Sunday April 3, 2005




Ah, I'm in the (nearly) comfortable fog of exhaustion today. It's not so bad, though. I'm getting more and more adaptable to it. It's been a crazy couple of weeks and the next one's just about as hectic. It'll be like this more or less 'til the late fall as the rock photographer season is just beginning...

Time to build back up my endurance.




Saturday April 2, 2005

Tom drives us through a set powered by "the incredible shrinking PA."


I kind of spent the day sleep walking. Another day, another show, you know. I'm just glad that I finally get to do a show with Sun Domingo where I'm up to standards. Surely, nothing can go wrong tonight, can it? Hmmmm....

Read all about it here.




Friday April 1, 2005

Last minute appearance at Washington Street...

Happy Birthday, Kathee!

Amanda's Mom Kathee is celebrating her birthday today. She may be the only sane one in her family and she's always been wonderful to me. Thanks and have a great one.

Unfortunately, today wasn't as fun an April Fool's Day as usual. I just found out that Mitch Hedberg died. I was never that big of a fan but the stuff by him that I loved, I really did.

"Rice is really good if you're hungry and want 2000 of something."

"The ultimate stocking stuffer is a severed foot."

I was thinking of going to Emory to photograph his performance next week. I don't think that's going to happen now.

And what can I say about the Pope? I'm not Catholic (or much of anything else for that matter) but I respect the respect that a billion or so people have for him. All I can add is what I've heard the few times I've been in a Catholic church and that's "Peace be with you."

In the evening, we did a quick 25 minute set to open the Athens Open Mic gig at Washington Street Tavern. Alec invited us out last minute for this "wild card round" since we had to forfeit last week due to scheduling conflicts. You can read all about it by clicking here.



Thursday March 31, 2005


Well, March was definitely my most successful month as a photographer even though I only shot a couple of shows. The February few turned out to be good choices and they held up throughout this month. I made over a dozen pretty nice sales through WireImage. I'm not sure how much was sold at Retna. Of course, since I've shot so little lately, my income's gonna drop dramatically at the beginning of summer (the pay's about 3 months behind the jobs).

I've put the band first and that's costing me bucks right now. Any one else would say I was stupid for doing this. I have faith in this project, though...even if I don't have faith in all the elements.

Speaking of which, we got together to rehearse tonight. I can't say it was a good one or a bad one in all honestly. We dug up some like "Skyward" and didn't do badly - then we blew a few we do every night. We are just way too rusty and we have shows for the next two consecutive nights. Let's just hope we can pull 'em off.

Then we're taking a little layoff to focus on finishing the record.

Tentative release date : September 13.



Wednesday March 30, 2005




Nothing much to say that I don't say nearly every dull day. You know what I've been doing. I'm still trying to get everything caught up. Are you starting to notice a pattern in my life?

Tonight, my uncle was rushed into surgery after being transferred from Columbia to Charleston. All reports suggest a complete success.

Again, hang in there...



Tuesday March 29, 2005



I got some relatively tragic news about my family today. My Dad's brother Roger is hospitalized in ICU with an aneurysm that struck him yesterday morning. I wish him a quick and complete recovery. Roger's the one who sat beside me in my Dad's truck trying to show me how to handle a stick shift for the first time about a year and a half ago. So get better, okay?

And Rod, Sherry, Margaret, Kim and James? Get rest when you can and take care of yourselves.

My Grandmother called me with the news this morning. She just lost her first born a year and a half her second born is having problems. At least this one's getting the care he needs. My Dad wasn't able to. I feel that'll make all the difference.




Monday March 28, 2005



Well, it's back to the same old thing again. Except I left one very neccessary cable back in SC rendering my backup drive temporarily useless. And of course, I've just run out of space on my main drive. Big fun...oh well, I'll figure it out somehow.

I also just got this here diary up to date up 'til yesterday.

Click here for Robert Plant, John Mellencamp, Donovan and a whole lotta home.