Sunday June 27, 2004



Spent Sunday editing pics from On The Bricks as well as a few that I hadn't gotten around to yet. Of course I spoke to Grandma and did that whole usual Sunday thing. A big chunk of the day was spent in organizing and straightening the living quarters.

Since I haven't been updating this here thing properly, please check out Pollstar. They've run several of my shots in the last couple of weeks. There are pics of Ween, Blink-182 and Fleetwood Mac just on the first page of photos. Check it out if you're interested.




Saturday June 26, 2004

Lajon from Sevendust at On The Bricks.




Diary...yes, I think I remember you. Don't I?

Sorry it's been so long before an update but I've just been so busy with reviews, pics, deadlines and such that I had to prioritize my time in such a way that the diary was at the bottom of the list each day. We'll get back in touch now, how 'bout it?

Last night I did my weekly On The Bricks gig. Tonight, Sevendust headlined. For those who have been paying attention, I shot the trading card and DVD menu pics for their current CD/DVD Double Wide Live. It was funny seeing the Mad Booking staff so concerned. They've never had a metal show at On The Bricks and clearly all those kids in black t-shirts had 'em worried. It looked like they were gonna have a reason to riot for a while. Heavy rain blew in repeatedly for the openers but not a note of music was missed. Everybody played anyway. The bands and their equipment got soaked due to all of the blowing water but they played! That's the spirit of rock and roll and especially hard rock. By the time Sevendust appeared, the fans were rabid. They went nuts and Sevendust gave them a stomping soundtrack for their nuts-itude! It's always funny for me to see the singer Lajon screaming his lungs out and putting on those threatening metal faces. He's such a sweetheart offstage, it always catches me off guard. Before the show, Lajon told Amanda he wanted to see me but I was busy. I did stick around to see him after the show. He ran up and gave me a hug. Lajon reminds me of my good friend Amp (who I haven't seen in too many years). Of course, all of the guys signed my trading cards. We headed back to Athens and Sevendust hit the skies for Seattle.

As for today, I spent most of it recovering. You'd think as often as I do late nights, my body would get it. It still doesn't. We did take the time to go see Fahrenheit 9/11 on its opening weekend. It's too important to not see. It's so strange to see what a political lightning rod Michael Moore has become. Amanda and I met him a few years back when he was working on Bowling For Columbine. We told him that her Dad hated him. He said, "Oh yeah, give him this." He scrawled on a piece of paper, "Yo, Ed, me and you, babe. Michael Moore." When we gave it to her father, he almost laughed before he threw it away. Hmmm...

As for the movie, it hit home. It deserves its hype. Don't be Sam. Go see it. Learn. Grow. Vote.




Friday June 25, 2004



It's back to work today! I can't believe how few shows I'm shooting at the moment. I'm just too busy with so many things. Unfortunately, the band's had to cancel our marathon sessions for the weekend as Frank can't make it. Since it's because he's got to start moving and he'll eventually wind up here, I guess it's a good thing. It just sucks because I cancelled a lot of stuff to free the weekend and now I've got no work and no rehearsal / writing session. Not much longer, not much longer.

I'm now off to On The Bricks. I think Sevendust is headlining tonight. I'll have to take the CD / DVD trading cards (featuring pics that I took but haven't been paid for yet) to get autographed. That'll be kind of cool to add to the Wall Of Shame.



Thursday June 24, 2004


Alright, today started bright and early. I got up to go visit Shawn before he had to leave to go to the Medical University Of Charleston for some more testing. He's been having a rough time lately and all I can say is, "Keep fighting!" It's always good to see Shawn and his wife Lori. Those two have been friends since we were kids.

After that, I had to dash over to Camden for my appointment with the lawyer. It seems pretty cut and dry. We have to just do basic accounting on my Dad's estate. It may have to go to a hearing because of one particularly nasty little leech. I can't believe she hasn't learned not to screw with us. Oh well, we'll deal with her like we have all the rest. I'm a nice, reasonable guy but you don't mess with me when it comes to my Dad. I'll find a way to bite back. I've broken out my teeth sharpener.

Then I spent a few minutes at Grandma's before the usual luch at LHOP before the trip home. What a depressing little trip this was. Let's just hope it sets the course for positivity.

Got home to Athens in the late afternoon...exhausted. I haven't been sleeping again and it's catching up.



Wednesday June 23, 2004


No time to really write today but I promised I'd fill every day in, so here goes.

I spent my day (surprise, surprise) editing and uploading pics to Retna then began working more on the closing of "Phony." The freakout's getting freakier, freakier and bigger. That's my day so far.

It's about 4 p.m. and I've got to get on the road to South Carolina. I've got a meeting with a lawyer tomorrow regarding my Dad's estate. The whole thing should be closing soon and we've got to tie up loose ends so we can move on with everything. Then as soon as the meeting's over, I've got to head back home for more work, On The Bricks and marathon rehearsal (with revisioning) this weekend.



Tuesday June 22, 2004


Okay...I believe this is literally the most boring day I've had since I started this site. All I did was edit pictures from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. I've still got more to do tomorrow. I've got to get a Big Show written and Concert Shots updated again.

I really don't know what else to say.

Oh, I did go to Rock Trivia last night. We came in second again! So close. We lost by 4 points. The stupid thing is that we forgot to write the second part of one answer down and there was at least one other silly little error that cost us the game. There's no one to blame but us.

Now I'm off to a perfectly boring evening!



Monday June 21, 2004  

Today is Monday. As always, that means playing catchup, editing and uploading and generally getting back on track. I've updated several of the photo sections with pics from Saturday night's show. To see them click on any or all of these links!

Roadhouse Report

Live Chris Pix

Live Band Pix

And in another example of how strange my life is to me, Bruce Kulick (formerly of KISS) and I have been emailing each other back and forth. The kid in me is giddy over it. He emails me to tell me how much he likes the pics of him that I took and I tell him how much I enjoyed his playing on the new Gene Simmons CD.

Despite all the traumas in my life recently, I'd be stupid to not realize how lucky I am.

To see last week (with an mp3 and pics of Eric Clapton and,, click here.