Also - I just got word that Columbia, South Carolina based Step Out Of The Line Magazine has just released their 2004 CD compilation and I'm on it. They included the never-officially-released (yet) song "Sometimes I'm Sam." This version was recorded at Sold Out Studios with me playing everything except drums, which (of course) were provided by Michael Rietveld. Click here to download "Sometimes I'm Sam" exclusively from Step Out Of The Line Online! It's track 11.Just click on the song title. Be sure to also pick up a hard copy at music stores and newstands in the Columbia area!

Here's Todd Mathis' quote about the song.

"McKay is the former guitarist of Star Zero fame. Residing in Athens, Georgia, he's been working on quite a collection of original tunes. He released the Towel Cape Album last year, and this track is from a forthcoming release. It has a nice country-type guitar lick that reminds me a bit of Guitar Town-era Steve Earle or “Honky Tonk Women” Stones. I like it. A lot."

What a compliment! Thanks, Todd.



Tuesday May 4, 2004


Spent my day editing the second half of the 2,500 pics. I can't believe I did initial edits on all of them in 2 days flat.

I got a message from The Strokes regarding a pic of their bass player that they really liked. I told 'em they could use it on their website. It's up at under their tour diary section.

I also got notification that I have been accepted as a photographer for Wire Image. You can actually see a lot of my shots from Music Midtown up at already. This is huge for me. I'm definitely not worthy but proud that they would allow me to be a part of the biggest and best stock photo gallery in the world. I'll be signing contracts by the end of the week. Unbelievable.




Monday May 3, 2004  

Spent my day editing the first half of the 2,500 pictures I took over the weekend. No time for anything else.

I've got to take the time here to say thanks to everyone who made this weekend so cool.

First off, thanks to Rick for having me on the team again. Thanks to Frank, Liz, Ben, Scott and Bridget for being so cool to work with. Thanks to Caren for hooking Amanda up (and generally looking out for both of us) and thanks to Amanda for helping me so much and making it possible for me to get everything done.

It was also good to see the usual Atlanta photogs as well as Doug and Jason from NC and all the rest that I don't see very often.

Wow! I can't believe another midtown is done.

See my report by clicking here for the end of last week's entries - with pics of Courtney Love, The Strokes and Kansas.