Friday December 31, 2004

Vanessa Briscoe Hay (in shadow) and Michael Lachowski of Pylon await the new year under the shadow of the LED.


...Still hurting but not nearly as bad today.

So I again decided to just do my job. In the evening, we went to see Athens legends Pylon do their first real show in 13 years (which itself was part of a reunion tour - they broke up in '83).

This was definitely an Athenian to spend the changing of the year. All the cool peeps was there (well, most of 'em anyway - there was only one Critical Darling after all).

I saw Sarah and her new guy who spent their first date at our show on December 11, Daniel Peiken and his wife (he was feeling no pain), Craig Leiske (of improv-noise act Garbage Island) and Jeff Clark (publisher of Stomp & Stammer) on his last night as an Athenian before moving back to Atlanta. Of course, there were too many other friends and compatriots to mention by name but it was good to see 'em all.

As for Pylon, they were a bit rickety at first but settled in quite nicely. They had a "done right or done over" policy so they actually did start a couple of songs over. It was cool, though. Too bad they can't make this a full fledged reunion (due to schedules). It couldn't do anything but help remind the current trendies what it was like back in the envelope pushing days.

The highlight of the night for me was outside of the venue when (the 40 Watt Club booking agent) Velena introduced me to her boyfriend as "part of the 40 Watt family." Wow! That really makes me feel like part of this whole crazy place.

I also got to spend a little time with Lee "The Pope Of Pop" Smith of Creative Loafing. It's always fun to compare notes with him.




Thursday December 30, 2004

Our "proper" Atlanta debut at The Peachtree Tavern in Buckhead.


Okay...I argued with myself all day about tonight. In the end I decided I had two choices.

A) Stay home, not get anything done, try to recuperate, feel miserable


B) Go do my job, get something done and feel miserable.

In the end, I decided that I had no intention of not working / playing unless I'm absolutely not able to stand up and hold the guitar. I've never missed a show due to health and I don't intend to start until I have to. Granted, it was much easier when I was just the rhythm guitarist. With me having to sing lead, play lead and front the whole thing, it's much more difficult when I'm really feeling bad. No matter...on with the show.


I've a feeling we're going to be doing more with Sun Domingo soon. If you get a chance to see 'em, definitely do. They're a great little band.




Wednesday December 29, 2004

April Alston, "the rock and roll nut" and Robin Zander of Cheap Trick (photo by Ben Sadler?)


Yeah, yeah. My brother Benji met Robin Zander from Cheap Trick tonight at Myrtle Beach's House Of Blues. I couldn't go because I had to rest up for tomorrow's show. More power to you. I did meet Bun E (as well as Ben E. but that's another story) a couple of years ago and have literally bumped into Rick Nielsen, although we've never spoken. According to Benji, Robin called him "a rock and roll nut, whatever that means." Little does Robin know...

That's Benji's fiancee April on the left. They're supposed to getting married in a few months. (Just don't let Benji find out.)

I spent the day trying to catch up stuff (part of this diary for one - I'm way behind). I also managed to talk the Clerk Of Court into a week long deferment from jury duty which I was supposed to report for on Monday. It's not that I mind going in so much as I have an assigned gig for Billboard Magazine for that day. If I miss it, I miss most of my income for the month (since January's so slow). Thanks to the almighty clerk of court for allowing me that day.

That pain that I've been talking about got a lot worse today. In fact, at about 4 I started having chills and shaking. The pain was tough enough to suspect a kidney stone. I'm not sure what it is but it's godawful. I guess I couldn't have made it THROUGH Cheap Trick even if I'd made it to it. Agh, it hurts. I just hope I can make the show tomorrow. This really sucks!

Again, whenever I feel bad, I can't help but think about all the things I've seen friends and family go through. It's amazing. They're all some tough least tougher than me. Are you listening, Shawn?



Tuesday December 28, 2004




Even though Amanda had the day off, we didn't really get to do that much. As per her tradition over the last few years we devoted a big chunk of the day to watching the extended edition version of Return Of The King. I get it, okay? I understand why it's such a big deal...but I still think the movies are a bit overrated. How could they not be, after all? That being said, if you haven't seen 'em, you need to. But you don't need to found a religion after them. Of course, I think they're light years beyond the Star Wars triology (in my not-so-humble opinion).

In the evening, we went out to Johnny Carinno's for dinner. I had to take it a bit easier that usual due to the fact that I'm still having that weird pain that started on Christmas Day. I can't take any chances, I've got a show in a couple of days.




Monday December 27, 2004



'Twas another travelin' day as Amanda and I headed back from SC to Athens. Of course, we couldn't leave before a leisurely, huge lunch at LHOP. The lunch was so big that dinner was unnecessary. There's nothing like it. It's one of the comforts of home!

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