Sunday June 6, 2004



Very little was done today. It was a resting day. Amanda and I cleaned up the accumalating junk in the ole residence and I tried to give her some more lessons in handling a straight drive truck.

That was it. We lazed around the rest of the day. It was needed.




Saturday June 5, 2004

Here's me, Tom and Frank at our first official show - Tasty World / Athens, GA.



First off, my distinct apologies for being late with this update...again. I took a ride on the Mothership last night, rehearsed and did the first official Critical Darlings show today. That's about it. That's plenty!

Parliament / Funkadelic was almost as killer as ever last night. The first 3 songs alone lasted 40 minutes! They did Zappa's "I'm The Slime" again. This time they even had the girls singing it. I thought it was just instrumental before. After The Wailers got going and throughout Parliament's set, there was a cloud hanging over the stage and audience...and this kind of cloud didn't hold rain if you know what I mean!

Well, Ronald Reagan died today. I can't say the man wasn't a big part of my youth and I can't say that I don't have a bit of a soft spot for him (even if I disagree with a lot of his politics). Back when he was running for president, he took over my Mom's office at the Kershaw County Courthouse in SC as his headquarters while he was in town. Amanda was a wee lass at the time and her parents took her to see him. She has an autograph on a business card that he gave her in our bedroom.

As for today's activities, read all about the Critical Darlings show by clicking these here words that are a different color!





Friday June 4, 2004

Coming Soon! The "Goodbye Tuesday" EP


I think blowing everything off last night really helped. I'm still being pulled all over the place but I'm making a little headway and feeling more focused. Of course, within a few hours I'll be on site at On The Bricks again. Then tomorrow I have rehearsal and our very first real show is tomorrow night. I'm actually incredibly nervous. I shouldn't be. There won't even be anyone there! It's summer in Athens for God's sake. Oh well, gotta jump in and get over these nerves. There's another show Wednesday. I'm hoping that we'll be able to record one or both shows and I'll put up some tracks here.

Oh, go to Pollstar today. A shot I took of former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick is up there. He was playing with Grand Funk Railroad in Columbia. It's one of two alternating home page shots, so if it's not there when you go to it, just hit refresh. You can also see it in the PHOTO section. They had a shot of The Steve Miller Band of mine two days ago. It's in the archive there.

With Bruce, it's kind of funny. He's been out of the spotlight for so long (and out of KISS for 9 years). After the Grand Funk show, I told him I was going to try to get him some national publicity by getting his pic in Pollstar. He just kind of laughed like it would never happen and said "Thanks." Well, guess what! I pulled it off, Bruce! Ha!

On other lines, The Towel Cape Album is almost gone. I found a few more in a box but there are only about 10 copies left total. I've decided not to repress it as it really doesn't represent the band. It makes us seem too acoustic. Since it's gone for all intents and purposes, I went ahead and had an EP printed up. It should be here within the week and certainly by our AthFest show. We'll probably just give them away as promos. You want one? Come to a show or write an article about us! Again, when they're gone, there will be no more. By then, maybe we'll have new recordings to release. The EP is going to be the single of "Goodbye Tuesday." I chose the rest of the tracks on compatibility, songs that we regularly play and / or not going to be re-released stuff. Here's the running order for the Goodbye Tuesday EP.

1. Goodbye Tuesday (Towel Cape Version)
2. Sometimes I'm Sam (previously available only on the 2004 Step Out Of The Line magazine compilation album)
3. Scared Of Myself (taken from Q-Sign's Earth Loops & Goodness)
4. Colors In Black & White (demo 2004)
5. Down (Towel Cape Version)

Oh...and there'll probably be 3 different covers. That's the one I designed to your upper left. Hopefully, Frank and Tom will have their own versions.





Thursday June 3, 2004

Yeah, so what. I was home and I missed updating the Diary today. You wanna make something of it? It's Friday and I'll just do it now.

I spent the day fragmented, distorted and out of sorts. I have so many things pulling at me I don't know which way to go. I worked bits on each and didn't feel like I got anything accomplished. When I got to about time to update this, I just said screw it. Amanda and I went to a nice, liesurely gorge at Ryan's. Sometimes comfort food really hits the spot.

Then we spent an even more liesurely evening at home. We watched the movie The End. It's such a great movie and completely out of character for Burt Reynolds in the '70s. Of course, at the time, it was a box office flop. One of his only ones. A suicide comedy just didn't hit the spot in the Carter era. So Reynolds spent the next few years doing Smokey & The Bandit and the like (Part 2, Part 3, Hooper, Cannonball Run 1 & 2, Stroker Ace). What a shame. I bought The End for 8 bucks. What a bargain. I recommend it highly.




Wednesday June 2, 2004


Today is the day that we got our first real print media attention. Flagpole ran a pic of us with the article on the Bands Without Fans show this weekend in Athens. You can see the article by clicking here. If you're around, come on out. At 9 p.m., we need all the friends we can get. No one comes out in Athens 'til 11.

In other media related news, check out the PRESS section. I added places to compile the coverage we receive monthly. So far, I have stuff up from May and June. I'll add to June as the month progresses. If you know of something that I missed somehow, please notify me. Click here to read the May Mentions and here for the June Mentions!

I've got to say it was odd getting a review of The Towel Cape Album in Step Out Of The Line. I sent a copy to Todd Mathis who's a friend of mine. He also happens to be the guy behind SOOTL. I wasn't trying to get a review, though. It's not even an official release. I just made it for my friends. Luckily, it's almost out of print so I won't have to worry about that kind of thing much longer. For the record, I agree whole heartedly with John's criticisms. I'm proud of The TCA for what it is - a collection of home demos done by me alone on a portastudio. I can't wait until they hear the OFFICIAL album, which we'll hopefully have done by the fall. It'll be a completely different beast.

I spent today putting together press materials and updating the kit. I fought the printer and I won, but it fought the hard fight. Took much longer than it shoulda. From now on, Kinko's it is.

Geez, I've got to rehearse. I haven't since the band got together a week and a half ago. With the first 2 shows looming within the next week, I've got to get on it.

As for Concert Shots, I don't know when I'm going to get it updated. It sucks but I'm having to let that take a backseat until the band gets on its feet and functioning. I knew it would happen sooner or later. I just didn't realize there would be so much, so fast. I guess that's the way it happens. I'm going for it.



Tuesday June 1, 2004


...and today? Did all my usual Monday activities...just on Tuesday, edited pics and such. I had a lot from On The Bricks obviously. God - I've still got to try and get Concert Shots updated by the end of the week. Oh well, at least I'm only typically behind and not ridiculously behind.




Monday May 31, 2004  

Ah - 'twas a travelling day. Went to the cemetary in Dad's truck alone. It might've been my first time there by myself but I doubt it. It was windy, warm and the Memorial Day American flags were blowing in the wind (no pun intended). There was a tent set up. Obviously, they had some kind of service later in the day. It was very moody at 10 a.m. A storm was on the horizon. I hope there's no metaphor in that.

Then I went over to Grandma's. I tried to climb a tree in the backyard. I succeeded but I ripped off plenty of skin. I guess I'm not as elastic as I used to be. Grandma and I just stood on the side porch. The weather was perfectly comfortable. It was one of those moments that kind of freezes in time. I stood on that porch with her the day I got my first record, the night that I was first played on the radio, the night before I moved away, the night that my Father died and today among countless other days. I just pray there's countless more to come.

Amanda met up with me there. We went to luch at LHOP with her parents. Then it was off to the stressful 200 mile trip home in a stick shift truck that I barely know how to drive. Amanda followed me. Surprisingly, we made it just fine.

I think all the stuff with the truck, birthdays and family has got me focusing on things it's probably best for me not to focus on right now. I'm fairly depressed again. Looking out the window at that blue truck in Athens is both comforting and nightmarish because I know why it's there. That truck is how my furniture got moved in to this house of ours. When Dad was on the way out after moving us in, I told him it would take years to get everything organized. He laughed and said, "No, when I get back up here you'll have it looking right." He never made it back. But the truck did.

Check out last week with Liz Phair, show updates, etc.