This page is just a bunch of things I've come across on the net to distract me from work. This stuff ranges from the bizarre to the controversial to nerd-geek boring! You've been warned!



The Onion - where I get all my news.

See what the White House is really up to! (Donated by Matt)

Go here now. I can waste days here. Don't miss the soundboards! (Donated by Moby)

Real Ultimate Power ((Donated by Amanda)

Origami Boulder\(Donated by Benji)

Googlism (Learn everything you need to know about anything.)

How you say...Engrish??? ((Donated by Emily And Ian)

Need some motivation to get through your day?
THEN DON'T GO HERE! (Donated by Sarah)

Weekly World News - Find Out The Truth!

This Is Where We're Searching For Inspiration For Our Album Cover Art

A Place To (Donated by Benji)

Gollum kicks it. ((Donated by Amanda)

It's Peanut Butter / Jelly Time! (Donated by Benji)


FINALLY, The Beatles Reunite! But who would've thought it would be by joining forces with Metallica! I give you Beatallica!
This is my website of photos, reviews and interviews that
I've done with performers great and small.



Play along!

'80s Music Lyrics

Music Trivia

Top Selling Albums

This is simply the best live music
based site on the net.
Plus...they use a lot of my photos!



RELIGION (Need some inspiration?)

Jesus Christ Action Figure

With you always...

How 'bout some more?

Resolving Difficulties...

Jesus Christ Superstore

Still the premier mag for rock and pop music
...and you guessed it, every now and again,
they use my pics, too!


What's up with...


Gene Simmons?


This is where I got started with writing and
photography. They still use my
pics and reviews regularly.


More random insanities...

Which Monty Python And The Holy Grail Character Are You?

Sitcom Character Or Dictator? (Try it! It beat me!)

Chachi's been around...

Pets Or Food (WARNING! Not funny to vegetarians!!!!) (NOT donated by Moby)

ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US! (Donated by Emily and Ian)

(Warning: Does not necessarily reflect my views.
Well, not most of 'em anyway.) (Donated by Sarah)

Christmas Bliss

Blue Man Group Rocks! (Donated by Lori)

Monty Python

Exploding Dog

Super Greg! (Donated by Benji)

So what are you? Test and see.

The Smoking Gun

Does this person love toast...or hate it?

Badgers, Mushrooms and Snakes...Oh My! (Donated by Emily and Ian)

We need more singing horses. (Donated by Lori)

The Duel

Time to go. Hope you had fun. I've got to get "On The Road Again."



This is a site of a fellow photog based in the Charlotte, NC area.
For a change of pace, they DON'T use any of my photos...
but they do use my brother's!


The REAL State Of The Union Address.

Oh, Rummy!

Iraqi Foreign Minister - Remember Him?


Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Bush Watch

Michael Moore's site

Bush News

It's Time...

How much is this costing you???



Shut Up And Die!



...and this would be my brother's own site.


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