Sunday March 5, 2006




Man, was I an irritable cuss today. I don't know what it was. I know it was partially still from the sleep thing but man, I was in a mood. Luckily, I didn't really come into too much contact with people but I felt bad 'cause I let Amanda have it first thing in the a.m. Then I felt terrible about it. I guess that happens sometimes. She's certainly done it to me on occasion. Still, I would much prefer that it never happened.

Other than that, I didn't really do much of anything. We should have been rehearsing this weekend but nooooo. I'll take the blame for this one, though. Even though Mike told me he'd rather not do it this weekend, he made it clear that he'd come up if necessary. I took that as a good enough excuse. Of course, I realize that's exactly why the band's not further along than it is. I'm too easily persuaded to least when I'm as worn out as I am this weekend. And next weekend may only be worse since it's actually very busy from a photography standpoint.

In the evening, Amanda and I watched The Beat Of A Live Drum. It's a Rick Springfield concert from 1985 and it was pretty embarrassing for all involved parties. It tried WAY too hard. Although, I could've done with a little more Uncle Dick. And no, I'm not explaining. You can look into it yourself if you're so inclined.

When that travesty was over, we tuned into the Oscars. Thank God for Jon Stewart. I thought he was brilliant (even without his face pasted over my body). Still, the show seemed even more DULL and DRAWN OUT and BO-RING than usual. We gave up around 11 and had seen about 2 awards that anyone might care about. I was around to see "It's Hard To Be A Pimp" win for best song. It's cool that a rap song won for best song in the first year that one was nominated...but it's even cooler that it was just flat out the best song AND performance.




Saturday March 4, 2006








Well, Amanda's garden is blooming like crazy outside my window. I can't believe how fast those flowers are coming up and growing. It makes me feel good to look out and see all the yellows, whites and purples popping up. It's getting warmer. I can't wait. The season's beginning!

I took care of some bidness today while Amanda was out and around. When she got back, we (perhaps stupidly) splurged again by going to Johnny Carino's. It's unusual for me to go so often to the same place (especially when it ain't cheap) but that bread has become addictive to me. And the rest ain't so bad either.

Then Amanda and I refocused the metaphorical lens back on our ourselves with more of the State Of The Union issues. It wound up being a nicer night than it looked as if it might...





Friday March 3, 2006



So there! Are you happy now? This whole friggin' last 3 weeks is caught up. I tell you what. I came THISCLOSE to ditching this whole daily edition crap. It's nearly sucked the life out of me lately. Add that to the fact that I'm STILL not sleeping (up at 7 am working again - didn't get home 'til after midnight) and I just feel like crap. And besides last night, there's no excuse.

So I spent my day going back and forth with this diary, editing last night's pics and putting in for shows next week that I need to try and shoot. Luckily, they're all in Athens except the one I REALLY wanna see. QUEEN + PAUL RODGERS is playing 40 miles from here and while I put in for it over a week ago, I've got the sneaking suspicion that if I was cleared, I would've heard today. It's one of the ONLY shows I was really excited about seeing, much less shooting, and it looks like I'll probably be sitting home NOT sleeping instead.

But at least I'm back on track here. Enjoy ketching up with my ketchup.

And here's a word of advice from Amanda to all the ladies. If you're in a store and see samples of that Mary-Kate and Ashley brand of perfume (yes, guys, there is one), stay the heck away from it. She smelled it today and has felt like she was going to throw up ever since. I wish I was exaggerating! And if it actually smelled like Beach Honeysuckle (whatever that is), I don't think I'd have had to stop the car long enough for her to keep her insides in.

Have a good weekend.



Thursday March 2, 2006

Widespread Truckers? Drive-By Panic? was cool either way.



Even closer to having all this posted so you can read. It should've actually been totally finished today but I had a few other things come up. I've GOT to get this done by tomorrow 'cause I've been putting off putting in for show credentials and there's a WHOLE BUNCHA coming up.

Oh, you know how I've been talking 'bout all the new Prince stuff so much? Well, I just learned that "Black Sweat" is the highest debuting song on the Billboard Hot 100 this week. I told ya. I think it's time. Musiwhatagy?

Between that album and Dave Gilmour's new one, March is looking to be a great music month. And it's been a LONG time since the last one...was it November '04? No matter. It's been too long.

In the evening, I went out to the 40 Watt club at the request of Barrie and Velena. They were hosting a benefit for the Athens Homeless Shelter with a lot of the local talent jamming on Rolling Stones songs. The name of the event? "Gimme Shelter". How clever is that? I did a trade shot with members of Widespread Panic and Drive-By Truckers plus the 40 Watt and homeless shelter reps before settling in for a pretty unique evening. I watched Workhorses Of The Entertainment Industry, Mike Mantione of Five-Eight, and Jackpot City before Pattersoon Hood, Mike Cooley and Brad Morgan of Drive-By Truckers came out with Panic's Dave Schools on bass and John Neff on lead guitar. First Patterson sang "Loving Cup", they segued that into "Silver Train" which Dave sang. Then Patterson pulled out a killer version of "Star Star." It figures he'd work a Ali McGraw reference into the Steve McQueen verse. The worst performance of the whole evening was Cooley's vocal on "Before They Make Me Run". He just wasn't made to sing that one. And Patterson ended it fronting the band for "Shattered." Other highlights included Jackpot City's "Heartbreaker" (with horns - cool job, Brian) and "Gimme Shelter" and Mantione's "Street Fightin' Man." There was still more to come but I was already exhausted and needed to rest so I came on back home to crash.



Wednesday March 1, 2006






I've been trying very, very hard to catch things up here today and yesterday and the day before. Trying to get 3 weeks worth of my long-winded details along with doing my current stuff at the same time ain't exactly easy. And I was up at 6:55 am doing it. That ain't right. Of course, it was because I couldn't sleep...again.

It was another gorgeous, warm day. And with each 24 hour period, Amanda's Tooth Garden (named after the shape) grows more impressive. Now there's a few colors coming up, not just the yellows and whites. I like looking out and knowing the she made that happen.

Of course, it's Wednesday so Amanda had class in Atlanta. I used the time to do more work here and also to get sidetracked a little. I'm finishing up with some downloads of concerts and stuff, too. I can't help it. I'm a fiend with it. It's my current obsession. I'm going to have to take it easier soon (note I didn't say "easy"). I'm currently trying to acquire a Prince show from Tokyo in 1990. It was called the Nude Tour and has a pretty cool set list. For all intents and purposes it was the Batman Tour. But he was smart enough to not mention that!



Tuesday February 28, 2006

Amanda caused this to happen. Ain't it magical?




The end of February...and it looks like Amanda was right again. That stupid groundhog said there'd be more winter but Amanda said that Punxsutawney Phil should be PUNKsutawney Phil 'cause she saw the signs. And guess what. The residents of her garden started shooting out of the ground today in earnest. It was 70 plus degrees. You could smell the flowers blooming on campus when I went to (shoot) class. It is for all intents and purposes spring. And it's 3 weeks early. Now, I'm not stupid, I know it'll be cold a few more times but just being able to feel the warmth on my skin begins it for me. It was gorgeous today. It was the first day of spring in Athens, GA.

And what did I do? Well, first I listened to Shooter Jenning's upcoming album. My friend Scott is one of Shooter's managers and he sent me the advance. It wasn't necessarily what I was expecting but I will say that Electric Rodeo may be my favorite "modern country" album ever. If they release the right songs, this one could be big. I love the hilarity and tragedy so intertwined. Good stuff.

In fact, right after listening to it, I banged out a rough new song called "You Can't Stop Me Now." It's based on the riff that I came up with to go at the end of "It's Never The Same" from rehearsal the other day. It's another ad-libbed dealey and I don't know if I'll ever do much work or tidying on it. I think this is gonna be one of those cool rarity type songs.

Later, I had another music business seminar class to shoot at UGA. This time it was with Michele Caplinger and Erin Baxter of NARAS (that's the GRAMMYS to you - dey love dem acronyms). This was less a lecture than a straight Q & A but as always, there was plenty to learn. The oddest part to me is that afterwards, they both came up and were like "don't I know you"? Again, I was blown away. It again shows how important those connection skills are. I shot something for them a few years back. It was one of the first things I ever did and I wasn't too good at it (in my opinion). But they remembered vividly.

Even weirder - before I left, Keith Perissi (he's with the class and asked me to come photo), Michele and Erin asked me to "sit on the board" (Amanda finds that phrase hilarious) with Keith to be founder members of the Athens chapter of NARAS / GRAMMYS. I was floored and honored. I told them I'd do what I could do. The weirdest part? I'm not even a member of NARAS. So now I've gotta join! Michele also asked me more about my photography. Then gave me her card to say she'd be in touch about me shooting more GRAMMY events. Oh yeah - Steve, Bruce and Keith from the class nearly made me blush (if that's possible) 'cause they all told Erin and Michele individually "You've gotta hear Chris' band, they're great." She'd heard it enough times where by the last one she asked if I could get her a CD. Luckily, I just HAPPENED to have one with me...

'Twas a productive day, me thinks.

In the evening, Amanda and I watched a Faith No More concert from 1990. I'd forgotten just how many great songs they had and how much I loved 'em. Not to mention how they were so much better (and legitimate) than all of those rap / rock hybrids that exploded (and should've actually exploded) in the late '90s.




Monday February 27, 2006



I got very little done today. For some reason, I'm still having trouble getting a good night's sleep. I just don't get it. And the longer it goes, the harder I have being productive the next day. I did get most of the diary caught up (if not uploaded). I also went through and helped out a certain little lady by editing some portraits I did for 'er to save a few hundred bucks.

...and some tidying. I got some tidying done.

Still - precious little to show.

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