Sunday March 6, 2005




I felt much better today. The fact that I feel rested after only a day is a testament to how needed yesterday's break was.

In the afternoon, we had a Darlings rehearsal. It was actually one of the best rehearsals we've ever had. We made just as many mistakes as usual BUT we sounded like a group working together. Sometimes, we pull in different directions but we came together nicely this time. And Tom's harmonies were suddenly light years better - and they were good to start with. I really do think we'll be coming into our own soon. Then all bets are off. I sincerely believe we'll knock people off of their rockers when we get it all together. It's just a matter of time.

My favorite off the cuff segue was "Into My View" into "It's Never The Same." And they both felt right. That one might be coming out live sometime soon.

In the evening, I sat and watched a couple of Simpsons episodes and (my favorite recent show) Arrested Development. Thank God that Fox Sunday is still strong. It's a nice cushion for the blow known as Monday morning.

See you there.






Saturday March 5, 2005




I bet you'd be surprised to know that I'm worn out today. Amanda and I decided to have a day to veg. We've earned it. Besides, I couldn't have done much if I wanted. There were several naps involved!

In the afternoon, we went out looking for the new Rolling Stone with Bob Marley on the cover. I got word from a fellow photog based in Wilmington that two of my pics were in it. (Thanks for the tipoff, Jason.) Sure enough, two of my Arcade Fire pics were in there. It still blows me away that I'm in RS so often. It was once just a distant dream...just a couple of hundred weeks ago, it would've been crazy to think. Now, it's a regularly recurring reality. So I'll keep dreaming big about things that other people think I'm unrealistic about. And hopefully, I'll keep making 'em reality. The other cool thing about that particular page in RS is that there was another Arcade Fire taken by my good friend (and Charlotte based photog) Daniel Coston. We haven't seen each other in a while, but I still check his work every now and again. He's an "artiste" photographer. He's a real one. I'm just a documentarian. Check his site out here.

I also got a copy of Stuff Magazine that had two pics I took at Moe's & Joe's in December. I tried to go through other mags that may have my pics but I didn't see anymore. The fact that I could go to a stand and find four pics of mine in national magazines on a relaxing Saturday afternoon is pretty satisfying. In the immortal words on Ice Cube, "I gotta say it was a good day." I didn't even have to use my AK either!

We went out to Johnny Carrino's in the early evening and dug into some comfort food. Then we had a nice, relaxing evening in for once. After tonight, either one or the other of us has something to do for every night in the forseeable future. Today was needed.




Friday March 4, 2005

Back in the battle and victorious once again...



What an endless, endless day. I got into the studio around noon and spent about 6 hours finishing up all of my guitar tracks. Today, I was lucky enough to have a friend like Mary Katherine who let me borrow her Martin acoustic to track "Down" and "Taking Its Toll." For some reason, my guitar just wasn't cutting it for those two particular songs. So we owe those two to MK!. Thanks. After we got those I layered guitar on top of guitar for "Taking Its Toll." I honestly can't say how many guitars are on it but my guess is 11 or so at the end. I'm not sure. When it goes to mix, I'll count 'em up. It was complete overkill. I added in feedback in several harmonies and just generally went crazy with the whole thing.

I also redid one of the guitars on "Towel Cape Song". It's much tighter now. Hmmm...what else...I don't know. I got everything else (except vocals) that you haven't read about in the other updates. Tom tag-teamed in at a little after 6. While he did some more percussion overdubs (he also did a bunch last night), I went to dinner and prepared for the show tonight.

And so we played another one of the Athens Open Mic Battles Of The Bands tonight. Tonight, it was all rockers. See how we did by clicking here.

I made it in some time around 2 a.m. (give or take). My adrenaline was so high that I couldn't get to sleep 'til almost dawn. Oof...



Thursday March 3, 2005


I think this is the same day as yesterday. I just can't believe how much I have to do to catch up. It's the same as always with me. I'll get way behind and then catch everything up in one big dose. That's what I'm hoping will happen sooner than later. It's starting to get a little intimidating knowing all that's coming up!

In the evening, Tom went into the studio alone. Here's his update on what he did:

"so due to a comedy of errors, i couldn't get started until 6:30, so i stayed until 10:30 (really 11). we spent at least the first hour and a half on the "i know too much" tympanis, but we seem to have gotten it. then asa replaced eric, and we tore through some easier stuff: --backwards cymbal on "i know too much" (surprisingly easy), --tambourine for "i know too much" (complex and i got kudos from eric) --floor tom for the end of "into my view" (may keep it), --jingle bells and tambourine on "towel cape" (probably pick one later) --slow tambourine on "until the road ends" (with the snare), --and a couple other things i'll let be surprises."

So cool. Work continues.



Wednesday March 2, 2005





I spent the day still playing catchup. I had to do some work for some people who looked out for me and gave me opportunities when I was totally unproven. They've asked for favors and they shall receive them. I'll always look out for those who look out for me and mine. It took a massive chunk of my day but it's the least I can do.

I just found out that Robert Plant is playing at the Myrtle Beach, SC House Of Blues on March 21. I so wanna be there for that. He's one of my personal heroes that I've never gotten the chance to photo. I've seen him repeatedly but I wasn't a photographer then. Actually, I did shoot him illegally one time. While Plant was singing "Wearing & Tearing", he pointed me out to his tour manager who came over, yanked the camera out of my hand, took the film, handed back the camera and walked away... Fair enough, he could've kicked me out! Now I do it legally. And I usually get in there!



Tuesday March 1, 2005



Ditto for today. I uploaded my Shawn Kane pics to Retna. I kind of feel guilty 'cause Retna's been so good to me over the past 6 months or so. Wire Image specifically said they wanted the Alicia and John Legend pics, though, and I always want to send the pics where I know they'll be wanted.

Judging by my views/downloads page at Wire Image, I made the right decision. By the end of the first day of March, it was already my second most succesful month EVER at WI. I've a feeling it's easily going to top my all time month...which was last month. It's going well on that end.

I did get some bad news today. Our show with Sun Domingo tomorrow in Milledgeville had to be cancelled. SD's manager Matt ran into a snag with the club and...well, he gave us the show and if he says we shouldn't do it, we trust him. I'll sit home tomorrow night and plan for the next one. We may be arranging a big end of April show with Sun Domingo and Matt's band Jupiter Coyote in Athens. That would be killer. It's not a given yet so we'll have to see...

There's also a rumor (that we're working on making a reality) that we'll be co-hosting a "Rock & Roll Circus" with The Bearfoot Hookers at AthFest in June. That could be super cool. I really hope we can make it happen.



Monday February 28, 2005



I spent my day today just like almost every warm day...editing pics. I had a couple of hundred of Alicia Keys alone to get uploaded to Wire Image. I'm just glad they wanted 'em 'cause like I said yesterday, I'm really proud of those pics.

I also took the time to get more of the background work done for a big 'ol Concert Shots update. It hasn't happened yet but it should by the end of the week.

Click here to see Alicia Keys and the last studio updates...